Education Edit

Angel Falls is touted as "The City of the Future" and really tries to live up to the name with its schools.

Public Schools Edit

Angel Falls is divided into a number of school districts, each with public elementary, junior high, and high schools. Elementary and junior high schools are often found together in the same building, while districts sometimes share high schools. Some of the most well known Secondary Schools in Angel Falls are listed here:

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School – Roosevelt High is a public high school. It benefits from fairly new facilities but still has many of the same problems plaguing all American High Schools, such as drugs, violence, and legal issues. The School's faculty and staff work hard to ensure a quality level of education for their students, but often feel they are more often called upon to be social workers, counselors, and even parole officers. The majority of the student body is made up of kids who vary between working hard and waiting to have fun with their friends. Any problem kids just happen to be the ones that take up the most time. FDR High School has a successful athletics program and its football and basketball games are well attended.

Private Schools Edit

  • (Contact Shuma-Gorath for Use) Pianosa Academy – An exclusive boarding school catering to students of an "Advanced" nature, established by Francesca Pianosa, Head of Nova-Gen Technologies.

Higher Education Edit

Angel Falls is quite proud of its institutions of higher learning, all recognized among the finest in the country. All of them have expanded their facilities to accommodate increased enrollment over the years.

  • Angel Falls University – Angel Falls University (or AFU) is a 4 Year University that was established in 1825 and has been extensively expanded and refurbished from its original single building and tiny campus area. The Campus itself covers almost two square miles, encompassing more than a score of buildings (known as halls). The campus features modern landscaping and tree-lined walkways among the buildings, along with dormitories, fraternity and sorority row houses, and other facilities for students. All of the university's facilities are state of the art, including the campus' computer network.
  • Angel Falls Community College – 2-Year College
  • Angel Falls School for the Arts – The Angel Falls School for the Arts is a 2-Year College and is intended to encourage and enhance the arts in Angel Falls, it has drawn students from all across the country to its fine facilities, and faculty. The School focuses on an arts education, providing everything from fine arts like painting and drawing to dance, music, or performance art. Students at the school tend to be on the obsessive side about their chosen artistic disciplines, they need to be, since the school's entrance requirements are high and there's a long waiting list to get in. In addition to attending classes, students often put on shows and recitals for their fellow students and the public. They also regularly show or perform their work at the galleries and clubs in riverside and the Theater District.
  • Angel Falls Institute of Technology – Angel Falls Institute of Technology is a 4-Year University and where better to learn the skills for the "City of Tomorrow" than at one of the finest technical schools in the nation? AFIT compares favorably with CalTech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has a rivalry with AFU over the cutting-edge status of their comparative scientific resources. Though AFIT's facilities are slightly behind AFU, the school is hurrying to update things as quickly as it can. The AFIT campus occupies more than a dozen low brick-front buildings and some more modern structures. Its strong technical focus embraces renowned programs in computer programming, engineering, chemistry, and physics. While AFIT remains at the forefront in other fields, AFU outshines the Institute in Biology and Biochemistry. AFIT students have reputations not only as "science geeks" but also inveterate pranksters, usually targeting AFU or their own rivals on the AFIT campus.

The Military Edit

The United States Military has a modest presence in Angel Falls that has increased since the construction of the space monitoring and control site offshore.

Military Bases Edit

  • Lonely Point Naval Base – Lonely Point Naval Base has undergone a surge of activity since the establishment of Star Island. Originally, the base was secondary facility for naval vessels and Coast Guard personnel working along the Atlantic Coast. The base had been in decline since the end of World War II, and the government nearly closed it down during a series of military cutbacks. The establishment of Star Island changed that, however, and the government has refurbished and expanded Lonely Point. The Lonely Point Naval Base now houses some 700 military personnel and their dependents, along with a civilian staff of 150. The base has facilities for their maintenance and repair of naval vessels, its staff works closely with Star Island, ferrying VIPs to and from the center and helping maintain security. Personnel at the base also cooperate with the U.S. Coast Guard in shore patrol operations and drug-busting efforts. The relative isolation of the base from the metro area helps its security. Captain Foster, the base commander, keeps the men and women under his command prepared for the possibility of an attack by terrorists and super-criminals.
  • Star Island Space Control Center – Located off the coast is the Star Island Space Control Center, a new government facility designed as a, telemetry, recovery, and launch platform for space-based missions. The SCC is built on an island extensively altered to the government's specifications by the Army Corps of Engineers and various Superheroes. Renamed "Star Island" for its rough resemblance to a five-pointed star, the island houses the main facility along with a conventional military airfield and housing for the SCC's workforce. The launch facility can handle U.S. space shuttles and spaceplanes as well as conventional rocket launches. The rest of the facility contains labs and administrative offices. The SCC collects astronomical data and works with other NASA facilities in Florida and Texas on space-related projects, from new shuttle and rocket designs to the engineering and execution of a manned mission to mars.

Notable Federal and Military Personnel Edit

The Angel Falls metro area features nearly 2,000 active duty or reserve military recruits. Some notables include:

  • Dr. Harry Andel – Director of Star Island
  • Captain Mario Foster – United State Navy and commander of Lonely Point Naval Base
  • Colonel Stephen Austin – United States Air Force stationed at Star Island
  • Rear Admiral Richard Hayes - Department of Defense Represenative (owned by CandelaGreene)
  • Adjutant General Norman Kildare
  • Sergeant Gemma Kildare

Science & Technology Edit

Angel Falls is hailed as the "City of Tomorrow" at least in part for its focus on Science and the advancement of technology. The City has a number of hi-tech businesses, fine technical schools, and scientific organizations.

  • The Albright Institute – The Albright Institute is a private foundation that gathers information about superhumans for scientific research and study. It was established by Langston Albright. The Institute's ostensive purpose is to increase knowledge and understanding of superhumans but it also has several functions of which the general public isn't aware. The first is to have information on superhumans available in case something should go wrong. Albright himself understands the risks of a superhero abusing his powers or falling under the influence of an outside force, so it's wise if there are precautions in place. He's careful to ensure the Institution's date doesn't fall into the wrong hands, where it could be used against heroes (although that is always a possibility). The Albright Institutes occupies a small four-story office park where the personnel perform research related to supers and paranormal phenomena in Angel Falls. The facility is the Institute's primary data processing, administrative and research site (with smaller research facilities in other cities). The Institute has also benefitted from government grants, giving them greater opportunities to study the effects of superhumans on all aspects of society. Aside from the Angel Falls Medical Center, the Institute is one of the few places equipped to handle Superhuman medical care.
  • ASTRO Labs – The applied scientific and Technical Research Organization was founded by Dr. Allan Grant, who saw the opportunities inherent in Angel Falls back in 1942 and decided to seize them. Through friends and contacts in the scientific community and the government, Grant secured the support and financing to start his own research company. It originally produced weapons and rocketry for the war effort, and their designs helped keep the Axis in check for much of the war. ASTRO quickly drew attention from the intellectual community of Angel Falls along with a number of lucrative contracts from the government and various corporations. Now ASTRO Labs is the largest scientific research company in the world. The company occupies its own office park.

Government (Secret) Edit

  • Project Ultra -
  • Department of Supernatural Activity
  • Section 51 – Some Activities Secret
  • (Contact Shotgungod for Use) Organization 52 -

Utilities Edit

Utilities are the life-blood of a modern city like Angel Falls, and the city has the most modern and up-to-date utilities available. Together, these entities provide the "blood" that keeps the vibrant heart of Angel Falls beating.

  • Water – Most of the city's drinking water comes from the surrounding rivers, as well as reservoirs upriver and the Lake reservoir in Liberty Park. City-Run treatment plants process the water for domestic use, and sewage treatment plants treat water before it is released back into the rivers. Ultra-Modern facilities ensure both rivers and the bat are some of the cleanest on the East Coast. Criminals looking to try out their latest formula have been known to try introducing it through the reservoirs or treatment plants.
  • Sewer – Because part of the land where Angel Falls stands was originally fairly swampy, the city has an extensive and modern sewer and drainage system intended to dispose of waste and prevent flooding. Sewage is treated before the remaining water is piped out into the rivers. The City's sewer system has been heavily renovated over the years. Some of the older tunnels (dating back more than 100 years) still exist. Although they're no longer connected to the drainage network, they've been known to serve as hideouts for criminals and urban legends about strange creatures living down there.
  • Gas and Electricity – The Atlantic Gas and Electric Company provides all of Angel Falls' power needs under contract to the city. They have power plants located in a few areas of the city, but the new Raymond Nuclear plant provides the majority of the city's electrical power. There have been some protests about the establishment of a nuclear plant along the coast, but supporters claim it is the most effective way to provide for Angel Falls energy needs. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering a proposal to launch nuclear waste into space from nearby Star Island.
  • Telecommunications – Rainbow Six Telecomm provides all of Angel Falls Telecommunications needs, using state-of-the-art fiber optic systems installed throughout the city. Downtown Angel Falls is the only major metropolitan area in the world that doesn't use any old copper wiring for its telecommunications, making its phone and data service particularly robust. Rainbow Six also has an extensive cellular network installed throughout the city, connecting it to a network extending up and down the east coast, so many people in the city have cell phones and pagers, most equipped with internet access.