Asmodai Cosmetics
CEO: Lilith Mephistopheles
Notable Products: Priapus
Angels Lust
Notable Characters: Ashley Moore
Samantha Potts
Shelby Mustang

Asmodai Cosmetics is a company that is also the gateway to Hell (Holloway-Eddington-Langford and Lynch) of which is ruled by Samael. The company is a front for it's presence in Angel Falls, and the only controlled entry to Hell.

History Edit

Asmodai Cosmetics is one of the oldest businesses in Angel Falls dating back to the 17th Century when whaling was the chief commodity in the small port of Valhalla. In the 19th Century, it moved it headquarters to Eden Island and has remained in that area since 1848. In 1976, Lilith Mephistopheles became CEO replacing her father. Asmodai has been in the Mephistopheles family for the past 400 years.