Born in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands Angus displayed a natural affinity for machinery and engineering from a young age. He studied mechanical engineering at the local collage before joining the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) at 18. He trained as an armourer, quickly displacing an incredible skill with weaponry of any kind. He went on to serve with distinction for the next 12 years, including several decorations for courage under fire while attached to other units. Amongst these was two tours attached to 45 Commando Royal Marines, as part of which he undertook and passed the All Arms Commando Course, therefore gained the right to wear their famous green beret. Thanks to his exceptional skills and his personal determination, Angus rose quickly up the promotions ladder finally reaching the rank of Warrant Officer.

His powers finally revelled themselves late in life while he was on attachment to a front line combat unit in Afghanistan. Their forward base came under attack by overwhelming numbers of enemy during a terrible storm, which grounded any air support and prevented any relief reaching them. The battle raged for over an hour, with heavy casualties on both sides. Angus was in the thick of the action, manning a heavy machine gun at a vital point single headed after the rest of the crew we killed. However, the attackers were just too numerous and were steadily overwhelming the British troops. At the height of the battle, with ammunition running low and casualties mounting Angus' powers suddenly activated. His skin hardened and thickened into a great suite of amour, while a massive pair of min-guns sprouted from his arms. With a terrifying roar Angus launched himself into the hoards of attackers, slaughtering them without mercy as their return fire pattered of his form like rain. Unable to stand ageist the unstoppable killing machine now unleashed into their midst the attackers broke and ran, saving the rest of the outpost from certain destruction.

Following this incident, Angus was recruited by a British special operation unit for people with superpowers. He served in this unit for two years, taking part in many undercover operations against both conversional and meta-human opponents. During this time he was promoted to Lieutenant and took command of a strike team on several operations. One member of this unit was Aislin Burke, a young Glaswegian Lycanthrope who was the strike team scout. From their first meeting there was an attraction between Angus and Aislin, but the restrictions of military regulations (and their own reserved natures) prevented the relationship developing at first. The pair did become very close to each outer, but remained professional at all times. However this all changed following one mission to destroy a drug cartel in South America. Two new members had recently been added to Angus' squad, against his wishes. He didn't believe that either of them were ready for combat, and he was proved horribly correct in this. During the mission both the new members disobeyed Angus' orders, leading to the team being detected while trying to infiltrate the base. Angus managed to fight his way clear, by only he and Aislin escaped alive.

Angus fell into a deep depression after this disaster, even though the board of inquiry cleared him of any wrongdoing and indeed praised him for managing to escape. He blamed himself for not dealing harder with the two new members, and considered the deaths of his team to be his fault. He was sent on compassionate leave and despite support from his friends, he turned heavily to drink to try to escape his pain. Eventually Aislin found him slumped in a chair at home, surrounded by empty bottles. In a panic she started shaking him to try and wake him, fearing that he might be dying. She was pleaded with him not to die when Angus stirred, focusing with difficulty on Aislin's face. Suddenly overwhelmed by his feelings for her he reached up and kissed her, no longer caring what happened to him. Aislin was taken aback by this, but having also wished for this moment for a long time she recovered quickly and returned his kiss.

Angus recovered quickly after that night, his new relationship with Aislin providing just the focus he needed to get his life back on track. He planned to resign from army to avoid the complications that would result from his relationship with Aislin, then his commander told him about Section 51 a new UN force intended to counter the rise of meta-human attacks. He was offered a promotion to Captain and a position as a field comander, with much more freedom than he would get otherwise in the military. He agreed to the offer on one condition, that he was allowed to take Aislin with him as his sergeant. So now Angus is on his way with a new team to some place called Angel Falls, ready to face whatever the future throws at him. Write the text of your article here!