Aliases: The Obsidian Dragon
The Twin Sword Dragon
Identity: Public
Species: Anthromorphic Dragon
Gender: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Gold w/ Obsidian Black Vertical Slitted Pupils
Height: 7'9"
Weight: 1934 lbs
Occupation: Slayer of Demons and Evil Creatures
Collector of Arcane Items and Dragon Relics
Creator(dA name): iamrhaza3617
Base of Operation(s): Arcadia Bay
Affiliations: Sword Trinity
Marital Status: Single

Jharrek is a true to life anthropomorphic dragon, which means his entire body is covered and protected by his obsidian black and gold scales (the golden scales are found on his underbelly, chest, the insides of his arms and legs, and even the underside of his neck, but are as diamond hard as the black ones), has the head and face of a very stern and determined reptile, a pair of imposing dragon wings with golden membranes framing them, and a long and deadly tail, but with additional human qualities, such as two arms and two legs. He prefers to wear the simple and free moving monk-type clothing he appeared in when he made himself known to the city of Angel Falls last year, but has the sharp tongue and teeth of a mercenary to back up his skills.

Background Edit

The stern and forceful dragonic appearing being called Jharrek made his appearance in the city of Angel Falls on the night of October 31, 2011, only a short while after the mysterious blood red eclipse of the moon ceased. He claims to have arrived in Angel Falls by appearing within a undisclosed ancient cavern by unknown means, which he has now designated as his personal lair, and has sternly warned others that it is protected by powerful wards and barriers that will only allow him entrance. The only way for anyone else to enter Jharrek's lair would be for him to invite them in, or for them to try and force their way in, which since he has shown to be a powerful combatant, as well as being a dragonoid, is not in any intruder's best interests.

Similar to other sighted dragonic beings in Angel Falls, Jharrek is covered from head to toe in incredibly dense scales, has no hair on his head or body anywhere, has diamond-hard clawed hands and three toed feet with deadly talons, and a pair of impressive dragon wings to his credit. The difference he has from those dragons is that he does not have a normal human form that he can shape shift into right now. He does remember being able to take human form at one time, but right now, that ability is locked away from him. To compensate, Jharrek is able to weave a special personal 'spell' of unknown magical or supernatural means around his frame and cloak himself as a human being, but he still retains his impressive height and build. Also, there is no way for him to hide his Dragon Eyes, which like all known reptiles, are slitted vertically, and are not human in any shape or form. Still, Jharrek's cloaking ability does not hamper his naturally acute senses of sight, smell, and hearing, nor does it hinder his deadly fighting skills or his natural Dragon ability to breathe fire, which itself has unique properties that only he knows full well.

Why Jharrek has arrived here is uncertain, but it is believed to be connected to the previous arrival of the mysterious combatant named Deimos. At the time of the eclipse, Deimos was nowhere to be seen in Angel Falls, but his unique supernatural voice was heard very clearly by several beings with enhanced hearing during the eclipse. Only a few minutes after the eclipse's end, the mighty roar of a dragon was heard, and then, Jharrek was sighted flying into the skies above the city shortly afterwards. Additionally, when he heard someone speak the name Deimos some time after his appearance, he became extremely interested in what the person had to say. The Angel Falls Police Department and the Guardians have been alerted to his presence, and have been tasked with keeping a close eye on him. While he has faced down muggers and robbers, Jharrek has also shown a very volatile temper, and that could have dire consequences to any who cross him or make him angry, be they villain or hero.

Appearance Edit

The simple leathery bracers Jharrek wears on his wrists, and the similar open-toed footwear on his three-toed and taloned feet are actually made from his own scales and are quite durable, as well as being embued with extremely powerful energies that allow him to create protective shields at will. His clothes, though battle tested, can be damaged, but Jharrek is able to cause them to repair their structures quite quickly when needed through unknown means. Finally, like all the dragons of legend are known for, Jharrek too can breathe and project intense, powerful streams and focused balls of fire at will, as well as channeling intense and ferocious blasts of intense arcane energies from his toothy maw that can obliterate any obstacles in his path (thick rock and brick walls are torn atom from atom instantly).

Jharrek is also a fierce combatant and warrior, not just with his ferocious claws, talons, tail, and teeth, but with the two swords he carries with him at all times, and the impressive longbow across his back. Arrows appear from his empty hip quiver when wanted, and Jharrek has shot down enemy drones with those powerful projectiles with uncanny accuracy and from seemingly impossible ranges. His dragon strength and the unknown qualities of the longbow and its arrows are believed to be the reason for this. His swords can cut clean through stone and armor plating without a blemish, and can withstand the powerful blows from other metas without difficulty.

Now, with the knowledge that his aetheric creator, Deimos, is very much alive and here in Angel Falls, as is the titanic guardian golem that became his symbiotic celestial armor and is now also a separate being from its original host, the obsidian black-scaled dragonoid of fearsome power and strength knows that much more awaits them all in this city, especially since Jharrek is certain to his soul that there are other dragons in this city besides himself, as well as both good and evil that are of sizes that can only be called legion.

Powers / Abilities Edit

  • Supernatural Strength: Able to lift approximately 70 tons (up to approx. 90 tons when using his telekinetic and gravity manipulation powers, at best guess, but possibly could be more if Jharrek's deadly Dragon's Rage in in effect)
  • Durability / Endurance: Vast levels of stamina, does not require normal cycles of sleep like a human, but does enjoy sleeping 6-10 hours when he can; the amazing density of his scaled physiology is similar to diamonds, but only those of multi-ton weights, and only weapons made to injure or kill dragons or dragon-kin have been shown to readily injure him, still, his healing abilities and power to regenerate those damaged areas of his body are nonetheless extremely potent; elements that can hamper supernatural regenerative powers amazingly only seem to have half of their potency when it comes to Jharrek, and why that is remains unclear at this time; he is also completely fireproof, immune to smoke inhalation, gas and nerve agent attacks, and all known types of human and / or alien viruses and biological attacks
  • Agility: Even for a dragonoid of his size, Jharrek has lightning quick footwork and manueverability, and his tail allows him to have a third attacking limb or bracing force, while his wings allow him to be able to quickly dodge or fly clear of attacks or danger when needed
  • Mental Endurance: Jharrek possesses naturally intense telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and anyone who attempts to penetrate his mind and does not speak, know of, or understand a dragon-type language or dialect (humans can't, simply because they do not have the vocal capacity for the speech) will be met with a roaring, wailing wall of ferocious dragonic barriers; also, Jharrek can manipulate gravitational forces, which allows him to create spatial rifts that he can use to teleport his person and decent levels of cargo or people medium-sized distances when needed, as well as forming deadly spatial force blasts or projectiles that can tear through enemy targets like they are being attacked by micronized black holes; Jharrek can also use this power alongside his arcane breath attack method to create massive and very devastating attacks, delivering possibly multi-kiloton level blasts when he wishes, but overuse will severely drain his strength and force him to rely solely on his normal fire breath
  • Wings: Jharrek's dragon wings grant him the power of winged flight, and with their incredible strength, flexibility, and superb durability, he can easily achieve flight speeds of near and above Mach 1 when needed; his gravity and telekinetic skills allow him to exceed Mach 5 when he absolutely needs to go faster
  • Sensory Perception: Jharrek enjoys extremely acute senses of smell, as well as hearing and taste (due to his reptilian tongue being able to detect heat sources and a variety of materials in the air), but without a doubt, his "Dragon Eyes" are his most powerful attribute, able to perceive invisible barriers of normal, technological, magical, or even supernatural nature, peer through physical walls and obstacles, even "zooming" in close on long range targets and areas like a pair of hi-tech binoculars, and can even detect concealed enemies and traps with ease as well; his augmented eyes are what are believed to aid him the most when using his longbow in battle
  • Dragon's Rage: When in times of great anger or intense combat situations, Jharrek can enter a type of berserker rage, either by force of will or by unconscious action, which can easily increase the power of his intense telekinetic, telepathic, and spatial warping abilities by possibly a factor of ten; his strength gains no such bonuses, but in the berserker rage, he does not have the same compulsion to hold back if faced with an opponent who has no chance against him; when under the full influence of his dragon's rage, he will tear them limb from limb without hesitation; also, under the Dragon's Rage, a powerful, seething blue flaming aura encompasses his entire body, which can and will burn anything trying to harm him, but will amazing heal and not injure those who hold no ill intent toward him in any way
  • Dragon Magic / Techniques: These abilities are truly one of the most unique powers of Jharrek, as the place, energy, and origin of where he draws them from is unknown to anyone, but he has described them as being benefits of his training under the legendary Dragon-God King of his world, the Grand Draco Bahamut himself; the full extent of these powers is undefined, but they do include the shielding that can be called upon from his bracers, as well as their ability to mend and repair their structure, which also extends to his clothing; it is also believed that he will only reveal more when he truly trusts someone in battle and in life as well; so far, no one has gained that favor, but he is learning to trust Det. John Crane and his wife, Mindy Marvel, who helped him place necessary information about him in the AFPD's hands so that they do not open fire on him on first sight

Combat Skills Edit

  • Hand to Hand Combat Training (Dragon-style Martial Arts / Kenpo /

Grappling / Submission / Tail Fighting)

  • Weapon Profiencies: Blunt Weapons / Bladed Weapons / Knives / Clawed

Weapons (natural claws / talons / teeth)

  • Special Weapons and Tactics (from Dragon Combat Training) / Dragon

Tribe Knowledge and Folklore (from his own unique realm of existence, which spans several cultures and types of dragons) / Dragon Language

  • Dragon Magic and Battle Skills (defense / offense related, unique to

the type of dragonoid that he is)

  • Fluent in Latin / Greek / Aramaic / Egyptian / English / French /

Sanskrit (and possibly many others; it is known that he can speak, read, and write in these languages by the books he has read and can name with ease to anyone who asks)

  • Knowledge of Mystical / Supernatural / Arcane Artifacts (can spot

them and detect their 'scent')

Known Weapons Edit

- Dueling Blade (small but fast)

  • Dragon-Forged Zweihander (powerful)
  • Dragon Bloodbow (no one can use its powers but him)
  • Mystical/Magical Quiver of Limitless Arrows (multiple types)

Weaknesses Edit

Previously mentioned in his endurance and durability area, only weapons made in a higher realm, or with a similar nature, and those made to readily injure and / or kill dragon-kin can harm Jharrek without preliminaries. Man-made weapons from the tech level of this world, and from Angel Falls, will mostly cause only a knockdown on Jharrek, and even then with no really discernible damage to him, except for destroyed clothing, and will most assuredly make him extremely angry. He does have a volatile temper, as is readily apparent for most dragons when they are wronged or attacked without provocation, and he vehemently hates demons and monsters whom prey upon others without reason, like lesser vampires and their minions.