Business One of the keys to Angel Falls success has always been its entrepreneurial spirit. Angel Falls has a reputation as a city of opportunity for small business and major corporations alike. These businesses form a major part of day-to-day life in the city and the backbone of its economy.

Local Chains Edit

The Local Angel Falls business community has many different chains and franchises found alongside popular national businesses.

Angels & Demons - This local music chain has several outlets in Angel Falls. Angelic Sounds stocks an extensive selection of CDs, along with related magazines, videos, T-Shirts, and accessories. They also have a Large Downstairs Collection, of thousands of Second-Hand, Rare, Underground, Import, Bootleg and Recording Music as well, in their Main Store Location.

Angel Mart – This rapidly expanding chain of convenience stores can be found throughout Angel Falls and New York. Most Angel Marts feature or are located near gas stations. They offer a variety of overpriced convenience items and foods and are open 24 hours a day, their main draw for most in search of food late at night.

Heaven's Harvest Supermarkets – A Major Chain of Supermarkets, there are numerous stores throughout the Angel Falls Area. Heaven's Harvest Supermarkets always include a bakery, pharmacy, in-store deli, and a small newsstand.

DVD Haven - DVD Haven is the largest independent chain of DVD and Blue-Ray Rental stores in Angel Falls. The Stores go for a slick, "Hi-Tech" feel and offer special discounts on popular current releases. The Chain rents DVDs and Blue-Ray, DVD and Blue-Ray players, and Video Game Consoles and Games.

Local Business Edit

Superhero Recreation Center – [Lin, Kim, and Min Wong, Owners] (Belongs to Vince3) Merl's Magic Shop –

Body by Yusaka – Yusaka's Superhuman Gym [Yusaka, Owner]

Hall of Just Toys – [William Hall, Owner]

Garden of Eden Flower Shop and Nursery – [Jill Bonner, Owner and Proprietor] (Open Source)

Hotrod's Performance Tuning Auto Garage – [Hotrod/Dwight, Owner and Located in the South Angel Falls District] (Belongs to Hotrod5)

Prominent Local Businesses Edit

Along with the chain stores, Angel Falls features a few well known independent shops and businesses

Wong Sisters Modeling Agency – [Lin, Kim, Min Wong, Owners and located in the Midtown District. (Belongs to Vince3)

Halo Designs Clothing Store – [ Villette Mason, Owner] (Open Source)

Angel Beer Brewery – Maker of fine beverages such as Angel, Angel Light, Angel Amber, and Angel Summer Ale

Angelic Jewelers – This is one of the oldest and most respected jewelers in the city. They have recently renovated their business with a newer and even more extensive store.

SoftArm Industries – Jessica Riley, Owner and CEA of SoftArm Industries Non-Lethal personal defense and Pharmaceuticals (Belongs to Sharkdude)

Master Lee's School of Self-Defense – A small and unassuming two-story concrete-block building houses this martial arts school. Master Lee, an older Chinese gentleman who immigrated to America in his youth, teaches various styles of kung-fu to his students. Actually master Lee's advanced students do most of the teaching under the watchful guidance of their sifu. Although the school is a legitimate and successful business, Master Lee also secretly uses it as a front to search for students worthy of the esoteric martial arts secrets he learned from his own masters in China. After an unfortunate incident in which one of the first students used his skills for evil, Master Lee now chooses his apprentices more carefully.

Millennium Comics – Considered the best comic book store in the Angel Falls metro area, Millennium Comics has expanded from a single store to three over the past ten years. Customers can find hundreds of thousands of different back issues, as well as a wide selection of comic book memorabilia, along with a large selection of Table Top and Card Gaming Material.

The Never-Ending Story - This well-known bookstore is located in a large three-story building, with an ornate angel statue the only mark indicating the inconspicuous entrance. The Owner, Blossom Vaughn, lives in the converted third floor of the building. Though the store sells New and used Books, its real value is in the rare books, magical volumes and such that it sells. (Open Source)

Cherub Cab Company - Taxi Travel Service (Belongs to White owl)

Shopping Centers Edit

Angel Falls features a number of shopping malls and plazas with collections of major chain stores.

Pier Two Shopping Center – Located on the Boardwalk, the Pier Two Shopping Center is two levels of stores and restaurants and a few major chain stores. The Pier often features outdoor entertainment in good weather, as well as an open-air farmer's and fisherman's market in season.

Millennium Mall - The Millennium Mall is on of the largest of its kind in a metro area; three stories encompassing some nine square blocks. The Mall holds more than 150 different shops and an extensive third-floor food court with an open-air balcony and skylights. Parking is generally difficult, despite the presence of a four-story parking garage attached to the plaza.

Meadow Street - This area features a number of avant-garde shops, mostly specialty bookstores, galleries, jewelers, and boutiques.

Greeley Street - This area is known as a place to find unique shops, boutiques, trendy clothing stores, and sidewalk cafes. It's a popular place to spend a weekend afternoon shopping, eating, and people watching.

Hanover Square - The area near the Hanover Institute of Technology, is known for bookstores and shops catering to the college age crowd.

5 Points – This area is a busy promenade full of shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, and other points of interests where 5 different streets all meet at one point.

Major Businesses Edit

Angel Falls has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country. As the job market grows, additional businesses are motivated to move into the area. Corporations are major players in both the economic and political life of Angel Falls. The City primarily attracts Technology and Information based businesses. These companies take advantage of Angel Falls high-tech infrastructure and telecommunications network.

Meta Life Insurance Corporation – [Superhuman Insurance, Kaitlyn O'Hern spokeswoman] (Belongs to Kallsu)

Stranger Industries – Lone Stranger, Owner and CEO of Stranger Industries [Research and Manufacturing] (Belongs to Lone Stranger)

GLOBEX - Jeffrey McGuire, CEO of GLOBEX International. Energy manufacturer, Oil Production, and Energy related technologies (Belongs to CandelaGreene)

Universal Omnitech – Randall McNeill, Owner and CEO of Universal Omnitech [High-Tech Research and Development] (Belongs to Twisted Savant)

Yoyodyne Industries – Claire St. James, Owner and CEO of Yoyodyne Industries [High-Tech Manufacturing and Research] (Belongs to Teri-Minx)

Crowne Industry - Professor Matthew Crowne Creator, and CEO, producers of alternative fuel sources and equipment, management for the AFU Vertical Collider, and Medical Genetics Technologies. (Belongs to CandelaGreene)

Nova-Gen Technologies – Francesca Pianosa, Owner and CEO [High-Tech Manufacturing and Research] (Belongs to Shuma-Gorath)

Tanner Pharmaceuticals - Henry Tanner CEO, Producers of Pharmaceutical supplies, and Personal Products. (belongs to CandelaGreene)

Keuka Construction – Keuka is the largest building contractor in Angel Falls. The Company is a local success story and quite popular with the blue-collar community for the number of jobs it provides. (Open Source)

Fun-Time Toys (Open Source)

Asmodai Cosmetics - Lilith Mephistopheles CEO, Producer of woman beauty, and cosmetic products. (belongs to CandelaGreene)

Hedon International - Agatha Bates CEO, Adult Entertainment, Resorts, Casinos. (belongs to CandelaGreene)

Global Media – One of Angel Falls many Information-based corporations is the sprawling Global Media Empire with interests in virtually every local media outlet, including the Globe Broadcasting Network. Global owns film studios, newspapers, magazines, and book publishers. Global Media Angel Falls offices are scattered across they city, including the GBN Tower, though the central corporate offices are the top seven floors of the Hayward Building.

Sunburst Communications – Sunburst is one of the country's largest cellular communication networks. Stores and kiosks with its familiar Sunburst symbol are common throughout Angel Falls and sell many different models of cellular phones. The Company's Digital network extends nationwide and continues to expand coverage. Sunburst Communications also provides pagers, voice Mail Systems, and standard telephones.

The Rhodes Foundation – This multinational investment, holding, and management firm built and owns Pyramid Plaza and manages a number of different companies in Angel Falls and around the world.

Triton/Grull Aerospace - Aerospace Technologies. (belongs to CandelaGreene)

Other Businesses Edit

Sulustaar Incorporated – Technologies Research, located on Sulustaar Island (Belongs to Cele7110)

Clandestine Technologies – Nanorobotic Research & Development (Belongs to Unknown, now considered Open Source)

Tamzarian Industries – Scarlette Tamzarian CEO (Belongs to Mr. Marcus)

Holotech Industries – Seth Candor, CEO (Belongs to Mr. Marcus)

Emerald Military Concepts – Derrick Lancaster, Regional CEO Temp HQ off shore cruise liner

Blood Hound Cerberus – Pharmaceuticles (Front for Magical Studies)

Blackwater Industries – Research (Underground)

Future Technology Laboraties – Research (Reputable)

G-Force Corp – Energy Supplier (Reputable)

Weapons of Mass Destruction Inc. – Weapons manufacturing/distribution

Teski Shipping - Marrow's Shipping Company

Banking and Finance Edit

Banking and Finance are big business in Angel Falls, particularly in the city's financial district along Wading Way. Their presence makes Angel Falls one of the East Coast's major financial centers.

Sea Angel Bank – Sea Angel is the largest bank in Angel Falls, having bought out and consolidated several smaller financial institutions. The bank does a booming business providing loans to developers and new businesses moving into the city. It owns a considerable amount of real estate, which it leases or sells as needed. It holds mortgages on more property than any other financial institution in the Angel Falls area.

Hart & Soul Investments – A brokerage house, Hart & Soul Investments is the largest of its kind in Angel Falls and one of the largest in America. The Company was originally based in New York City and relocated their main offices to Angel Falls, some years ago. Inexpensive land and the promise of new, ultra-modern communications network were enough to prompt the otherwise conservative corporation to take a chance, which has paid off handsomely. The Corporation's headquarters building is a marvel of modern architectural design, and Hart & Soul Investments have saved a considerable amount over their rivals in other cities simply by supporting the stocks of local businesses in Angel Falls. Their brokers' reputations for integrity and a history of solid performance rather than high-risk speculation also enhance the firm's worth with clients and the industry.

Hanover Credit Union – Is the Largest of its kind in Angel Falls, with branches throughout the City, and it's Headquarters in Hanover.

First Bank of Angel Falls - The Oldest Financial Institution in the City, it's Grand Head Branch is located in the City Center.

Law Firms Edit

Angel Falls has a substantial legal community with a few prominent law firms and a bar association with thousands of members. Attorneys range from high-powered corporate lawyers to smaller firms and non-profit legal aid clinics. Although the Angel Falls Bar Association maintains a high standard of ethics, there are always lawyers willing to do whatever it takes to win a case or make a buck, and they have little trouble finding work.

Howard, Fine, and Howard

Poole & Schmidt, LLC

Cabot, Cunningham & Crowley – CC&C is one of the oldest law firms in Angel Falls in more ways than one. Founding in 1766, the firm moved its offices to New York City from 1866 until 1979, when it moved back to Angel Falls. CC&C is a cutthroat firm, defending criminals able to afford its rates and involved in all manner of shady dealings. Lawyers are drawn to the firm's ruthless reputation and its top salary rates. Those who succeed are quickly seduced by lives of wealth, power, and influence, much like the firm's founder.

Hartford, Grayson & Cole – The largest law firm in Angel Falls is Hartford, Grayson & Cole it's a relatively new company formed by the partnership of two previous law firms Hartford & Cole and Grayson Associates. Both 25-year-old companies were solid firms before coming together to form a single partnership with tremendous legal expertise and a huge client list. They cover all areas of the legal spectrum from tax and corporate law to criminal, civil, and marital law.

Security Edit

Although the AFPD can be relied upon to handle matters once a crime takes place, many people and businesses in Angel Falls want to take extra steps to prevent crime. They rely on the many private security companies operating in and around the metro area, each catering to a variety of different clients. Although hired security personnel receive training in how to deal with dangerous situations, their main job is to observe and report to the police, not to be heroes and make arrests, particularly when super criminals might be involved.

Stronghold Security – Stronghold Securities offers security packages for residential and small business customers. Uniformed security personnel patrol "high-risk: areas (i.e. areas that have paid for the extra service) and report anything suspicious to the authorities.

Titan Security Services – Titan bills itself as a top-of-the-line security consulting company for businesses and large organizations. They provide complete security consulting and contracting services. They survey a site, plan out a security system to handle its needs, quote prices on installation, and provide trained personnel, from technicians to security guards.