Dark Star
Aliases: Andrea Steele
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States Citizenship with a Criminal record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.68
Weight: 56.36
Occupation: Criminal
Creator(dA name): Teri-Minx
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls, The KEEP
Affiliations: Freelance
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Mother: Dr. Amanda Hawkings-Steele
Father: U.S. Ambassador Glenn Steele
Relatives: None

In The BeginingEdit

Andrea Steele is the only daughter of parents U.S. ambassador Glenn Steele and Dr. Amanda Hawkings-Steele. As a teen, she demonstrated remarkable aptitude for science and mathematics. Unfortunately, she also displayed a real wild streak and extremely rebellious nature. At the age of 16, she was struck by a drunken driver and left paralyzed from the waist down. She herself was sneaking home after going to a drunken frat party. Feeling the accident was some sort of punishment for her wild behavior, she resolved to put her wild ways behind her and devote herself to her studies. A child progeny, she earned her first degree at the age 18 from M.I.T. She showed amazing aptitude in the fields of Engineering and Quantum Physics.

Determined to surmount the obstacles of her condition, she threw herself into her work. Her talent led the government the hire her as a researcher in the highly classified Project Aurora, a division of the government’s extraterrestrial research program. While working on the engines recovered from the crashed spacecraft recovered from the Bermuda Triangle to be used in the military's experimental space jet program, she was accidentally infected by the ship’s self-repair nanites .

The alien micro-machines not only repaired her damaged spine but also transformed her entire body into a matter/energy converter. As a result, her body no longer functions on biochemical processes. The transformation has left her with augmented levels of strength, speed, and reflexes. The same process allows her to channel this new bio-energy into power blasts or the ability to fly. Her skin has hardened to the same strength as steel armor while her interior is now an alien energy matrix. Her surface temperature is normally around 105 degrees, but it can rise higher during periods of extreme exertion. Although powerful, she does have limits to her energy reserves, which she replenishes by eating and converting the mass to energy. After learning to control her new powers, she returned to work, this time as a government sponsored super-heroine. Calling herself Freedom Star, she then served as a government agent confronting threats to America and its citizens.

Under The InfluenceEdit

Freedom Star’s personality reflected her repression of her true nature. Rejecting the notion that she is at heart a slut, she preached purity and innocence while wearing a costume that was designed to show off her sex toy body to it’s greatest advantage. She was easily offended, while she ignoring the fact she had done much worse in her youth. During this time government psychologists reinforced this attitude with a program of mental conditioning and psychological manipulation. Unbeknownst to the heroine, she was often used as a sex slave while under deep hypnosis. During this time her subconscious mind continued to struggle against the rigid Puritan mentality being forced upon her by her government handlers.

Freedom Star had several battles with the villainess Ultrawoman during this time. The enmity between the two reached epic levels until a crisis forced the government to offer Ultrawoman a full pardon in return for her help. The mismatched pair was forced to team together on an assault on one of Twisted Savant ’s secret bases. The two found they worked well together when they set their differences aside. Each one saved the other’s life during the course of the mission.

A pivotal moment occurred when the duo was trapped inside a dimensional bubble by the base’s defenses. To have enough power to escape, Ultrawoman absorbed Freedom Star’s energy form. An unintended side effect was a merging of their consciousnesses. This allowed Ultrawoman to learn of Freedom Star’s sordid past. She taunted the heroine with revealing her secret in jest but Freedom Star took the threat seriously. After defeating the base’s defenses the two were securing the base’s power core. Freedom Star used the opportunity to reconfigure Savant’s teleportation system into a disintegration device. Turning the weapon on the unsuspecting Ultrawoman, Freedom star activated the device and eliminated her hated rival. Or so she thought.

In her haste, Freedom Star did not have time to calibrate the weapon properly. Instead of disintegrating the villainess, it simple shunted her into a dimensional limbo, a phantom zone of sorts. Freedom Star reported that Ultrawoman had been killed by the automatic defense systems of the base. It seemed she had committed the perfect murder. But guilt over her actions continued to gnaw at the heroine’s mental state. Additionally, the merging with Ultrawoman had left a psychic echo of the villainess trapped inside Freedom Star’s mind. That echo continued to haunt her.

A New LifeEdit

Dark Star

Dark Star high above Angel Falls.

It was during the time that Ultrawoman was trapped in the phantom zone that Freedom Star battled a very powerful psychic villain named Psycho-Witch . Psycho-Witch unleashed her most powerful mental attack on Freedom Star, hoping to kill the heroine. The psychic blast ripped away all the government’s mental conditioning and false memories, allowing Freedom Star to be aware of everything the government had done to her. Ironically, it was the psychic echo of Ultrawoman that gave her the strength to survive the mental assault. Freedom Star immediate killed Psycho-Witch and then turned her attention towards the government that had used and betrayed her. She launched several attacks against government facilities and assets, using the knowledge she had gained during her time as a federal operative. Now calling herself Dark Star, she abandoned any former morality and restraint.

When Ultrawoman escaped the Phantom Zone, Dark Star sought her out and pledged herself to the Velorian villainess’ cause. Initially skeptical, Ultrawoman has embraced Dark Star and now sees her as her chief lieutenant. Free of the limits imposed by the government conditioning, Dark Star has spent considerable effort increasing and refining her super powers.


Dark Star can now fully transform from flesh and blood into one of three different energy forms. Her solid energy form is more malleable to her will and changes do carry over to her flesh form when she changes back. While in her energy state, she does not need to breath and is immune to chemicals and pathogens that cannot affect energy.

- Energy Form Solid Energy: In this form, Dark Star possesses increased strength and reactions. Channeling her energy she can boost her strength to enable her to lift a maximum weight between 10 to 15 tons. This energy form is extremely durable and resistant to damage. She can withstand medium caliber weapons without damage.

- Energy Form Hologram: In this form, her body is coherent visible light. She can be seen but is insubstantial to most physical attacks that do not affect light.

- Energy Form X-Ray: In this form, her body is coherent X-ray energy. It is not visible to normal sight and can penetrate solid matter.

-Flight. Dark Star can fly in all 3 of her energy forms. She is capable of hypersonic speeds and interplanetary travel. She is immune to the vacuum of space.

-Light Generation. In her solid energy or hologram energy forms, she can generate light. This can range from a glowing nimbus around her body to a powerful beam of light to “light bombs”. Light bombs are brilliant bursts of light that she launches from her body. They explode at a preset time and distance in a blinding flash of light.

-Energy Projection. In her solid energy form she can emit blasts of cosmic energy from her body. This is either in the form of concentrated blasts from her hands or an omni directional blast from her entire body of varying intensity. Dark Star has spent much time and effort learning how to precisely control this ability. In her solid energy or hologram form Dark Star can emit powerful laser beams from her eyes. These beams are primarily used as a cutting attack. After prolonged exposure to orgone energy during her trial by Ultrawoman, Dark Star has learned to generate and emit orgone energy. She can do this is her solid energy or flesh form.


Dark Star has a history in the City of Heroes online Roleplay game continuity.