Changeling: Volume 1 Issue 1
Cover Change 1-1
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Cyn-this
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 24
Heroes: Changeling
Villains: Invictus
Other Key Characters: Jeffrey McGuire
Chreyl Crowne
Date Posted: September 2010
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Title Edit

  • Invictus the Bounty Huntress

Synopsis Edit

We are introduced to the Changeling as she finds the men responsible for theft of expensive equipment from the college for the Vertical Collider. Meanwhile {{Jeffrey McGuire]] hires Invictus to eliminate the Changeling, only to have Government agents out bid him to capture her. Polygirl brings the Changeling a gift to her lab. They are nanites that she uses to create a positronic matrix and creates Cynthis. After planning another visit to GLOBEX to uncover some dirt on McGuire, the Changeling is framed by Invictus a she kills one of the security guards. Feeling that McGuire is behind this, and she was getting close the Changeling refuses to stop, and continues to gain more information at GLOBEX Headquarters. This time Invictus attacks, and overcomes her, and gives her to the Government. Cynthis keeping track of the Changeling follow to a secret government facility where she breaks up the experiment informing the military of the illegal operation, and capturing Jeffrey McGuire and the Government agents. Invictus would escape, but the battered Changeling would regenerate and catch up to her at the airport in the Parking lot. This time she would overwhelm her and capture her for the authorities.

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Notes Edit

  • Establishes the Origins of the Changeling, Cynthis, and Invictus
  • Firsst Villain captured by the Changeling.
  • Never proved McGuires guilt to the accident that killed her father.