Aliases: Samantha Potts
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female (Human)
Hermaphrodite (Succubus)
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Sunkissed (Human)
Midnight (Succubus)
Eyes: Dark Brown (Human)
Red (Succubus)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143
Occupation: Supermodel/Succubus
Creator(dA name): TrekkieGal
Base of Operation(s): Varies
Affiliations: Holloway-Eddington-Langford and Lynch
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Janice Potts (deceased)

Samantha Potts was a human female born of demonic means who would become a succubus and serve Lilith Mephistopheles as one of her servants to aide her in obtaining more succubi to serve her as Queen of succubi in Angel Falls.

Biography Edit

Samantha was an only child born to Janice Potts in 1983. She never knew her father, and her mother was tragically killed in her own kitchen from a stray bullet from a gun fight on the streets in 1992. From there, Samantha entered the city's Forster care system. That's when she met Ashley Moore who's parents were also killed in 1993 due to an accidental failure of their automobile brakes. The two would become best friends and spend their remaining teenage life into young adulthood as friends.

Becoming a Succubus Edit

Samantha was a free spirit, unorganized, playful, flirtatious, and sexually active young woman that lives with her roommate Ashley Moore. She works at a exotic dance club and makes a meager amount of money because of the hours. She has been trying to get a modeling job but they say she's too big, and some even told her to just work the adult industry.

It is one afternoon at lunch time she met with Ashley who was given notice her job was in jeopardy. They were approached one day after they were down on their luck by a woman named Lilith who had the strangest yellow eyes. She hearing of their plight invited them to a party to mingle with some wealthy men and women in hopes they could hon knob and improve their occupations. All they had to do was sign a small book.

From that moment they had unwittingly became Lilith's new servants. At the Party she met with Superstar Sabine who at the party. While getting her autograph, Samantha tripped and accidentally tripping a trap set by Sabine to humiliate Samantha, and humiliating Sabine. Sabine was later discovered to be one of Lilith's ex employees. It was then she was noticed by Entertainment this Moment Magazine executive Darren Hope and given a appointment for a photo shoot. From there her life drastically changes as she becomes a Supermodel in 3 weeks. But the following Friday Lilith came for the two, stating they had to pay for their recent good fortune as Succubus who find certain people who had escaped their contracts.

== Human Samantha ==

Samantha Potts at a Photo shoot

Human Samantha is pretty much a free spirit, as she continues to be herself yet enjoys life for all it's worth. Although she tends to date a lot, she rarely has sex seeing she always ends up ruining a chance for intimacy. Sometime she feels she will never find a lover as all people see is how beautiful she is and not the person inside

Succubus Crusader Edit

As a Succubus she has multiple roles. Lilith forced her to take Priapus which in turned changed her from a female to a Hermaphrodite. Unfortunately it also carried over when she's human but she keeps this fact hidden. She loves sex so much Lilith needed to restrain her several times as she is very submissive and is threaten a number of times to behave or she would have no sex at all. Lilith also wants her to breed yet as of yet it's her own humanity that prevents it as she wants to be loved for who she is. Just as Ashley if she finds this love she will be released from her contract.

Appearances Edit