Dark Matter Annual: Twin Dolls
Twin Dolls Cover
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Pathetic-Virgin
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 14
Heroes: Changeling
The Cook
Villains: Doll Maker,br>Jural Kirin
Other Key Characters: Jeffrey McGuire
Matthew Crowne
Maya Hudson
Date Posted: December 2011
Previous Story: Changeling: Volume 1 Issue 4
Next Story: Weird Science: Issue 2

Title Edit

Twin Dolls (Dark Matter Annuals folow itle names not Issues)

Synopsis Edit

Two day after the conclusssion of the Dark Doll The Doll Maker undergoes the Neural Neutralizer on board the Sybarus under the care of Paudraic of Orion to return her mentally to the woman that Jeffrey McGuire can love. everal months later the Guardian Liaison Bureau become stewards to a rehabilitated Doll Maker and change her name to Amanda Sterling and train her to become an agent. Working with Tara Genovese as her partner the two are selected to work with the Changeling, Cynthis, and the Valkeris to expose Rooks activity in Angel Falls. Meanwhile Nadine Porter has got her hooks into Jeffrey McGuire as a date to the Holiday Gala, that doesn't sit well with Astrid who is determined to scratch the bitches eyes out. Nadine who also is Jural Kirin's assistant was selected as his first clone in which after his success promptly kills her by snapping her neck. He did it so there could not be two of any one person cloned in his mind. The night of the Gala would see Astrid escaping her imprisonment in the penthouse by ordering take out and zapping out over the phone. Meanwhile Cynthis, and the Valkeris head out to the old Lookout Point Air station following a lead on missing equipment from the Doll Makers last cloning project. They walked into a Rook base under ground where they find clones of political, military, and other business leaders in stasis tubes. Two of which are Matthew Crowne and Jeffrey McGuire. Before they could escape with this information the Rooks capture them and place them in devices built to bury them miles under the earth trapped in a substance that immobilized both of them. Meanwhile at the Gala, Tara and Amanda mingle and things start to pick up when they make it to the upper floors suites. Amanda seems preccupied by a woman whom seems suspicious. After confronting her in the ladies washroom, she realizes it is her twin Astrid. As Amanda questions her, he security staff turns out to be Rook operatives that place all the Guest in suspended animation. With only Astrid, and Amanda still mobile they watch as Nadine instructs them to take Matthew Crowne and Jeffrey McGuire as they will be replaced. Amanda posing as one of the Rooks re-animates Tara and they gear up to foil the Rooks plans while Astrid goes after Nadine and fails as they use energy weapons to drain her Dark matter abilities. Back at the base, things look hopeless for the Valkeris and Cynthis, but in the control room after Jural left on a helicopter, one of the Rooks dropped the Electro magnetic shielding, and reactivated Cynthis. Cynthis inturn used a vocal frequency to break the harden foam in their prison and break free. The ook Operative was no other then the Changeling that took out the other Rooks in the Control Room, and the Valkeris easily handled the others in the detention area. They contacted the Military to move in, and knew they had to get to the Civic Center before they swapped Matthew, and Jeffrey. Tara, and Amanda knew their time was running short as nadine brought Astrid along with Matthew, and Jeffrey for pick up. Amanda took out the Rooks on the service elevator with their prisoners, and Tara then snuck on a well. They revived all three and Tara escorted Matthew, and Jeffrey to get to the lobby and find Colonel Parsons and tell him to move in. Amanda knowing that she needed to stall Jural Kirin worked with Astrid on their own surprise. Tara would double back after sending the two men on their way and contacting the authorities as Astrid and Amanda attacked the Rooks destroying both the clones, but their weapons still over powering for both, they would meld and transform into the unstoppable Dark Doll. In this form they easily overpowered all resistance and defeated Stiletto, as well broke Jural's bionic arm and nearly killed him. It was te arrival Cynthis, Valkeris, and the Changeling to control the Dark Doll that afforded Jural, and Nadine the time to escape. It took the Changeling a melding to break to two apart, and finally end the Dark Dolls rampage. In the end Astrid would escape but at the cost of seeing Jeffrey kiss Amanda mistaking her for Astrid.

Note Edit

  • This was the first story to confirm that Astrid's and Amanda's eye color had changed to Purple.
  • Nadine Porter first appearance
  • Establishes that Jural Kirin was fully behind the sabotage of the Vertical Collider in 1987
  • Establishes the Cook as a Hero.
  • Runs concurrently with Girl Friday: Help Wanted
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Dark Matter Annual: Twin Dolls Has been place in the I Blame Red Matter category for alternate reality content dealing with the technology used in Star Trek.


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