Amazonia: Espionage at the Museum
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Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Pathetic Virgin
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 6
Heroes: Amazonia (Camilla Gomez)
Patrick Noir
Villains: Professor Raven (Jordan Raven)
Jake Flynn
Other Key Characters: Susan Wells
Mitxh Winters
Date Posted: December 2012
Next Story: Amazonia Meets the Black Spider
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Amazonia: Espionage at the Museum is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's


Synopsis Edit

Amazonia (Stunning Gomez) opens by foiling a robbery of a casino in Ledgehammer. It is followed the next day when Patrick Noir showing great comtempt for the Amazon that is his custodian. Camilla has concernes about Dr Jordan Raven which is at the Patrick Noir Museum of Natural Mysteries for the Ala Exhibit. Patrick dismisses these concerns, but meanwhile Professor Raven contactsa Jake Flynn and his gang for a heist of the Ala Exhibit. He see's himself as the rightful owner to the artifacts, and gives them the tools to successfully knock out everyone at the museum without use of any guns. After he had planted his knockout gas devices throughout the museum, Camilla finds herself working with Susan Wells cataloging pieces in the warehouse. It is then Camilla finds herself in the middle of the heist when she went back to her office. She transforms into Amazonia and takes on the gang. Seeing bullets are useless, Jake uses the gas grenades that incapacitates her. They dump her lifeless body in the incinerator and leave her there to burn with the trash. Yet Susan Wells who was hiding in the warehouse comes to Amazonia's aid. After Susan revives and both escape the incinerator, Amazonia launches a second plan to foil the gang. Using the knowledge of the gas to her advantage she tuened the gas against them and saved the exhibit. Later using the rope of justice, she got Jake to spill the beans on the entire plot, and captured Professor Raven.

Notes Edit

  • First Appearance of Professor Raven.
  • First Appearance of Susan Wells.
  • First Appearance of Mitch Winters.
  • First use of the Rope of Justice.

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