Comet Girl

Comet Girl

Aliases: Comet Girl
Real Name: Cherry Stone
Identity: secret
Species: Human (Augmented)
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: student
Creator(dA name): kittyelfie[1]
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Alice Stone
Father: Max Stone


Comet Girl’s powers originate from nanites that make up about 90% of her body’s mass, they are as follows:

Flight: She has the ability to fly at up to mach 3+ in the atmosphere and in the vacuum of space she is faster than light. However Comet Girl has a minimum flight speed of 50 mph, with no ability to hover.

Blast: She can summon flaming chunks of stone to hit others, or use local stone for lesser effect. The longer that Comet Girl concentrates on this, the larger the effect she can cause. This can be done to hit an individual target or an area. The minimum force she can use is equal to that of a heavyweight boxer doing a heavy blow. The maximum she uses is equal to an artillery round. Comet Girl has poor aim.

Force field: She projects a force field around herself with a 10 foot radius when she is in hostile environments or flying beyond 100 mph. This effect shapes itself accordingly so that she’s not in a hamster ball when she’s walking. It also doesn’t push rocks and things away from her. This creates a liveable environment capable of supporting other people inside of it as well as herself. The force field will lessen incoming attacks, but not eliminate them. It will protect people in it from small arms fire. She cannot project the force field when she’s in safe environmental conditions. She cannot turn off the force field when she is in hostile environmental conditions.

Communications: The nanites can receive communications and relay them to her, though she has no control over this.

Toughness: Comet Girl has high defense against most forms of attack. She’s happy to show off how she has the ‘abs of steel’.

Strength: She’s able to punch with about 50 tons of force, though she can lift much more. She finds it fun to do things like squishing metal or other objects between her fingers or just between her muscles.

Disadvantages: Comet Girl does not use high power attacks against normal people unless she sees that they can withstand them. She has to work to limit her strength so that she doesn’t break things or injure people. When she’s frightened, she can end up using high powered attacks without meaning to. She is frightened of many of the things a teenage girl would be affected by. These include monsters, huge predators, and similar things. Comet Girl is vulnerable to electricity based attacks, with them able to stun or knock her unconscious. She tries to keep her superheroine identity a secret as best she can, even though she’s easily recognizable in non-hero costume. She can sometimes hear the nanites stating an action that she is about to do.