Gothstrike's Return
Creator: Gothenem
Writer: Gothenem
Editor: lonestranger, leviadragon99, Pathetic-Virgin
Artist: Hotrod5, ClintReaver, Gothenem, sean-loco-odonnell
Number of Chapters: (ongoing)
Heroes: Gothstrike
General Bardak
Soviet Superwoman
Raging Bull
Detective Angie
Quebec Star
Villains: Mr. Untouchable
Thomas Maxwell
Mr. General?
Wildcards: Paudraic
Other Key Characters: Father Lebowitz, Officer Harrison
Date Posted: November

Synopsis Edit

Gothstrike Returns to Angel Falls after slipping out unannounced two months ago to tend to her sick sensei in Chicago. She returns to a semi-warm welcome from Polygirl at Guardian Hall, and is ready to get back to the hero business.

While on patrol, she gets ambushed by Mr. Untouchable. After a brief fight, Mr. Untouchable is defeated, leaving Gothstrike wondering who hired him, and why.

Gothstrike heads to Paudraic's to investigate, and considers her options.

Mr. Untouchable is bailed out of jail by his mysterious employer, and some of the background of the attack on Gothstrike is revealed.