Real Name: Brandi (last name unrevealed)
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Hair: Flame Red Orange
Eyes: Green
Flame Red with Powers
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 92 lbs
Creator(dA name): Firebrandi
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Guardian
Marital Status: Single

Firebrandi was a popular super heroine from Paragon City that now calls Angel Falls home. She is well recognized by her diminutive size, and sparkling personality. She is also one of the Founding members of the Guardians.

Background Edit

Early in life Brandi experience being the target of much bullying.  Being rather small, and a redhead made her a natural target.  She learned to fight back, even when she had little chance of winning.  The bullies thought she was a little too 'wild' to mess with, so moved on to easier targets.  After the suffering she had been through at their hands, and inspired by the many heroes in her world, she naturally started to come to the defence of the bullies new targets.

Brandi's powers manifested in her early teens. Her first reaction was "Wow, cool!" Living in a world with plenty of superheroes her career choice seemed obvious. Long hours were spent learning to use her powers effectively. Her education was not neglected, and was geared toward studies that would benefit her powers. Understanding what materials gave off toxic smoke, what was explosive, understanding structures and how structural damage can affect them. She came to be a well respected hero in Paragon City. In recent time the criminal Kim Paler used stolenportal technology to explore other dimensions. FireBrandi was sent to stop whatever plan she had. This brought her to Angel Falls. She found the city very much to her liking, and even chose to set up residence after befriending some of the local heroes. She still returns to Paragon to keep up with events there, but now is an unofficial liaison between the two cities. She has found employment as a lab assistant in AF University.  When the Guardians were founded she eagerly signed up. 


Perssonality Edit


Firebrandi battles Dark Star

FireBrandi is very easygoing, wisecracking, and sarcastic. She has no time for angst, just for getting the job done, because helping people is more important than any distaste for who you have to work with, or some of the methods used. For example she has worked with criminals in stopping alien invasions and attempts to alter history. FireBrandi is rather fearless, rushing into battle when she is needed, and not likely to leave anyone behind if there is a chance to rescue them. This has led hear to be on a first name basis with many emergency medical teams around the city. She is not stupid when going into battle, just not one to give up when people are counting on her.  She is also very protective of her friends.

Outside of heroing she enjoys (very!) spicy foods, video games, and a good book.

Powers Edit

Flight - high speed but not supersonic

Fire powers - FireBrandi can generate great amounts of heat or flames. This can be used in many offensive attacks, such as fireballs that explode out on impact, or defensively, such as a heat shield that can vaporize bullets before they hit her. Limits of her power are not known, though increased output usually requires time to build up energy.

Skills Edit

Degrees in engineering, physics, and chemistry Surprisingly adept at stealth, for someone wearing bright red and is often on fire

Equipment Edit

Ceramic encased healing accelerator. A self recharging device that helps to quickly heal most types of injury, though it needs several minutes to recharge between applications.


Firebrandi Is a charter member of the Guardians and is consider a Founder.


Firebrandi Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.


Firebrandi has a history in the City of Heroes online Roleplay game continuity.