Hedon International
Group Type: Mature Entertainment
Leader: Agatha Bates
Former Members: Tamara Blackwood
Base of Operations: Angel Falls
Rio de Janiero

Hedon International is a resort entertainment franchise that dates back to 1878 as a legitimate resort. However, historically it dates back to before 1200 BC in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah until their untimely end.

Ancient History Edit

Around 1200 BC, the earliest manifestation of Hedon was a small bath house in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The houses were under the control of Agrath Bat Mahlat, who was queen of the west. Naamah, who was succubus queen of the east, protested the invasion into her territory and asked her to leave, which she refused. Naamah took her grievance to Samael who, posing as a mortal, went to both cities and judged Agrat to be overstepping her authority. When confronted, she refused once more. Samael destroyed both cities in anger and left Agrat without her succubi and incubi and she was forced to go back west.

it was that episode that Agrat learned how to master tracking demonic spiritual pressure. By 1050 BC, she once again meddled in Naama'sh territory, yet this time Naamah relented to her plee and allowed her to open up bath houses on Cyprus to which this very day still exist as part of the modern resort.

The Roman Empire Edit

By 500 BC, Agrat set up bat houses and bordellos in her home of Salamanca, Spain. Under Roman control, she flourished but wanted more. Asking her sister Lilith, she received access to build addition houses on Pompeii and one in the city of Rome. Agrat had became a well known name in the Senate and provided enough souls that even Samael forgiven her for the intrusion.

From 27 BC to 68 AD, the bathhouses were a popular retreat for most high ranking Romans; most notable were Caligula and Claudius. It was during Nero's rule that the bathouse became somewhat unfavorable, yet Agrat stayed well until Nero burnt Rome, collecting as many souls as she could.

Pompeii was next to fall in 79 AD with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Some believe that Lilith was in some way responsible for the eruption but she left Rome in 68 AD for Greece.

Establishing the Resorts Edit

By 140 AD, there were only 2 locations: in Cyprus and Salamanca. It remained that way for the next 1800 years, surviving several empires. In 1878, while under Greece's control, Hedon Resorts is born into a sovereign corporation. The Bathouse in Salamanca would follow suit in 1880. By World War I, times became lean at both resorts, yet they kept their doors open. In World War II, it was the Spanish Government that kept the doors open in Salamanca, while Cyprus was closed for the entirety of the war.

By 1948, both resorts opened their doors again and the thought of expanding beyond Europe was in the works. In 1950, it was annouced they would open a new location in Cuba, but instead opened their Osaka resort. Two years later they opened Rio de Janerio as well, giving them 4 resorts world wide.

It was 1954 when the idea of starting a publication to reach out to the public. The name of the magazine was Hedon's Temptation, and it featured Tamara Blackwood as the Temptress Centerfold. In 4 days, they sold the entire 3 million copy run globally. Over time, Tamara would prove to be the official spokeswoman of Hedon.

Controversy Edit

By 1970, Hedon had expanded again, this time taking a location in the Bahamas. Hedon earned a unprecedented $2.3 million, with the revenues mostly from the resorts. But the controversy on the quality of life around the resorts became suspect. Cyprus was a location of White Slavery trading. In Salmanca, Osaka, and Rio de Janiero, reports of sex in public areas were common. There were also a number of strange deaths that seem to follow the resorts, yet most the victims were harden criminals, mostly for sex offenses. By 1980, the talk died down and Hedon continued to be profitable despite the rift between now CEO Agatha Bates and Tamara Blackwood.

To Angel Falls Edit

One of Hedon's biggest rivals is Paudraics Resorts. Located in Angel Falls, an area that Agrat was interested in since the 1970's but was distracted by her fued with Tamara. In 2012, Agatha purchased the corporate holdings that once belong to the Valente Crime syndicate. With the foothold in Angel Falls, she purchased 64 acres on the board walk to build her largest Bordcello, Casino, and Resort with a PGA Golf course.

Patronage Edit

Since it beginnings, Hedon has been about Sexual Freedom. On the Kinsley scale they scored a 6, the highest rating of any resort. Proponents look at the resort as legalized debauchery. None the less, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community were key backers of allowing the sale of the property to them in Angel Falls.