Arachnia by inspector97
Aliases: Arachnia
Real Name: Kendra
Identity: Secret
Species: Mutated Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: American citizen
Place of Birth: unknown, presumed to be Angel Falls
Hair: Black
Eyes: unknown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: unknown, estimated to be around 130
Creator(dA name): lonestranger
Base of Operation(s): none to speak of
Affiliations: Freelance
Marital Status: single
Children: none
Mother: alive but comatose
Father: unknown
Relatives: unknown

Arachniais a mystery to everyone in the city that knows about her. The mystery only gets deeper since recently declassified (but heavily redacted) government documents hint at super solder programs that were in place in the 1980's, around the time she was born.

Arachnia by freedom981

Arachnia in one of her rare times showing off by giving a gun show. pic by Freedom981

Childhood years

Growing up an orphan is hard enough, growing up an orphan with six arms and a hair trigger temper is almost impossible. Arachnia was bounced around from foster home to foster home dealing with adults that would alternate between embarrassed to show her in public and ashamed to be in the same house with her. Combine that with being teased constantly in school by her classmates and she became a burden on each new pair of foster parents. She started out in the US Northeast and kept moving from state to state as each city she got moved too ran out of people who wanted to adopt her either due to her actions or the reputation she developed.

The Turning Point

It wasn't until she was in high school when a ray of sunlight finally appeared in her life. A tutor her then current foster family had was able to look past her extra limbs at the person she was. At first Arachnia thought it was a trick but as time went on and the tutor kept helping her Arachnia's mood started to soften, it was during this time that she found out she was fairly technically inclined and an okay mechanic.

After her experience with that tutor her current foster family noticed her mood lighten a little bit. They noticed she was getting into fewer fights and was paying a little more attention in school.

The Present

After Arachnia graduated from high school she disappeared for while before turning up in Angel Falls with her own costume taking on the criminal element in the city.

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength: Arachnia can lift around 4 tons maximum.

Super Leap: Arachnia can jump 10 feet in any direction without the need for a running start.

Extra Arms: Arachnia possesses four additional arms that she can fully utilize for whatever reason she needs them for. They have the same range of movement as her primary arms.

Limited ESP: Arachnia has a limited capacity to see the future, especially if it means she will be in danger. This lets her react to threats faster than most others.

Webbing: Genetically engineered glands in all six arms let her shoot strands of webbing for a wide array of uses.

Wall Crawling: Arachnia is able to climb up vertical surfaces without any equipment or aid.