Kim Paler
Kim Paler
Real Name: Kim Paler
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Occupation: Criminal
Creator(dA name): Firebrandi
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Business associate with various criminals
ally of Twisted Savant
Marital Status: Single

Kim Paler HeroPortraitStudio by FireBrandi

Kim Paler victorious


Kim Paler

Name: Kim Paler

Identity: Publicly known

Age: 31

Height: 5' 10"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green, appear as glowing red due to armor's HUD

Background: Kim grew up in a very poor, dangerous part of Paragon City with her two brothers. She learned very early on that what mattered most in life was power. Some had it, and they used it against those that didn't. She learned to survive, taking what she could, striving to be the one with all the power. To that end when she was a teenager she joined the forces of Arachnos, the army run by the biggest supervillain in her world. Kim earned respect, and managed to join the Crab Spider division, who were the heavy firepower soldiers. She managed to climb high in the ranks, getting the best of equipment, through a combination of skill, strength, threats, blackmail, assasination, seduction, backstabbing, and bribery. She eventually hit the ceiling. The only way to raise higher in the ranks was to join the inner circle of leutenants, and Lord Recluse has stricktly forbidden her from killing her superior Black Scorpion.

Gaining power and wealth through private schemes was allowed, but with countless villains to compete with, not to mention literally hundreds of heroes ready to stop her, it proved nearly impossible to get anywhere. That is when she decided to steal some portal technology and find another world where conditions were more favorable. Kim went through a number of worlds before finding Angel Falls. Despite being attacked right as she came to this world, and several rough battles in the weeks afterwards, she has decided this world could be very profitable for her. She has since kept a low profile. Studying the workings of this city while building her power base. Soon she will start making her mark.


Armor - advanced composits provide excellent protection, along with a built in personal force field, communication gear, and remote command input for her robot spiders and other equipment. Speed enhancers allowing Kim to run at speeds of up to 200mph when activated. Strength enhancers increasing lifting capacity to 700 lbs. Can generate a short ranged electrical field to stun nearby enemies.

Armament -

Cybernetic 'Crab Legs' attached to her back. Each can track and target oppenents independantly or in coordination and have a variety of weapons.
Each leg has blades on the end sharp enough to cut most steel alloys
Energy cannons
Machine gun
Fragmentation Grenades
Venom Grenades (chemical compound that counteracts invulnerability)

Heavy assult rifle
Power Mace - capable of fireing Web Grenades and explosive disrupter blast

Omega Bomb - a heavy explosive, about the size of a small keg, that is remotely teleported to the location Kim chooses. On ariving the bomb sends out a telepathic command. Anyone in the area will see the bomb as a hated enemy and is compelled to attack it. This draws enemies in, or at least prevents them from taking cover, in the few seconds before it goes off.

Serum - special drug that allows user to overcome injuries, temporary boost to strength and speed. Kim has several hypos on her for use in an emergency

Robot Spiders - All robot spiders can climb most surfaces. Their legs have sharpened edges for slicing targets into small pieces. Currently there are three varieties Kim Paler uses:

Spiderlings - about the size of a dog, armed with twin machine guns

Disruptor - 5' tall robot spiders. Can spray webbing to bind opponentsfire electrical blasts, and generate electrical fields to charge an area.

Blaster - 5' tall robot spiders. Spray webbing, capable of firing force blasts, in either single target mode or wide area blast, that will smash through walls and knock opponents down.