Ghost Revenant
Aliases: Samson Reeves
Real Name: Joshua Matthew Webber-Tokugawa
Identity: Secret
Species: Human Cyborg / Demon Hybrid (current)
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Hair: - Normal (before procedure): Blonde (military buzzcut)
- Current (after procedure): None (bald w/ burn 'mandalas')
- 'Techno-Demon' Evolution: None
Eyes: - Normal (before procedure): Green
- Current (after procedure): Green w/ black rimmed eyelids
- 'Techno-Demon' Evolution: Black Orbs w/ Green Horizontal Slits
Height: - Normal (before procedure): 6'4" inches
- Current (after procedure): 6'7" inches
- 'Techno-Demon' Evolution: 9'6" inches
Weight: - Normal (before procedure): 235 lbs.
- Current (after procedure): 475 lbs.
- 'Techno-Demon' Evolution: 1500 lbs.
Occupation: US Army Recon Specialist (former); Mercenary (current classification)
Creator(dA name): iamrhaza3617
Base of Operation(s): Mobile (Angel Falls)
Affiliations: Freelance
Marital Status: Single

Ghost Revenant (Joshua Matthew Webber-Tokugawa) was a U.S. Army Recon specialist and veteran of several arenas, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Africa, this skilled soldier was one of the top counter-insurgency agents around in the U.S. armed forces, as well as a master of intelligence gathering for his country. During his last mission, however, it was believed that the parameters of Josh's mission were leaked somehow, and he was ambushed at a compound along with a number of other intelligence agents.

History Edit

The enemies used napalm and thermite-based weaponry, and Josh and his comrades were never able to get clear in time. Others survived and were rescued by their own countrymen, but Joshua was not as lucky, but he had a mission to do, and through the pain, he did it. With over 90% of his entire body horribly burned, Josh was still able to get clear of the compound with the intel he had found while completing his goals, and was picked up later on by British soldiers and delivered into American hands. He was later airlifted out of Tel Aviv back to the States, where his story was about to begin anew.

Thanks to quick work by two stateside teammates, Josh was soon transferred to a hospital in Angel Falls, and thanks to the healing talents of the gentle Angelina, he was brought back from the edge, and would have made a full recovery. However, the government and a small contingent of military men ordered him to go into protective military custody until the leak that had nearly killed him was found, and the best way to flush it out into the open was to give it a target that was really a trap. Joshua chose to help out in this plan, seeing as he himself had back-ups of the mission's action of his own to keep him from being hung out to dry. Although he would've liked for it to be more controlled than it was, he still chose to do it by aiding them in getting their top secret DARPA-funded project off the ground: Project Ghost Revenant. A highly prized and very top secret new prototype kinetic response suit with specialized organic bonding systems, inlaid with a unique bio-weave armature made with unknown materials and found to have polymimetic and self-healing properties during beta testing, had been designed by a slightly off-kilter scientist with a unique power source to aid wounded military veterans return to combat and active service, and it needed a human test subject. Joshua figured that a wounded vet like him would be better than an active duty soldier being taken off the front lines for it.

The procedure went as planned, and sure enough, people came to try and kill Joshua and destroy the project. Thankfully, the medical staff had taken steps to prepare for such an incursion, and they had timed it perfectly with Joshua's new awakening as the first and only Ghost Revenant specimen. Not only did Josh take out the entire strike team that attacked him, he also captured their field commander and forced him to take the newly-augmented warrior to their warehouse base so that he could deal out some much needed wrath. This was found to be the case as the following day, after the raided warehouse burned down, and their commander was found there as a blubbering idiot savant who rattled off everything he knew to the authorities that came to clean things up, the bodies of the two Naval officers who were Josh's closest teammates (and the ones who helped him get to Angel Falls after his compromised mission) were respectfully delivered to a medical coroner's office just outside Bethesda Naval Hospital by a trenchcoat-wearing man matching the majority of Josh's description, but he was now bald, his head bearing smooth and healed burn markings that looked like tattooes, and wearing glasses that seemed to make his eyes glow with a strange blue flame. Leaving a large amount of currency with the office to cover for the preparation of his deceased friends for a full military funeral, Josh left and presumedly returned to Angel Falls, following unknown protocols encoded into his bio-weave armature to complete a variety of missions that he himself is yet unaware of, and their own significance to him remains hidden.

Known Skills Edit

- Rank: First Lieutenant, Advanced Grade, US Army Recon - Graduate Level Skills in Biology / Anatomy / First Aid / Field Medicine / Munitions / Weapons Maintenance / Computers / Encryption and Code Breaking - High Aptitude in virtually all types of Projectile and Energy Combat Weapons (Light, Medium, & Heavy) / Mission Parameters - Basic and Advanced Hand to Hand Combat Training (Military) - Multiple Combat Disciplines (Boxing / Judo / Aikido / Wrestling / Kenpo / Grappling / Submission) - Weapon Profiencies: Blunt Weapons / Bladed Weapons / Knives / Projectile Weapons & Energy Weapons (light/medium/heavy) - Field Skills: Expert Pilot with Tracked and Light Infantry Vehicles - Advanced Special Weapons & Tactics Training (from Special Forces, SEAL, and Army Recon) - Zero-G Manuevering / Aerial / Freefall Combat Training - HALO Parachute Training - Languages (fluent in): English, Spanish, Japanese, Demon-tongue, and Latin (speaking Demon-tongue and Latin are unconscious abilities that are active only in his 'Techno-Demon' form) - Infiltration Expert, Counter-Espionage Specialist (current dispatch: unknown)

Powers / Abilities Edit

1) Supernatural Strength: Recovered simulations place his strength capacity approximately between twenty to forty tons, but this is not the final estimate, as he has yet to fully cut loose and be seen doing it by field examiners. Also, it is also unknown why when Josh is up and active in battle, but his bio-weave armature enhanced physiology now exudes an invisible aura that is distinctly mystical in nature, as well as being classified by occult consultants as..... DEMONIC. When he transforms into his 'Techno-Demon' mode, his full strength level is unknown, but is believed to be among the ranks of the stronger metas in Angel Falls at this time due to the sheer power he can bring to bear on his targets.

2) Supernatural Endurance / Durability: Recovered simulations place his stamina and endurance at levels equaling metahumans whose endurance has almost no limits. The only time when Josh has seemed to be tired is after massive usage of his amazing 'cold fire' ability which he has shown after defeating enemies, which has a large number of unique and incredible applications. However, when Josh unleashes his frightening transformation into his 'Techno-Demon' armored state, he has shown that he can function in this enhanced form for weeks on end, if need be, and against any and all enemies he faces. The level of damage that must be inflicted to truly injure him is impressive: armor piercing shells only dent his enhanced body now, but his regenerative ability is able to remedy that in seconds. When he is in his 'Techno-Demon' armored form, anything less than explosive shells only seem to make him angry, and he can power right through the more powerful munitions with only slight impediment to his progress. When he is injured, the fluids that come from his wounds appear to be magma-like in substance, but that only lasts until they hit the ground or any other surface, upon which they instantly vaporize and vanish from sight, leaving nothing to even be gathered for investigation. Again, it is not known if these estimates are the maximum levels he can attain.

3) Supernatural Speed: Recovered simulations place his reaction times at around twenty-five times that of normal human beings, and his newly enhanced speed can match metahuman speedsters when he needs to. When he is in his 'Techno-Demon' mode, the full level of his speed and his reaction times is unknown, but is even more impressive than what he can achieve in his current augmented 'human' form.

4) Supernatural Attributes: One of the more unique details known to the military is that now, Josh does not read as fully human when scanned by the bio-scanners at their disposal. Again, there is a strange mystical component to his bio-aura, and the level of enhancement to his physical and mental attributes was only believed to be around ten times that of normal humans. It is now believed to be around twenty five times that of normal humans, including his senses, how he perceives the entirety of the environment around him, and how he reacts to them. He is also able to track living and supernatural entities by their living essence or their magical nature alone, not needing any other methods to find exactly who he is looking for. The full level of his attributes in his 'Techno-Demon' mode are completely unknown at this time.

5) Internally-Generated Weaponry (various): From the bio-weave armature of his new body, Josh is somehow able to quickly manifest close range bio-organic bladed weaponry out of his own being, as well as unleashing powerful energy and projectile attacks at will. The power level of the energy weaponry is currently believed to be equal to high yield laser and ion beam technology or better, and his melee weaponry can either be energy-charged, or have a cutting edge that slices through carbon steel as if it were paper maché. When he transforms into his 'Techno' form, those weapons are all greatly enhanced in power and effectiveness, but their full capacity is unknown at this time.

6) The 'Cold Blue Flame': Whatever this ability is, unlocked from Josh himself or a by-product of his being the one bonded and part of the armature that is now his new body, a few things have been confirmed about it at this time, but its full capabilities remain unknown; those effects that are currently known are as follows:

- it burns like no tomorrow, capable of incinerating a human being in a matter of minutes, and with greater pain than normal flames could possibly create, and water does not extinguish it

- it can cause the corrupt and morally bankrupt beings to follow the orders of the flame's user without question, whether that be spilling his guts to the authorities, or literally incinerating their minds from the inside out and leaving them empty, but living husks of their former selves

- it renders any attempt to mentally dominate or control the wielder of the cold blue flame null and void, and will activate on its own to do so, if needed; human telepaths are basically left screaming in fear when they attempt to breach his mind, and those of a more formidable nature know better than to try such a thing without wearing him down first

Secondary Abilities Edit

- Flight (upper atmospheric): Available only in 'Techno-Demon' mode - 'Fear Factor': An invisible aura of sheer fear that activates and effects all non-mystical (human and animal) creatures with horror in his 'Techno-Demon' mode, sending most mortals running in sheer terror, while announcing to any mystical creature around that he is no ordinary human being any more - Full Capabilities: Unknown!!!

Final Thoughts Edit

The full list of known abilities that such a powerful form grants Joshua is undefined at this time, but at best guess right now, he can easily stand toe to toe with several higher level metas, being able to achieve flight as well as reaching orbital status in his newly shown 'Techno-Demon' form, possesses immense high-yield energy weapons with undefined properties, deadly melee weapons from within his own body that can double as long range attacking methods, defensive shielding of both energy and physical means that can withstand severe blows from high-level metahumans, vast regenerative and healing properties, and a completely environmentally-sealed armored form of unknown potential and fearsome power. Finding an equal to it in Angel Falls just might be as difficult as it is to fight him on equal footing in any way.

- No further conclusions have been made about the subject and any of his abilities at this time. This information and data are on a strict need to know basis under military perview, and are on For Your Eyes Only / Top Secret status per the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The AFPD does not currently have direct access to his file, only basic information that has been supplied to them to aid in his capture/recovery by their military liasion from Lonely Point Base, so that they can aid the army in finding him before any other world powers do and try to decipher what he is now after the procedure, as even the enigmatic scientist who enacted the process is now dead, and his final speculations were not shared before his rather suspicious death.