Aria Kahner
Aria guardian outfit
Aliases: The White Rose, Airhead, Tiny Tits
Hair: White
Eyes: Opal
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117 lbs
Occupation: Heroine
Creator(dA name): Xeranad
Affiliations: Guardians
Marital Status: Single
Father: Xeranad Lekard

Aria Kahner is affectionate, energetic, and an all around sweet girl. She values the friendships she has made with every hero and heroine of Angel Falls, and trusts them with her life.

Background Edit

The daughter of the dark lord Xeranad Lekard, Aria is the exact opposite of him, and opposed just about everything he stood for. After his defeat and disappearance, Aria became something of a celebrity, and for the next three months everything was perfect. Then she was attacked by a mysterious creature and as a result had lost her powers and some of her memories. Determined to figure out what happened, she is now going around, looking for the dark lord's artifacts in an effort to remember what happened as well as learn some new tricks, all the while dodging the dark lord's confidant Turmoil, the Knights Templar, a man claiming to be her brother, and for a brief stint the police and her old friends the Guardians. And just what will she find at the end of the trail? A truth that will shock her to her core.

Appearance Edit

Aria dresses in a rather simple outfit: a brown leather tunic vest, violet capri pants with a dark purple sash around her waist, leather bands around her wrists, a blood red scarf around her neck and fluttering behind her like a cape, and a pauldron on her left shoulder with the Guardians' logo printed on it. She may also wear a gray cloak around her shoulders, which hides her entire outfit and only exposing her feet until she opens the cloak (wears this for certain occasions, mostly for distraction). Aria's enchanted silver blade, Rapture, hangs from her hip.

Personality Edit

Aria a very forgiving person, and some people would refer to this trait as "gullible" or "foolish". However, she cannot stand anyone who threatens the safety and livelihood of others, and when faced with an opponent, she does not back down and is determined to bring them to justice. The only real flaw she possesses is a growing inferiority complex when she is compared to the other heroes of Angel Falls.

Abilities Edit

  • Agility: Aria is able to dodge and move with fluidity and grace, and can even run up and along walls and climb buildings with what looks like tremendous ease. This makes her a surprisingly difficult opponent to battle, as she really doesn't stand still.
  • Stealth: Aria, when she isn't having a conversation with someone, is surprisingly capable of sneaking up on people, due in part because of her lack of footwear. This allows for taking out her opponents before they realize she is there.
  • Sword Mastery: Aria is a gifted sword fighter, and combined with her agility and one thousand years of combat experience, it makes her a formidable opponent.

Powers Edit

Magic: After a certain event, Aria's magical powers are lost, but she quickly learns a new, more fitting set of spells, focusing around wind and lightning.

Wind Spells Edit

  • Wind Cloak: Aria surrounds herself in wind that is so focused it makes her invisible as well as unable to be harmed because of the excessive wind pressure. However, Aria can only maintain the focus of this spell as long as she remains still.
  • Wind Rider: Wind focuses itself around Aria's feet and legs, causing her to float off the ground. This not only allows her to avoid any hazard that lies beneath her feet, but also increases her speed on the ground, making her an even more difficult target to hit. She can also use it to slow her descent, granting her the ability to glide.
  • Vortex: Aria creates a miniature tornado, which either sends her opponent flying, or at least holds them in place for a little bit. The target is often disoriented after being caught in the Vortex spell, making them easy targets for Aria.
  • Soar: The wind focuses under Aria, launching her into the air to reach places she couldn't access before. Also very useful for dodging attacks.

Lightning Spells Edit

  • Static: Static focuses electricity into Aria's fingers and toes, allowing her to literally cling to just about any surface. This enhances her agility to a whole new level, making her harder to attack. If she focuses enough, however, a different effect is activated: her hands and feet become electromagnets, allowing her to call to her any metal object.
  • Lightning Bomb: Aria focuses electricity into the palm of her hand, and then throws it. This 'bomb' then sticks to whatever it lands on and then explodes in a blast of lightning. Useful in a myriad of ways.
  • Thunderfall: Aria focuses electricity inside her body, and then dive bombs her opponent or the ground. If she hits a target, a bolt of lightning falls from the direction of the arc of Aria's descent, doing damage. If she hits the ground, she releases the pent up electricity in a shockwave, knocking anyone nearby off their feet. A useful takedown maneuver. Needless to say, Aria needs to be ABOVE her target for this technique to work.
  • Lightning Blade: Like the Ice Blade before it, Aria surrounds her weapon in a magic coating, only instead of ice, electricity surrounds her sword. Now only does this allow her to cause shock damage to her enemies, but if she throws her sword at someone or something they are struck by a bolt of lightning as well upon being struck with the blade. A very powerful technique.

Combinations Edit

Lightning Blade > Static: Aria throws her lightning imbued blade, and then focuses Static, recalling the blade back like a boomerang.

Soar > Thunderfall: Aria launches herself into the air, then comes straight down with the force of a lightning strike.

Vortex > Lightning Bomb: Aria traps her opponent in a swirling wind, then throws her Lightning Bomb into the Vortex, where it explodes.

Static > Wind Cloak: Aria climbs to a nice spot and then turns invisible with the Wind Cloak. This allows Aria to spy on just about anyone.

Soar > Wind Rider: Aria flies into the air, then summons the winds to slow her descent, allowing her to glide. A good method to escape from even the most determined of enemies.

Static > Thunderfall: Aria climbs into a good position indoors, right above a group of thugs, then drops down and blasts them with lightning.

Wind Rider > Lightning Blade: Aria's speed increases thanks to Wind Rider, and Lightning Blade increases the strength of her sword attacks. This is where she is at her best, and is one tough opponent when she does this.

Wrath of Fey Edit

Basic breakdown: Lightning Blade + Wind Rider > Vortex > Lightning Bomb > Lightning Blade (thrown) > Static (electromagnet) > Soar (uppercut) > Thunderfall

Aria starts off by coating her sword in lightning and focusing the wind beneath her. She then proceeds to essentially attack from all sides, then casts Vortex, trapping her opponent and throwing a Lightning Bomb, which explodes, sending her opponent flying. Then she throws her Lightning Blade into her target and then recalls it with Static, the blade pulling her target towards her, where she follows up with using Soar, punching her target in the gut while doing so, and then places herself just above her target and then use Thunderfall, coming straight down with the force of a lightning bolt. Needless to say, this combo attack would most likely DESTROY an average opponent, and so she saves it for fights against metas like Ultrawoman, Genocide, Twisted Savant, General Shadow, or Xeranad Lekard.


Aria Kahner Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.