Catalina Blaze
Aliases: Detective Catalina “Cat” Blaze
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Police Detective, SCU
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Charlotte Blaze
Father: Brigadier General Joseph Blaze, USMC (Retired)
Relatives: Carlton, Clarence, Cassidy, Colin (Brothers)

Catalina Blaze is a detective with the Angel Falls Police Department in the Superhuman Crimes Division

History Edit

Cat grew up the youngest of five and the only girl in the Blaze family. The daughter of a former marine and the target of older brothers’ beatings, Cat grew up tough and rather tomboyish. Her one passion growing up was horses, and she turned a childhood of horseback riding into a career as a mounted officer in the Angel Falls Police Department. After some years, Cat quickly rose through the ranks, and transferred to SCU. During an encounter with a supervillain named Slag, Cat lost her left leg. Pushing herself through physical therapy, Cat returned to the force in little time, equipped with a cybernetic leg.

Abilities Edit

Catalina Blaze is proficient with most firearms, and is often armed with the latest projects from Angel Falls Police R&D. Cat is also an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter and horseback rider.

She has no super powers. Her cybernetic leg houses a spare 9mm.

Personality Edit

It has been remarked upon more than once that Cat is a bit of a smartass. She shows a brave front, but always has empathy for others’ perspectives. Having grown up with four older brothers, Cat seems a bit of a tomboy.