Aurum Sol
Lola Front and Back
Real Name: Lola Solana
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States of America-immigrant
Place of Birth: El Salvador
Hair: Blonde (dyed, naturally brown)
Eyes: Purple (contacts, naturally brown)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 163lbs
Occupation: Model, competitive dancer
Creator(dA name): sharkdude5590
Base of Operation(s): Home on Eden Island, Guardian Hall
Affiliations: Active member of Guardians, member of the Primaries
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Mother: Sofia Solana-alive
Father: Angelo Solana-deceased
Relatives: Fernando Solana-brother, deceased

History Edit

Lola Solana was raised up during the El Salvadorian Civil War, which was between the American backed Government and the communist rebels backed by Castro in Cuba. Her father and brother were conscripted into the army where they were eventually killed in action. This left only Lola's mother to raise her for most of her life, she taught her daughter dance which is how her Lola's father and mother met in the first place. Lola seemed to have a gift for it and used it to pay for herself and her mother. In time a modeling agent noticed Lola, now in her teens, during a dance competition and asked her if she would join him. With great excitement she accepted his offer instantly.

Coming to America Edit

Wishing to escape her country and how behind it was compared to other countries she had visited during her travels as a model, she said her goodbyes to her mother and her friends and set off for America. She had heard great things about the country and had more modeling offers than she knew what to do with. She was particularly interested in the Wong Sisters Modeling Agency in Angel Falls and decided that is where she was going to live.

Being a Hero Edit

After doing some research into her new home, Lola discovered there were many 'superheroes' that were all over the town. Sh
MarkI Armor

Mark I Armor

e decided as an attempt to fit in, she would use some of the wealth she had been saving up to finance an armored suit of her own design. This would be her Aurum Sol MarkI armor and did the best she could with it. In time, she noticed the technology and resources she had back home were nothingcompared to what was available in her new home.

New Friends Edit

Having spent considerable time in the city now she has collected a moderate network of contacts and friends. Polygirl from Stranger Industries who designed and made her MarkII armor, Fantastic Lin who is her boss at the modeling agency and close friend helping her train and get the hang of heroing, Jessica Riley who acts a bit like a big sister and looks out for her without nagging her all the time, Kai Steel who confuses Lola a bit...there is the possibility of a relationship with the metal-clad woman but it is too early to tell yet, and finally Robin Morgan her closest and best friend. Robin and Lola have had many weird adventures and fun times together, Robin being the founder of the Primaries (an independent group to the Guardians with no political or corporate ties) even though the group has fallen apart recently from the fallout between Robin and Jessica. Lola has a crush on Robin, but knows nothing could ever come from it...Robin is just too different from her as much fun as it is to think about.

MarkII Armor Abilities Edit

Titanium plating with a gold powers ource coupled with a solar power back-up battery. Power can be rerouted from the various abilities to enhance one ability to its max output.
MarkII Armor

Shielding: Moderate radiation and infrared

Strength: Able to lift up to 2-3 tons, 5 tons max

Speed: 55-65mph, 80-100mph max

Leaping: 8-12ft vertical, 15 max

Cannon: Heat or raw electricity fired in volleys or one massive ball

Missle: Thermo-plasma back mounted projective, 1 max

Interface: AI with HUD interface to control suit maintenance, targeting, heating and cooling, and language translations.