Dark Matter Annual: Jail Break
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Cyn-this
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 10
Villains: Invictus
Silver Mist
Doll Maker
Wildcards: Shard
Date Posted: December 2010
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Next Story: Weird Science: Issue 1

Title Edit

Jail Break (Dark Matter Issues never referred often by Issue number)

Synopsis Edit

Invictus bust out of Jail thanks to a Powerful explosion that kills over 100 people, but she brought some with her. Juanita Alvarez is taken as well as the expelled citizen of a Dark Realm need a new mind to Occupy, and they want Invictus, but she' not giving up her mind without a fight. Meanwhile the Doll Maker working for Jeffrey McGuire plots a plan to rescue Invictus before the Federal Government catches her.

Note Edit

  • This marks the Origins of Silver Mist.
  • No Heroes, or Guardians appear in this story.
  • This establishes the Friendship between Shard and Silver Mist as well the purchase of the Silent Hills Clock Tower by Invictus.
  • Last Issue Astrid appears as a female with brown eyes.

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