Aliases: Casandra Fuller
Identity: Secret
Species: Positronic Android
Gender: Female*
Citizenship: United States*
Place of Birth: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Hair: Blue (Blonde when Human)
Eyes: Blue (Green when Human)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 lbs
Occupation: Student Aide Graduate
Creator(dA name): Cyn-this
Base of Operation(s): The Crowne Estate
Affiliations: The Changeling, Guardian, GLB
Marital Status: Single

Cynthis is a positronic android created by Polygirl and the Changeling. She was created to aide the Changeling fight crime, and she has been her sidekick since her birth.

History Edit

Cassanrda fuller by candelagreene-d2z2sd0

Cynthis was created by Polygirl at Stranger Industries, very little is know how she constructed the nanites that were named Cynthis (No special meaning). She gave the nanites personality to become as human as possible, with a common goal to help others, and better themselves. She even provided for a range of emotions, as well as a sense of humor. She delivered the nanites to the Changeling after her mother Cheryl Crowne had prodded Polygirl to get Cynthia off this obsession of proving Jeffrey McGuire was behind her fathers death. With the simple instruction to use these nanites on any Artificial Intelligence device, Cynthia decided to use them on a Positronic Matrix she was tinkering with. She later constructed a Body, and installed the matrix. Upon her first day, she was self aware, and took up the responsiblity for caring for the Crowne Estate, as well as Cheryl, and Cynthia Crowne. It was later decided to give her the identity of Cassandra Fuller, a proxy cousin from Arizona who was also a Grad student, so she can keep an eye on Cynthia.

Personality Edit

Cynthis is the Polar opposite of the Changeling. Although an Android, she seems to balance being human and cybernetic well. She is very outgoing, and her outlook is always bubbly and spontaneous. Even when crimefighting Cynthis can find humor as a release, and uses it alot to the ire of the Changeling.
1-016 Exposed 1024

As Cassandra (as well as Cynthis), she is fully functional, and can mate with a human, but is unable to reproduce. She tends to flirt, and uses this to her advantage when impersonating other women. Her skin is able to recreat any manner of Fabric, which makes her able to change clothing instantaneously.

Ethical Subroutine Edit

Cynthia installed a fail safe in Cynthis so she would never use her strength to harm any human. This subroutine is a check valve for her emothions, as they can override her positronic matrix if not for the subroutine. Cynthia also built a failsafe code, so if the subroutine should go offline for any reason, she can simply state to preform a level 1 diagnostic, to activate her nanites to repair all damage circuits. This has the effect of freezing her, until all repairs are completed.

Relationships Edit

Cynthis has teamed up with many of Angel Falls Guardians, and have formed some lasting friendships.

Changeling - She shares an emotional attachment to her as well as serving as her sidekick, cousin, and best friend. There are several moments when they appear a bit too close.
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There are many awkward moments between Cynthis and the Changeling.

Morgana - She fought with her against U1trawoman which would first end in he surrendering to her. The second time they defeated U1trawoman's clone.

Fantastic Lin - She would team up twice with her, the first to battle [Evelus]] and the second time against the Skells.

Valkeris - Although one of the original clones of U1trawoman, they would team up against the Rooks in hopes of capturing Jural Kirin

Abilities Edit

  • 16 times stronger then an Average Human
  • Can access Computers, and network devices
  • Can reproduce Audio voices and sounds
  • Can reconfigure to appearance of another Human female
  • Built in Ethical subroutine
  • Skin can recreate human skin textures, and color as well as hair

Weakness Edit

  • Electro Magnetic Pulses
  • Intense Radiation greater then 25,000 Rads (gamma)
  • Temperature Above 1700 degrees C and Below -400 degrees C

Appearances Edit


Cynthis Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.