Fantastic Lin
Lin ani
Aliases: Fantastic Lin
Identity: Publicly Known
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 300
Occupation: Hero
Creator(dA name): willflud
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Guardians

History Edit

Lin Li Wong was always an exceptionally strong girl. It helped that she was born into a family in which all of the women had Amazonian muscles and strength. At the age of 11, she was easily stacking 150lb bags of seed. At that time, she was 4'10" and 56lbs. She worked on her family's farm until she was 15 years old. When a farming accident claimed her mother, and disabled her father, her and her two sisters took over all of the chores of the farm, with Lin doing the heaviest labor.

Lin was home schooled until she was 15. Once her father was able to work again, he decided to send her to high school in Japan, because she was Japanese/Korean and they always spoke Japanese at home. One day when she was 16, while playing around in a weight room with two girl friends, she accidentally grabbed a 200lb bar and started to curl it. One of her friends, after getting over the initial shock, took a picture of her curling the weight. However, Lin was told that she would be called a freak and never get a boyfriend if others found out about her tremendous strength. After that, the only time she lifted weights in high school was the few times that she went with those friends.

Lin graduated high school and attended NYU under a full scholarship. Lin rarely went out on dates or partied, studying most of the time, and graduated with a degree in astronomy in 3 years at the top of her class. When she went to Columbia University to work on her Masters degree in astronomy/astrophysics, she also worked at an observatory. After 6 months of working in the morning, classes in the late afternoon/early evening, and studying afterward, she developed insomnia. One night, she discovered a discarded weight set in the basement of her apartment complex and lifted weights for a few hours a night. After 6 weeks of lifting, she was able to curl, bench press and do calf raises with the entire 800lb set!

A couple of years later, she went into bodybuilding full-time for a while, and was dominant in competition, and also boasted lifts at that time that were seemingly impossible weights, such as a 1-ton bench press, and curling 900lbs with just one hand! After a while, though, she stopped bodybuilding, and took some jobs that were in the physical fitness industry, and eventually got into modeling.

A couple of years later, she met her boyfriend, Vince, through a mutual friend. Initially their relationship was based on her trying to being able to return her body and strength to what she was at the peak of her bodybuilding days. After she easily got to that point just over a month later, she continued to push herself, with his encouragement to see just how far she could go. Unfortunately, she had to stop a couple of months later, due to some disturbing changes in her nature that the weightlifting brought out in her. Sensing, however, that she found her man, she tried anything she could to fix herself so that she could continue to be with him. She isolated herself from him for a few weeks until she was able to control herself again, and in the process learned how to compact her muscles while maintaining most of her strength. A little later, she figured out that with great concentration, she could flex her muscles almost to the size that they were before her compacting as well! She started to lift weights again for her Vincy, as she called him, as he wanted to see how far she could go with her strength, and she was curious as well. At first, she was cautious, afraid that those changes would return, but after they didn't, she threw herself into the weight room. By this time, she had formed a modeling agency with her sisters, so that all the women with muscles could have an agency to support and promote them.


One night, a few months later, her boyfriend received a special can of spinach. Lin, curious to see what would happen, ate the can in one gulp. The spinach immediately gave her at least the strength of Superman, the speed of the Flash, and the muscles of a Goddess! The adventure that they had that night, both out in the real world, and in their bedroom, consummated their relationship. After that, they moved into a house together. For the next few months, she would continue her workouts, and also experimented with eating various forms of spinach to unlock its secrets, so that she could give her boyfriend a birthday present for the ages! The spinach also increased her muscles and strength afterwards, as well!

After those nights of passion, strength, and spinach, she resolved that she would someday be able to do similar things again, without the help of spinach. A few days after the birthday demonstration, she compacted her muscles again, retaining all of the strength that she had this time. That night, she found out that her skin had become almost impenetrable due to the compacting. They then tried an experiment which proved that she was mostly invulnerable to hand to hand weaponry and attacks, and no knife could pierce her when the muscle was flexed in that area. That was when the notion of her becoming a superhero really manifested itself in her.

She wanted to become one of the strongest and mightiest superheroes ever, but she knew that she needed to work for it. For the next few years, she trained and trained, lifting weights, running on specially designed treadmills, and, with a little help from her boyfriend's anime collection, figured out how to manage her chi energy not only to increase her strength, which she already knew how to do on the night of the second spinach demonstration, but also to use it to fly and shoot projectile blasts eventually!

After toying with different costume and moniker ideas, Lin settled on Fantastic Lin when she remembered that the Fantastic 4 were able to practically go around their world without concealing their identity, which was something that she desired.

Powers Edit

Superhuman Strength: Can overhead press around 100 tons - Twice that for about 15 minutes if she uses her chi to boost her strength.

Flight: Mostly chi-based, though now second nature to her.

Limited Invulnerability: She can withstand most projectile weapons, improves with each compacting of her muscles

Sight: A couple times greater than an eagle

Hearing: Almost as well as a dog.

Reflexes: Many times faster than a normal human.

Superhuman Speed: Can sustain mach 1+ without strain, though above mach 1.5 in atmosphere Lin develops flight instabilities, limiting her maneuverability and control.

Chi Manipulation: Lin is able to tap into her chi energy to greatly increase her strength, grant herself the ability of flight, and throw energy projectiles at her opponents. The "well", for lack of a better term, of her chi energy expands with both her daily workouts and chi usage.