Changeling: Volume 1 Issue 2
Cover Change 1-2
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TheGreatEdski
Editor: Cyn-this
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 30
Heroes: Changeling
Villains: Doll Maker
Other Key Characters: Cheryl Crowne
Jeffrey McGuire
Maya Hudson
Annika Sorenson
Date Posted: October 2010
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Title Edit

The Doll Maker

Synopsis Edit

Annika Sorenson plot with Jeffrey McGuire a scheme to clone the entire GLOBEX Board of Chairman to stave off a nasty break up. It's up to the Changeling and Cynthis to rescue the board and stop her evil plot.

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Changeling: Vol 1 Issue 2 Index

Note Edit

  • First appearance of the Doll Maker