Lord Despot
Lord despot avi
Identity: Jack Destin
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Renounced Citizen of United States with a criminal record
Hair: N/A
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 300 lbs
Occupation: Megalomaniac
Creator(dA name): Artguyjoe
Base of Operation(s): Philippine Archipelago
Marital Status: Not Married
Children: N/A
Mother: Theresa Destin (deceased)
Father: Theodore Destin
Relatives: None


Jackson Destin was born to wealth. His father was CEO of one of the largest Conglomerates on the face of the Earth, Destiny Incorporated. Destiny Inc. had their business so diversified that it was almost impossible to buy a product and not have some part of made by Destiny.

Jack always figured he was just that much better than everyone else, so this left him with no friends, except for his sycophants that followed him everywhere. Wanting to set out on his own, Jack joined the Marine Corps after graduating from Stanford University. It was at OCS that he met Timothy Morrow. Tim, although the one actual friend that Jack had, always seemed to be one step ahead of Jack. If Jack got a 97% percent on his tests, Tim got a 99%. If Jack finished reassembling his rifle in 13 seconds, Tim did it in 11.

Jack graduated OCS as one of the top of his class, just behind Tim, who got top spot. When they were assigned different billets, Jack was silently relieved that Tim was going to JAG and he was going to Special Projects.

First BilletEdit

“Special Projects” was located at Area 51, in a large underground arcology called a geofront. While here, Jack discovered a way to make a little bit of money on the side. Area 51 created many new materials, some not talked about even in the geofront. Jack was able to get his hands on some of the specs for these low level materials and sell them on the black market.

During his time at Area 51, Jack became involved in Project: Future. This project was bid on and won by Destiny Incorporated. Their previous military projects were legendary on the field of battle. Jack felt that this was somehow an invasion of his life by his father.

After a year of missteps and a few injuries to test subjects, Project: Future got the one person who the military thought could handle it. It was Jack’s old OCS friend, Timothy Morrow. Jack noticed that Tim outranked him by a few grades. Again, that old rivalry reared its ugly head in Jack.

After a year of watching Tim excel with the new unitard combat armor, Jack contacted his cronies on the outside. He had them outfitted with lesser versions of the suit stolen from his father’s companies and armed them as well. Jack had decided that enough was enough. He knew that the specs of the suit were in lockdown, so he would have to steal the whole suit itself.

To Each His OwnEdit

Jack’s minions attacked the geofront, using codes supplied by him. Jack knew that Tim would be away from the holding area where the suit would be stored. He ran and grabbed the suit, figuring to put it on and hide it under his clothes. Tim had come back to retrieve the suit and found Jack putting it on. The two fought all the way down to the testing facility.

Jack was confident that Tim could not harm him while he was wearing the suit, having seen most of the trials that Tim had been subjected to. He didn’t realize that the suit had a problem ridding itself of excess heat after a given amount of time. Tim reached for a plasma torch that had been setup for a test and set Jack ablaze. Jack ran from the facility on fire, his skin crisping and the suit half melting to him.

Jack was picked up by his cronies and taken away. Once secured, He was taken to a secret hospital and was treated for his wounds. It was then that the doctors told him what had happened. The suit had a biomatrix weave to it that had been injured and dug itself into Jack’s skin. The suit would now never come off.

Jack used his vast wealth to purchase a secret island in the Philippine Archipelago. He decided that he would launch an offensive against all those he thought had wronged him. To keep his money flowing in, which was a stipend set up by his father, he took the name Lord Despot, a play on the codename he used to sell secrets from Area 51.


Lord Despot has a history in the City of Heroes online Roleplay game continuity.