City Government Edit

The Mayor and an elected city council oversee municipal affairs in Angel Falls. The City council has eight members chosen from districts throughout the city. The mayor serves as a ninth member and chairperson. City council-members and the mayor all-serve four-year terms, and half of the council seats are up for re-election every two years. There is no limit to the number of terms a councilor or mayor may serve. Although the mayor handles the day-to-day affairs of the city and acts as city manager, the city council holds the true executive power. Still, the mayor exercises considerable influence as head of the council and always casts any tie-breaking vote.

City Hall Edit

Builders constructed Angel Falls City Hall in a neo-classical style, with broad columns supporting the peaked roof and golden dome. The exterior of the building features beautiful carvings and relief work. Broad marble steps lead up to the entrance. Angel Falls City Hall is nearly always bustling with activity, even at night. It houses the offices of the mayor, city council, and most city agencies.

The Mayor's Office Edit

The Angel Falls Mayor's office has changed a great deal from previous administrations. In the best of times, mayors used to be politicians with lots of connections and experience in city politics. They were often elected on a conservative platform of maintaining the status quo for the major interest groups of the city. That the mayor was fairly ineffective was largely taken as a matter of course. Rumors have been running rampant during Mayor Donovan's tenure of ineffectiveness and Corruption.

The Current Mayor Edit

Mayor Quimby Donovan

Cassandra Devereux - Deputy Mayor

The City Council Edit

Angel Falls is divided into six council districts, each with an elected representative on the city council. The Mayor occupies the ninth seat as chairman of the council and issues the tie-breaking vote in situations where the council is deadlocked. Unlike the Mayor, City Council members tend to be longer-standing politicians and far more conservative. Most of them have ties to various unions and interest groups throughout the city, some of which dislike change leading to friction between some councilors and the mayor.

The Current City Council Edit

  • Frederick Hostlettler -
  • William McGee -
  • Jennifer Turner -
  • Ezekiel Masters -
  • Seraphina Mindel -
  • Morgana Blessing -

City Commissions Edit

City Commissions are adjunct to the city council. Some are authorized to issue rulings on behalf of the council. Others are merely advisory bodies that gather information and report their finding to the city council, keeping them up to date on matters of importance to Angel Falls. Commission appointments are often made for political reasons, although nearly any interested citizen can serve on a commission. The mayor's office sets up advisory commissions for important issues to satisfy different interest groups and individuals in the city that want their concerns heard.

  • The Commission on Economic Development –
  • The Commision on Law Enforcement –
  • The Human Rights Commission –

City Departments Edit

Angel Falls employs thousands of people to handle the day-to-day business of keeping things running smoothly. The city council and the Mayor's office hire (and fire) theexecutives who oversee these municipal employees. This includes everyone from administrative staff at City Hall to employees of the Department of Public Works and the Angel Falls Police Department. Besides the Fire and Police Departments and the District Attorney's Office, a few of the other major departments are described here:

  • Medical Examiner's Office – Minerva Demarchais
  • Public Works –
  • Waste Management –

County, State & Federal Government Edit

Numerous county and state offices and agencies are found through the city. These agencies range from the Department of Motor Vehicles to agencies dealing with the environment, parklands, health, and law enforcement. Angel County encompasses all of Angel Falls. County services include the Department of Parks and Recreation, county Clerk's office, social services, Planning and Zoning board, and the Angel County Sherriff's Department. In addition to the County and State offices in Angel Falls, various federal agencies maintain offices here as well. Most of them are clustered downtown at Federal Plaza. These agencies include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The national Security Council, Immigration & Custom Enforcement, The Internal Revenue Service, The National Forestry Service, The National Security Enforcement Agency, and many other. A further federal presence can be found in the form of Lonely Point Naval Base and the Star Island Space Control Center.

  • Federal Plaza – The Federal Plaza building id one of the tallest structures in Angel Falls, clad in red granite with brass fixtures and copper-tinted windows. The broad base of the building features a paved plaza complete with water fountains and tall windows looking into the spacious lobby. The design of the plaza is not just ornamental, it also creates an effective barier to prevent anyone from crashing a vehicle into the base of the building. The Lobby has a government bookstore selling various federal publications. The building holds the offices of federal agencies in the city, including the FBI, IRS, Veteran's Administration, and so forth. The 23rd floor of Federal Plaza houses the public offices of NSEA.

Law Enforcement Edit

Several law enforcement agencies operate in Angel Falls. In addition to NSEA, the FBI, and various state agencies, there is, first and foremost, the Angel Falls Police Department.

Angel Falls Police Department (AFPD) Edit


  • Police Commissioner Sonny Wilson -
  • Police Chief Dan Harrelson -

Angel Falls Police Department Special Crimes Unit Edit

  • 1st Lt. Raina Hunter, Cybercop Divison and Special Crimes Unit Commander –
  • Lt. Catalina Blaze, Superhuman Crimes, Detective

Angel Falls Urban Tactical Crisis Response Unit Edit

  • Captain Linda Mochevski, UTCR Commander
  • Suzie Lamar, UTCR Second-in-Command

Notable Members of the Angel Falls Police Department Edit

  • Det. Angie Stewart
  • Inspector Gregory Carson - Senior Detective in the AFPD, tasked as liason for "freelance" assets the AFPD uses, which may range from highly placed confidential informants to metahuman private detectives or consultants. One of his "contacts" is Beatrice McAllister aka "Mistress Ohm".
  • Lt. Louis Renault - Angel Falls Police Criminal Investigator and Detective in the Gang and Rackets Squad.
  • Det. Mathew Boon - Major Crimes Unit detective

State Law Enforcement Agencies Edit

The Angel Falls Sheriff's Department patrols state and Federal highways in the Angel Falls area, and deals with crimes that extend beyond city limits or in cases where criminals flee the city limits. The Sheriff's Department maintain offices in three places within the city.

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Edit

In addition to NSEA, other federal law-enforcement agencies operate in Angel Falls. They enforce federal law and offer assistance to local law-enforcement as needed.

  • United States Coast Guard – The U.S. Coast Guard patrols the shoreline, Arcadia Bay and all island areas within Angel Falls waters, assisting vessels in Distress and dealing with smugglers and vessels crossing illegally into American Waters. Angel Falls' Coast Guard contingents works closely with the DEA and the U.S. Naval Base at Lonely Point.
  • Drug Enforcement Agency – The DEA investigates du-reated crimes, including the manufacture, distribution, and sale of narcotics. Their prime convern in Angel Falls is the drug trade controlled by the Mob, and drug smuggling operations along the waterfront areas of the city and offshore. The Appearance of various new "Designer Drugs" is also a growing concern. The DEA fights offshore drug smuggling with the assistance of the Coast Guard and occasionally the naval forces at Lonely Point. The fight drug distribution in the city using undercover operations. The DEA maintains offices in the Federal Plaza building in Angel Falls.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation – The FBI also maintains offices in the Federal Plaza Building and insvetigates all federal crimes, wich include bank robberies and terrorism, while assisting local authorities in dealing with organized crime. They coordinate with NSEA when a potential threat involves superpowers.

FBI Directors Edit


National Security Enforcement Agency (NSEA) Edit

The United States government established the National Security Enforcement Agency in 1952. The agency oversees federal law-enforcement involving superhumans and threats to national security. NSEA has been active in Angel Falls since its inception, as a great many super-powered threats have appeared in the city over the years. The Official NSEA headquarters in Angel Falls is a suite of offices on the 23rd floor of the Federal Plaza building.

  • Yumiko Park - NSEA Angel Falls Regional Director

NSEA Field Agent Edit

NSEA agents are recruited from the military, civilian police forces, and federal agencies like the FBI. They're selected for intelligence, drive, and dedication, and trained in law, police procedures, and combat, although their training emphasis is not going up against super-powered opponents unless necessary.

  • Thunderbird –
  • Mako –
  • Emma Lasch –

Other NSEA Devices Edit

NSEA uses other deviced in dealing with super-poweered threats. The most common are described here:

  • Nullifying Manacles – These heavy metallic manacles fit on the subject's forearms, connected by a heavy cable. When locked on, the manacles create a power-nullifying field around the wearer.
  • Scanner – A Hand-held device able to pick up various energy readings, often useful for tracking energy-wielding supers.

International Law Enforcement Agencies Edit

The Angel Falls Police Department and the FBI maintain ties with international agencies like Interpol, allowing them to exchange information with police departments around the world and to access a vast database of crime files. They also work in cooperation with United Nation organizations to exchange information and track the activities of super-powered criminals. This keeps all law enforcement organizations up-to-date on the status and whereabouts of some of the greatest threats to the world's safety and wellbeing. This information is made available to heroes with the appropriate government contacts or clearance.

Emergency Services Edit

Crime isn't the only thing that can threaten public safety. Fires, accidents, and medical emergencies also need to be alleviated, along with disasters created by super-criminals. This is the responsibility of the city's fire department and ambulance services.

Angel Falls Fire Department Edit

The Angel Falls Fire Department is a consolidated agency that responds to fire and emergency calls in Angel Falls. The department has fire stations throughout the city, their crews able to respond to immediately to any emergency. The fire department can call upon the U.S Forestry Service for assistance in handling fires on the outskirts of the city, and often assists them in fighting forest fires in the state parklands. The Fire department is also responsible for dealing with hazardous materials in Angel Falls, these can range from conventional explosives and toxic chemicals to weird alien, radioactive, or mystical material, mutagens, and even stranger things.

  • Fire Chief Ellen Bradley -

The United States Forestry Service Edit

The United States Forestry Service, a branch of the Department of the Interior, is responsible for handling fires in the forest outside of Angel Falls. The service handles most routine fires, but calls on the city fire department in times of need. The famous "smoke jumpers" who parachute into the forest to fight fires there, are connected with the service. The forestry service also conducts "controlled burns" of certain areas of forest to help ensure healthy growth and development.

Private Ambulance Firms Edit

Along with the ambulances operated by the fire department, several private ambulance firms operate in Angel Falls. These companies are licensed by the city government and overseen by the city's Department of Health.

  • Charon Ambulance Service – Named after the ferryman of the dead from Greek mythology, Charon Ambulance Services hears and expects a lot of morbid jokes. Despite this, Charon is an efficient service with a long-standing reputation in the city. Its owner is George Kapetelis.
  • Forgan Emergency Services – Forgan is the newest service operating in the city but has a reputation as a high-tech, sophisticated and talented company. Madeline Forgan established her company by buying up and consolidating several smaller ambulance firms in the city. A few people consider Forgan something of a literal "ambulance chaser", claiming she set up shop in Angel Falls banking on trouble to provide her with business. Forgan ignores these accusations and focuses on running her company.

Judicial System Edit

Whenever criminals get arrested (either by superheroes or conventional authorities), they move into the criminal justice system. Angel Falls' justice system has become the focus of considerable media attention, a fact that has not escaped attorney's with political ambitions, looking to build a strong public reputation.

The District Attorney's Office Edit

The District Attorney's office files and prosecutes all criminal charges in Angel Falls. The DA's office reviews arrest reports filed by the Angel Falls Police Department and decides which charges, if any, to file in cooperation with or on the behalf of the victims of alleged crimes. The City District Attorney, a four-year elected position, heads the office. The DA hires and oversees several dozen deputy district attorneys who try the majority of the cases. The DA handles the administrative duties and prosecutes the highest profile criminal cases. In addition, the DA's office employs various investigations to gather evidence to support their cases.

  • District Attorney Kylie Jennings –

Assitant District Attornies Edit

DA Kylie Jennings manages a staff of (at the moment) 5 ADAs. Each one pick for their superior knowledge of the Law as it regards to every facet of life within a city of such as Angel Fals.

  • (Contact Shuma-Gorath for Use)ADA Claudia Siegel -
  • ADA Jethro Harrison -
  • ADA Monique Decoux -
  • ADA Culver Robinson -
  • ADA Jonah Crowly -

The Public Defender's Office Edit

The Public Defender's office represents criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire their own attorneys. The office is run by the city Public Defender, a post appointed by the city government. The PD is assisted by other city-employed attorneys, contracted lawyers, and lawyers doing pro-bono work for the city. The public defender's office is not an overly popular one, so the city government tends to play down its importance, both in terms of media coverage and in terms of budget. Fortunately for defendants, the political climate of Angel Falls is ripe for idealistic attorneys who believe in the rights of the accused, including the current head of the Public Defender's Office.

  • Chief Public Defender Rodrigo Medrano –

The Probation Department Edit

The Angel Falls Probation Department follows up with criminals after their release and ensures they fulfill the conditions of their probation. They also oversee the city's juvenile detention facilities. Probation officers meet regularly with their assigned cases to provide counseling, legal and job assistance, and to prevent them from leaving the Angel Falls area. A probation officer has wide latitude in ensuring someone who has served his or her time maintains the condition of his or her probation.

  • Head of the Probation Department, Kiden Shukuma –

State and Federal Attorneys Edit

The state and federal governments are also active in the legal scene of Angel Falls. The state Attorney General's office assists the city District Attorney as needed, as well as investigating cases involving the District Attorney's office itself. The United States Attorney is the federal equivalent of the district attorney and prosecutes federal cases in the Angel Falls metro area. The current U.S. Attorney in Angel Falls is Padma Vasin who has an office in the Federal Plaza Building in Angel Falls.

The Court System Edit

Once the District Attorney has filed charges, cases go into the hands of the court system. The Angel Falls court system is divided into local and federal courts. Local state-affiliated courts handle most civil and criminal cases, ranging from small claims and traffic violations all the way up to major cases handled by the State Supreme Court. The court facilities for the Angel Falls metro area are housed in the district courthouse near City Hall. The federal courts try cases involving violations of federal law. The federal court occupies the handsome neo-classical building newly rebuilt near the Federal Plaza Building.

The Correction System Edit

The Final component of the criminal justice system is the corrections system, for the imprisonment and potential rehabilitation of convicted criminals. The Angel Falls area originally had two – one state and one county jail. There is constant discussion about building a new prison to handle the city's needs, but the issue is sensitive, since taxpayers want more security, but don't want a prison near their homes.

  • Tartarus Meta-Max Prison – Warden in Charge is Angela Athena Similar to the SuperMax Prison
  • Stygian Juvenile Hall – Warden in charge is Jericho Coffin Stygian handles inmates under the age of 18. It has a capacity of 700 and is never less than half filled with young gang members and other offenders, most often there on drug charges. Some of the youths in Juvenile Hall are merely runaways, though sadly quite a few return here after becoming involved in drugs or prostitution.
  • Santa Julia Asylum
  • Angel Falls Correctional Facility
  • South River State Penitentiary

Other Prison Officials Edit

  • Abigail Wallace – Stygian Juvenile Hall Chief of Security
  • Tartarus Gaurds