Iron Wolf
Real Name: Alexander Voron
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: USSR Alternate Earth
Place of Birth: Moscow
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green (Dark Jade)
Height: 6Ft' 2In
Occupation: Former: Spy/Mercanary

Current: Anti-Hero

Creator(dA name): avenger09
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Freelance
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Relatives: Unknown

Iron Wolf is a super-soldier from the same alternate reality as Soviet Superwoman and like her he was transported here by the Alien Invaders who destroyed there world. But where as she landed in 2009, Iron Wolf was placed in 1987 since then he has made a living as a mercenary, keeping himself under the radar while doing so. Now he wishes to begin anew in Angel Falls as a hero. However his stong sense of morality has caused him to interfear with many Black operations in this world, most carried out by the U.S making him a target. Luckally many of these covert ops cannot be disclosed to the public because the nature of these operation would be harmfull to those Agencies positions, if not damning.


Home Dimension:


Alexander Voron is born in Moscow. During a small riot (in protest to the peace treaty with Georgia) both his parents are killed and he is sent to an orphanage.


Alexander and a number of fellow orphans escape the run down orphanage, and make a living on the street as pickpockets and vagrants. During this time he learns to sneak and pick locks.


On his eighth birthday he sees his first military parade in red square, inspiring him to learn more about the country he lives in and leaving him with the dream of becoming part of it.


He becomes leader of the group of orphans he had run away with. This had since expanded with the help of recruiting fellow runaways, and homeless teenagers.


After an incident that cost the lives of several childhood friends of his, Alexander leaves his band of thieves and enlists within the Soviet military exceeding past his training. Eventually reaching the rank of sergeant, thanks to the experience he gained while on the streets.

February 1939:

With the mounting threat of Hitler's war machine looming on the horizon. The "Iron Wolf project" is put in effect, which sought out capable soldiers able to not only to fight in battles, but to think as well. This was determent by a rather extreme officer who threw active grenades upon unsuspecting soldiers in an attempt to find one brave enough, and smart enough for the project. Voran was the only one to throw it away after jumping on it.

March 1939:


Iron Wolfs first uniform: WWII

Voron, after spending a mouth, training under Dr Yuri Kirov who had become his mentor in that time, undergoes the Iron Wolf the transformation which makes him into a super soldier. But immediately after its success, Dr Kirov is murdered by White Death, the Nazi assassin. Affectively ending the project, with Alexander its only accomplishment, and sparking a rivalry between the two soldiers, that exists to this day.


Alexander, now under the code name Iron Wolf in honour of his mentor. Meets the Soviet Superwoman, Olga Yezhov… After several campaigns against the Germans with his unit was in dire need of reinforcements and after a cold reception from the resentful troops Wolf and Olga lead a successful raid on the factory town of "Steel Plain" Which had been re-purposed by the Nazis to build a deadly weapon which was protected by both the deadly White Death, and the eight foot juggernaut: Iron Cross.


Iron Wolf spend the remainder of the war, going from covert operation to full blown battles as part of Stalin's plan to bring Nazi Germany to its knees. Iron Wolf encounters his rival White Death many times during these battles. Till eventually he comes face to face with Mastermind, the man who ordered Dr Kirov's assassination, and who turned out to be the true reason way Hitler was able to go from just an outspoken Corporal who led a failed Putsch, to the most dangerous politician in the world.


In the final day of the war the Triumvirate, he had fought against though so many battles disappeared. Only leaving behind this ominous message: "They are coming, and they shall show no mercy" After the fall of Berlin, Wolf was reassign by Stalin himself to Soviet intelligent in preparation for the Cold War with America. It was during this meeting that Alexander realized the true nature of the Man of Steel when he uttered these words. Words that would end any childhood dream Iron Wolf had left of a just and fair Soviet Union. "When you kill one it is a tragedy, but when you kill one million it is a statistic."

Iron Wolfs, Cold War attire.


During the Cold War that followed. Iron Wolf was sent all across the globe inan effort to hold back the increasingly aggressive actions of the west.He learned many skills and talents in this deadly match of Spy vs. Spy, Included acting, sabotage, infiltration, and stealth. Turning the once patriotic and vocal soldier into a stoic and cynical spymaster, this was increased each day he witnessed more and more of the hypocrisy, and treachery, that resided on both sides of the conflict.


It was this year, during an operation in South America, were Iron Wolf first met the so called 'American Hero' Col John Smith, while he was "cleansing" the jungle of local villages, to make way for a U.S base. Unable to stand by and watch as this atrocity happen. Wolf engaged him in a battle that thanks Iron Wolfs quick thinking. Ended with the deaths of every American soldier Hero had been sent with, leaving the two super soldiers to settle the conflict with a battle of wits, which lasted for three days straight. Eventually stopped by heavy rain, that flooded the area they were fighting in


American Hero attempts to assassinate Stalin during a gathering in Red Square. Iron Wolf -who was body-guarding the premier- holds him off long enough for the Soviet Superwoman, Olga to intervene and allow Alexander to pull the wounded Stalin to safety. During the struggle Iron Wolf begins to question way he saved the Russian leader, instead of allowing this man who, Alexander had come to resent and distrust, die. A doubt he has struggled with ever since. As for American Hero, he meets his end at his own hand. Commenting suicide, rather than admit his defeat to Olga.


The Fall of Earth begins. Brought about by man's first successful mission into space, an alien armada invades Earth, killing million and revealing to Iron Wolf the true meaning of Masterminds last message. The Soviet Superwoman is believed to have been killed above the skies of Siberia and the people of the Union loss hope, until Iron Wolf manages to sneak aboard one of the Alien ships and brings it crashing down by sabotaging its engines. Voron escapes, thanks to stealing one of the alien 'Anti-gravity Backpacks' which is destroyed during the rough landing that follows. He begins to inspire and lead further resistance against the alien invaders. But one year later Iron Wolf is ambushed by an alien Special Forces team who possessed a miniaturized version of the same weapon which banished Olga. After putting up quite a fight, one of the alien commandos manages to strike Iron Wolf in the back sending him to parts unknown.

Angel Falls Dimension:


Iron Wolf awakens in an alleyway to find that he is in fact back in Moscow, but with no Alien invaders in sight he begins to wonder if there weapons was intended to kill him, or just move him. His suspicions are confirmed when he finds a disgarded newspaper dated 1987. Keeping calm he searches the city for any evidence that they drove the invaders back. Finding none he realizes that he is not just in another time, but another universe altogether. With few options, he presented himself to Soviet officials of this dimension, offering his skills and experience. They accepted due to their desperation as this Soviet Union is on the verge of collapsing: This was them trying to gain a small advantage in a world full of superheroes, keeping his existence a secret to assure this. All the while training, and outfitting him with the modern tactics and equipment of their world.


For the next four years, Iron Wolf acquainted himself with this new world, as well as its history and teaching himself about its latest developments whenever he wasn't on missions for the Soviet government such as computers science, and hacking. This lasted until this Unions inevitable collapse in 1991. It was also during this time that he met an interesting individual by the name of Zoran Zadornov; a Russian general who sold his men as soldiers of fortune taking advantage of the Soviet Union's declining state. He instantly became an enemy of Iron Wolf who was aware of his corruption, but could not prove anything until Zoran officially broke off in 1990, taking on the name "Red Hammer" as a final insult to the failed Ideology.


With the Iron Curtain no longer shrouded over him. Iron Wolf quickly made use of the confusion brought around by Russia's reform into the Federation and went underground. Taking up work as mercenary so he could put his skills to use, this new position also allowed him to get into the employ of some of the worst people on the planet from drug lords, to would-be dictators and subsequently killing them without suspicion even those who he was not hired by soon found themselves dead. This action however also brought him into conflict with the C.I.A's more… questionable operations, fortunately for Iron Wolf they could not reveal or charge him with any the details of these encounters, seeing as how they were doing things that the rest of the world would not react well to. Wolf then used the money he received from his mercenary work, to outfit and even educate himself in criminology, and forensics, laying the stepping stones for his future career the only career he has ever chosen; Crime fighting.

Present day:

After almost three decades Iron Wolf is finally able to act on his own volition, and to this end he has gathered information on some of the world's greatest heroes as well as villains. A precaution brought around by the discovery that his comrade; Olga Yezhov, was transported to this world just as he was. Only she arrived in 2009. Wolf decided against making contact with his old colleague after she was manipulated into attacking Russia alongside Darkstar. Iron Wolf has also decided to begin his lifelong calling to fight injustice within the U.S city of Angel Falls. What does this great city have in store for him? Only time will tell.

Powers/Equipment Edit


Enhanced Agilty, Speed, Strangth, Endurence, Intelligence, and Acrobatics, above that of a normal human escentually making him a Meutated human.

Possess a Photographic memory. Allowing him to recall information and images in perfect detail.

He prefers to use superior tactics, and quick thinking only falling back on his strength when dealing with super powered individuals. Though he has been known to use it on normal criminals when in a fit of rage.

It should also be noted that he has a strange resistance to mind readers. Weather this is due to the years of disipline and hardships he's endured, or if this is a side-effect of his alterations is a mystary even to himself.


He has a large arsenal of weapons and gadgets that veri demending on his goal at the time. This is his standerd equipment.


Two GSh-18's

Six miniature Karambit Knives (he holds them between his figures)

Smoke bombsFlash bangs

Explosive Gel

Grapple Hook located in his left bracer

Multipurpose Googles/Nightvision/Thermal/Sonar/Environment Scanner/and a heart monitor