Doc Valiant
Doc valiant
Real Name: Doctor Alexander Valiant
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Black (slight Greying)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'6"
Occupation: Adventurer, Champion, Doctor, Scientist, Philanthropist, Entrepeneur, Chemist, Engineer, Biologist, Astrophysicist, Former Soldier, Former Agent
Creator(dA name): SXGodzilla
Base of Operation(s): Aristotle Plaza, Angel Falls
Affiliations: Aristotle Solutions, United States Government, formerly the Protectors (reserve member)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None that he knows of
Mother: Evelyn Clark Valiant (deceased)
Father: Thomas Valiant II (deceased)

Legendary Hero and World Famous Adventurer/Inventor/Entrepreneur.

In the BeginningEdit

Some people choose to become heroes, others stumble into the role... but in the case of young Alexander Valiant, he was (for all intents and purposes) MADE to be a hero.... practically BORN to be one. Nobody really knows why his father, Thomas Valiant II, embarked on this path... on this 'Great Experiment' of his. All that is known is that due to his multi-million dollar munitions empire, he had more than enough resources to sink into this goal of his.

From about the age of five till he reached eighteen, the young Valiant was put through rigorous exercises, intensive training, and tutoring from the best minds from around the world. While most kids his age were out playing baseball, fishing, and other fun childhood games... Alexander was busy learning stuff like advanced mathematics, college-level science, weightlifting, how to speak fluent foreign languages, how to pick locks, and various combat arts. From about 4am to 9pm he was molded into this 'peak physical specimen'.

World War IIEdit

And for a great deal of those early years, the young Valiant dutifully followed his father's vision. But the draw of the outside events of the late 1930's was proving to be too much. Growing conflicts, the rise of tyrants, and an ever increasingly hostile world refused to be ignored. But Thomas Valiant was determined (for his many reasons) to keep out of it.

Walkiria and doc valiant by imagesbyalex-d4znm2l

Doc Valiant meets Walkiria

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Super Strength: Can bench 3200lbs/1450kg (with supreme effort), can jump extraordinarily high (if on a good run can jump almost 660ft into the air)

Limited Invulnerability: Can withstand handguns and smaller artillery, but not heavier weapons (cannons, anti-tank weapons, etc.). Hurts normal people (and a few supers) to punch him.

Superhuman Endurance: Body eliminates fatigue-producing toxins, so he's got phenomenal endurace/stamina.

Peak Human Capabilities: Can run a mile in under 60 seconds (30-40mph)

Genius: Highly Intelligent, practically Supergenius. It is said that his mind may in fact be his greatest weapon.

Augmented Biology: Due to the serums administered to him, he is incapable of being affected by alcohol, chemicals, drugs, tobacco, normal human diseases, and whatnot. While this helps immeasurably, it also makes drinking coffee, alcohol, or caffinated beverages pretty much pointless. The zero risk of infection also helps him heal considerably faster than a normal human being.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Judo, Western Boxing, Bartitsu, Kickboxing, and Greco-Roman Wrestling.


The Afforementioned Limited Invulnerability: While he may be incredibly durable, his skin is not completely (100%) impenetrable, and can even be cut in certain circumstances. While he may heal quicker than normal humans, he lacks true fast-healing/regenerative capabilities, if injured sufficiently enough he will fall.


Doc Valiant Is a member of the Protectors roster. They served the during the Golden Age from 1946-1976.