Stunning Gomez
Modern Era
Aliases: Amazonia
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female (Hermaphrodite)
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Amazonas, Brazil
Hair: Black Curls
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 136 lbs
Occupation: Cashier, Museum Curator at Patrick Noir's Museum of Natural Mystery
Creator(dA name): TrekkieGal
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Hall
Affiliations: Guardians
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Mother: Camilla Gomez (deceased)
Father: Bernie Kovacs (Known only to her, and deceased)
Relatives: Watamaraka (Godmother)

Amazonia (Stunning Gomez) is the goddess of the Etherian Amazons and daughter of Amazonia (Camilla Gomez). Her mythos is a combination of Ancient Greek, and South American religions. Her powers also are connected with Arion technology given to her by the Arion Zaros.

It was the Sky Temple incident of 2012 that cause her resurfacing, and her subsequently becoming a Guardian.

History Edit

Stunning Gomez

tunning is strikingly different in appearance to her mother.

She is the daughter of Bernie Kovacs and Camilla Gomez, although raised as the foster child of Camilla Gomez. She was born in 1967, and just like her mother at the age of 18 her aging began to slow according to her Amazonian background. She was born Hermaphrodite as well just like her mother and possess the same skills and abilities as every Amazon has as well.

She grew up never knowing her father, but outside of her mother she came to know her Godmother Watamaraka very well. The nagging questions about her father were quailed when her mother moved back to Angel Falls where she assumed the identity as Camilla Gomez foster child. Over the next 11 years she would grew up a normal female child. In 1987 the death of her mother would be heartbreaking for her, as she never told her who her father was, nor how to become Amazonia. For the next25 years she would continue as a normal human being forsaken her Amazon abilities to work at her mothers position at the Patrick Noir Museum of Natural Mysteries. It was in 2012 a chance meeting with the Doll Maker that she finally used her abilities as Dark Star and Ultrawoman nearly destroyed Sapphire in capturing the Doll Maker. Upon her appearance she assisted the Guardians defeat the Rooks who had excavated the Sky Temple with the help of Eveilus in a plot of global domination and revenge/ It was Amazonia who finally defeated Eveilus, as well helped foil the Rooks plans and capture Jural Kirin.

From that moment on she was a member of the Guardians and built a friendship with Ryu who help her use her abilities. Later she would become the pawn of Deimos to capture Circe and her sisters Onyx and Dercetis. It was then she learned that she was one of many Amazonia's over the ages, as well that it was Hope who was the spirit of Amazonia, and without Hope there would be no Amazonia. It was this revelation that Deimos defeated Circe, although he planned to lock all the sisters in the Pandora's Box he decided to leave Hope with Amazonia, as well the Pandora's Box. She would later take it to Etheria to protect it from others who would seek it's power.
Stunning Day

Amazonia in flight

It would be Watamaraka who finally reveals who was her father by showing her how her interference in the past brought her mother and the Black Spider together. In the process her mother lost use of the Golden Staff of Justice, but knew that her child would some day be the next Amazonia. She entrusted Bernia Kovacs to give her the Staff one day when she would really need it. Bernie would seek out Watamaraka and using her demonic abilities send him to the future to give her the magical weapon.

Temperament Edit

Compassionate, and Caring. Always looking to help someone in need, and very analytical in her thoughts. She tends to be timid but is very capable of defending herself.

Physical Abilities Edit

Other than her namesake beauty that can stop traffic....common Amazon abilities that she tends to hide.

Sexuality Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength- Can lift and move heavy and large objects.
  • Enhance Breath- Can blow and cirulate air up to speeds of 150 MPH (speculatively rated).
  • Flight- Can reach speeds excess to Mach 1. Can not leave the atmosphere without equipment.
  • Sight- Several times greater than an eagle.
  • Near Invulnerability- Regenerative Constitution
  • Healing- Can heal the injured as well herself.
  • Enhanced Speed- Can run in excess of 90 MPH. Leap speed can vary to close to 450 MPH
  • Hearing- Has very keen sense of hearing on multiple wavelengths.
  • Olfactory- Can follow a scent for miles

Tools Edit

  • The Staff of Justice - Can assume any wepons shape. 1936-1954 primarily as a whip. 1954-1967 a Disc ring.
  • Tiara of Healing - Has Telepathic abilities as well can heal people as well able to wipe out memories as well as restore them.
  • Bracers - Made of alien metal, they can deflect almost any projectiles. Capable of deflecting a Shell from a Battleship.

Weakness Edit

Losing her Tiara makes her unable to use the whip to it's potential as well weakens her invulnerability. Despite her enhance invulnerability can still be harmed by projectiles.

Appearances Edit


Amazonia (Stunning Gomez) Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.