Eveilus One

Eveilus is a prototypical Charnarth with adaptive augmentations thanks to the Arions.

The Charnarth (sHAR- Nar-th) are a Reptilian Humanoid species from the planet Charna in the Guth system of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their race is a hybrid created 600,000 years ago by radiation released from the planet Charna’s core. Although predominantly reptilian, they have a higher intelligence then other species on Charna; as well as being the Alpha-predator of the planet, they have used their intelligence to bring a rich and diverse culture to the planet as well become a civilization that is believed to still exist in our Galaxy.

History Edit

The Charnarth are believed to develop 600,000 years ago after an unprecedented release of energy from the Charna core that created 4 species of life forms.

1. Charnarth – Reptilian/Humanoid

2. Charnul- Amphibian/Humanoid

3. Chariese- Insect/Humanoid

4. Char’Var- Aquatic/Humanoid

The Charnarth, who are more predatory then the others, would adapt to all 4 continents of Charna and would nearly kill off the Charnul and Chariese, but 15,000 years ago they began a Renaissance era where their instinctive need to consume gave way to intelligence, and began conserving and sharing resources with the other native species. Although considered devout Carnivores, they even altered their dietary needs to include plants and fruits.

600 years ago, the Arions claimed the Guth system which is the natives' first encounter with alien races. The Arions would enslave the planet and use it for a military platform to attack other systems. In an attempt to create the perfect soldier, a number of experiments to augment Charnarth began. Their third Generation experiment Eveilus was their last attempt. Eveilus was a very successful soldier, and is an iconic symbol for the Charnarth. She helped the Arion defeat the Velorian in the Guth system, but in turn her Charnathian behavior were deplored by the Arions, as cannibalism of the enemy as well as her own injured troops were under scrutiny of the military. Believing this anomaly could indeed turn against the Arions, they sabotage her ship in hopes of destroying her. News of the betrayal led to global uprisings on Charna. Within 6 years after her death, the Charnians had regained their independence, and since then have never been contacted by any other races.

Physiology Edit

There are 2 natural genders in their race: Male and Female. Males are generally bigger than females, ranging in height from 8’6” to 9’4”. Females range generally between 8’ to 9’, and rarely beyond 9’1”. Hair color is usually black or dark brown as well as deep violet shades. Eye color can range to deep brown, silver, and purple, as well as aquamarine.

Although physically bigger and stronger, females are considered the more aggressive than the males of the species, and are the warriors and hunters of the family.

Both genders have sharp claws that are able to cut through steel plating up to 1 inch thick. They are very deadly, and excrete a very toxic poison that is deadly to other species and breaks down in the blood system in 30 minutes so their prey can be more easily digested.

Males are basically scavengers, yet are also protectors. Their skin, although appearing like human skin, is made of tightly bound scales. They do not have pores, so they do not sweat; instead they must air cool their bodies. Body heat is collected by special glands in their chest that store energy from the sun and is circulated throughout their bodies.

Reproduction Edit

Reproduction for the Charnarth is not as traditional as other aspects of reptilian humanoids. Their reproduction system is more compatible with mammals. Males generally are identical, although there are certain anomalies. Males usually have 2 testicles, but can be born with as many as 4. It is believed that those with more, being more virile and dominant, also tend to be more aggressive and dangerous to others. It is common practice to have a pair removed at birth, but it is only practiced by modern Charnarth society. Females also have multiple gonads as well as a dual chamber uterus. It is said that Charnarth females can reproduce at will because of this, having up to 8 Ovaries and a 4 chamber uterus, it’s not uncommon for multiple births as well.

A Charnarth fetus matures in 5 months, and is generally born 20% smaller then a human fetus, but develops quicker than a Human. A Charnarth newborn can walk usually in 4 months.

Charnarth females also possess a powerful pheromone gland that circulates throughout their body. Ducts at critical locations on their body coat their skin with the powerful pheromone to induce mating with a male. It is believed no male can escape a woman’s pheromone spell when under its influence. Females often fight when they detect the pheromone; an instinctive and very violent battle can ensue, in some cases ending in death.

Culture Edit

Charnarth believe in feasting, as their predatory nature is the key to their nature. Such skills as hunting and cooking are sports on Charna, as well as tests of strength. Charnarth live by the code “The strongest will survive”. In most democratic nations, leaders are voted for and then forced to battle for power (in some cases to the death). Charnarth consider eating ones opponent an honor, and is a Charnathian right. Charnarth males in unwed relationships often eat their first born. Weddings are general done privately with a minister of honors. After a marriage, a Charnarth courtship (honeymoon) can typical last 18 months.

Technology Edit

Charnarth technology is at least 7 centuries more advanced than humans. Most of their technology is handed down from the Arions.