Real Name: Kolora / Kimila Monzaki-Lee
Identity: Secret
Species: Chromarian
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Chromaria
Hair: Dark Brown with highlights of red, orange, and purple
Eyes: Blue, can vary
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 194 lbs
Occupation: College Student
Creator(dA name): RedJoey1992
Marital Status: Single

Ebonivor was born on the planet Chromaria by her real parents, the Royal Family of Chromaria, under her original name Princess Kolora. The planet lived in peace and harmony until it was invaded by their enemies, the Warrades, a race of warring people, lead by Marshall Horidark who wanted to kill the princess because the Warrades believed that she could be the key to a new order in the universe. Now sent away to safety on the planet Earth, she becomes the adopted child of married couple Phillip and Keiko Monzaki-Lee, who were unable to have children and with an adopted name Kimila.

As she was growing up, however, she was kind of taller than most of the other kids growing up (the reason behind it is that the people of her planet are similar to the Amazons who are physcially bigger and stronger compared to normal humans), and she tried to hide her increasing musculature as she got older, and she was teased regularly. So she's always been shy and found solace in her artwork, won awards, etc. After her color powers finally emerged at age 18, a day after graduating high school, she realized what great gifts she was given and decided to use those to help people.

She arrives in Angel Falls to seek out help in harnessing these abilities to become a heroine with the genuine help of Angel Fall's own heroine, Mindy Marvel, and the consulting help from John Crane, or Walkiria, or Soviet Superwoman all the while when she's attending to be an college student, where she's being accepted by people. It's hard for her to balance her double life, being a good college student while learning to be a heroine.

Powers and Abilitie Edit

  • Color Manipulation - Ebonivor can manipulate colors to various effects. While her main power alone doesn't grant any other abilities, colors have certain symbolic connections and if those connections exist in given world, it allows her power controlling them. She can manipulate colors to various effects.
    • Alter the colors of objects and people.
    • Camouflage
    • Sense Manipulation (inducing colorblindness).
    • Force Fields strong enough to withstand every attack
  • Flight - highly capable of out of atmosphere and intersteller flight
  • Color Projection - Ebonivor can emit laser beams from her eyes. These beams may not be able to cut people but they do pack a good punch on someone.
  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman Stamina - Ebonivor can travel without wearing herself.

All of these powers are stored within a substance known as "Prismetrum" which can change color to what mood she's in:

  • Red - power, strength, excitement, warmth, and passion
  • Orange - warmth, enthusiasm, stimulation, energy, and exuberance
  • Yellow - happiness, stimulation, and clear thinking
  • Green - freshness, coolness, calmness, clarity, and growth
  • Blue - intuition and spiritual
  • Indigo - calming, tranquilizing, and coolness
  • Violet - spiritual, pure, mysticism, and creativity
  • Pink - tranquility, sensitivity, and love

And they are located within the belt buckle and the knee and elbow pads

Weakness Edit

  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Prismatrum depletion

Costume Details Edit

Ebonivor's Symbol (lower case 'e' formed with lower case 'I' formed with the linear circle Orange and Blue.) Red and Blue piece costume. Blue skirt with Orange, Red, and Purple stripes Red Gloves and Boots (With orange soles)

Cape with orange lining, Red and orange exterior, ultramarine interior Orange belt, elbow and knee pads with Prismetrum storage

Hobbies/Interests Edit

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Rollerblades
  • Bowling
  • Karaoke