Doll Maker
The dollmaker
Aliases: Annika Sorenson, Astrid Summers
Real Name: currently Astrid Summers
Identity: Hidden
Species: Human Clone
Gender: Female/Inter-sexed
Citizenship: U1tropolis
Place of Birth: GLOBEX Genetics Lab Angel Falls
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Occupation: Whatever she wants to be
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): Jeffrey McGuires Penthouse
U1trawoman's Hidden Lab
Affiliations: Jeffrey McGuire
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Annika Sorenson
Relatives: Amanda Sterling (Twin)

The Doll Maker is a human clone who originally appeared as Annika Sorenson. The cloning process had a side effect giving her Annika's darker emotions and ambitions. In her haste to best her rivals she has changed identity to Astrid Summers, obtain Meta-human abilities, and went as far as to submit to dark matter aliens to gain their abilities, and unleashed Eveilus.

History Edit

In 2006, Doctor Annika Sorenson set out to make the first human clone which she used herself as the test specimen. She worked with Doctor Maya Hudson as they created the clone that would be the Doll Maker. It was shortly after her awakening she plotted to take her creators identity. She would incapacitate them, and place them in a medically induced coma and kept them in stasis tanks at the GLOBEX Genetics laboratory. She would assume the role of Annika Sorenson, and create a process for replacing organs with the same cloning process. She also would become Jeffrey McGuires lover, as well as Assistant as CFO for GLOBEX International.

Changeling the First Encounter Edit

2-004-Annika Board

Annika Sorenson clone with the GLOBEX Board members Left to Right: Henry Tanner, Cheryl Crowne, and Lawrence Dodd.

After Jeffrey McGuire ended up in prison for several counts of conspiracy in his failed attempt to learn the identity of the Changeling he met with Annika to formulate a plan to save GLOBEX from economic ruin, as the board was deciding to pull their respective interest from the GLOBEX banner. Annika had been taking DNA samples from all the board members and had prepare their clones to replace them. It was the odd behaivor of Cheryl Crowne, that alerted Cassandra Fuller, and her daughter Cynthia Crowne that something was wrong. The Changeling would find other strange occurences with the other board members that lead Cynthis, and her to the GLOBEX Genetics laboratory.
Thy enemy thy friend by candelagreene-d30fi2i

The Battle between the Changeling and the Doll Makers Dark Matter Clone.

By now Annika had figured out that Cynthia Crowne was the Changeling, and her mother had the Dark Matter ability as well. Using the DNA of Brenda Tanner, she made her own elite Dark Matter clones to battle the Changeling. The Changeling was defeated, but it was Cynthis who's positronic brain who's superior to the Doll Maker. Cynthis nearly killed the Doll Maker after her ethical subroutine was damaged, but the Changeling over rode the damage, and captured the Doll Maker and wipe her mind of knowledge of dark matter, as well as liberate, and free all the original specimens for her clones. The Changelings conquest was short lived as the Doll Maker would escape from the hospital. Later she would meet with Jeffrey McGuire who was released after charges were dropped. Jeffrey was in love with her, and would help her rebuild and change her identity by accessing the equipment from the Gentics lab.

Changeling Second Encounter Edit

3 001 Astrid Sexy
The Doll Maker returned as a dark skinned woman by the name of Astrid Summers. She continued her relationship with Jeffrey McGuire but is obsessed with revenge against Cynthis as her mind wipe was not totally complete. It was by chance she would meet U1trawoman and make her an offer to help her conquer Angel Falls and possibly the world.
3 009a Adstrid U1Street

The Doll Maker and U1trawoman plot to create an army.

Using a new cloning process she made 50 clones of U1trawoman, and used one to achieve her personal goal of capturing Cynthis. The clone would succeed but Morganna would survive to alert the Changeling of what happened. The Doll Maker who come to realize that Cynthis is an android, augments her body to have her abilities to change her identity, and superior strength. Despite these advantages, the Changeling challenged the Doll Maker in a knockdown drag out, as Morganna freed Cynthis, and then worked with her to deactivate the 50 clones. The Changelings efforts were interfered with by U1trawoman who seemed to defeat her easily, but her new ability to create plasma would prevail as she defeated the Doll Maker again. But this time it ended within a minute as a weakened U1trawoman liberated her and took her to a hidden location.

Jailbreak and Dark Doll Edit

Over the next 9 months Astrid was at the service of U1trawoman, and Jeffrey McGuire. She first assisted Invictus and Silver Mist return to Angel Falls by assuming the identity of a Federal agent that would cost several lives.

Inv SM DM Shard

She would later obtain a strand of Invictus hair and extract the Dark Matter, and attempt to reanimate it. In the process she was taken to the Dark Realm and submitted her body to Eveilus. After assimilating 70 more bodies, the aliens in the community found Eveilus actions immoral and released the Doll Maker, but the damage was done as Eveilus was now the Dark Doll. They would battle at Jeffrey McGuires penthouse which would leave the Doll Maker mortally wounded, and dieing. It would be Annika Sorenson who would finally get through to her about her mental imbalance, and the danger she has unleashed on the world. Working with the Guardians and the Changeling, as well as the Valkeris they would save all the souls assimilated by the Dark Doll, and save the world from destruction. The Doll Maker feeling remorse for what her mind nearly did to the world turned herself in to authorities, and was incarcerated at a Federal Correctional facility for the mentally imbalanced.

Twin Dolls Edit

Astrids Peril

The Doll Maker in the neural neutralizer on the Sybarus. (Note: After the submission to Eveilus, Astrid became Hermaphrodite)

Jeffrey McGuire was not ready to give up on his love as her hired Paudraic for payment in anti-matter obtained from the Vertical Collider to liberate the Doll Maker, and return her to him. In the process they used the Transporter to create a second Doll Maker to serve time in prison, as the other was brought to the Sybarus for her mind to be programmed using the neural neutralizer.
Unique Cook

Amanda Sterling and Tara Genovese are agents for the GLB.

The second Astrid Summers was mentally cleared, and under the urging of Maya Hudson joind the Guardian Liaison Bureau and became an agent in hopes to expose the activities of the Rooks in Angel Falls. Her identity was changed to Amanda Sterling and she poses as Tara Genovese publicist.

1024 command

Doll Maker Has been place in the I Blame Red Matter category for alternate reality content dealing with the technology used in Star Trek.


Physical Changes Edit

When she submitted herself to Eveilus her body reverted it's genetic code as it was a unified chromosomes she became inter-sexed (XX-XY). Later when she aided the Changeling defeat Eveilus, her eye color changed from dark brown to Purple.

Abilities Edit

Over this period of time her abilities have increased in a number of ways.

  • Can create clones of anyone (Regained ability after Reprogramming by Ultrawoman)
  • Can multiply herself into copies (Has the ability but unknown to her)
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Can change her molecular composition
  • Chameleon
  • Limited Shapeshifting
  • Can produce Dark Matter mass that can immobilize
  • Can control Plasma, and achieve flight
  • Can alter her appearance
  • Can change her body appearance and voice
  • Increased her strength to 16 times normal

Weaknesses Edit

  • Strong Electro Magnetic Fields
  • Nuetrino bombardment
  • Heavy Water, Dueterium
  • Emotional stress, and situation
  • She's a human clone
  • Jealousy, and obsessiveness

Appearances Edit