Girl Friday: Issue 2
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Pathetic-Virgin
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 10
Wildcards: Crusader
Lilith Mephistopheles
Shelby Mustang
Agrat Bat Mahlat
Other Key Characters: Paudraic of Orion
Previous Story: Girl Friday: Issue 1
Next Story: Girl Friday: Issue 3

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Crusader and Excalibur finishes up their orientation and given their first mission to get their incubus by the name of Shelby Mustang, before Agrat Bat Mahlat could sign her to a contract.

Agrat using the identity of Agatha Bates pays a visit to Paudraic of Orion and simply tells him she's coming to town to set up shop, and don't step on her toes. Samantha heads down to the Licker Closet dance club to meet with Shelby and persuade her to sign her contract. Ashley picked up on some hot leads that could find the murderer of Shelby's mother and is compelled to find the Angel Bay Rapist.

Samantha expose Shelby to the cheap pettyness of Agatha Bates by bring forth her true succubus nature. Shelby seeing Crusader suffer at her hands burst in in Incubus form and sins the rips her contract with Agatha and signs with Lilith instead.

Meanwhile, after meeting with Tamara Blackwood, Ashley finds the rapist is a cop named Raymond Constanza who is possessed by an evil demon named Antagus who feeds on the souls of dead innocent women. She ends up drugged by Raymond, and being sexually assaulted as she came to. Filled with rage she became Excalibur and sucked the soul out of Raymond, and releasing Antagus who was pissed. He attacked Excalibur but Tamara came to her defense as the succubus queen Watamaraka, and claimed Antagus as her and sent him to Hell. With that all the women souls he took were released. Ashley got the big scoop, and the 2 succubus got Shelby as their roomate and in house incubus.

Note Edit

  • First appearance of Shelby Mustang, and Watamaraka.
  • First Incubus appearance.

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