Aliases: Mastermind
Real Name: Unknown
Identity: Unknown
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Germany Parallel Dimension
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Unkown
Height: 6.3
Occupation: Head of a secreat Orginasation
Creator(dA name):
Base of Operation(s): Numerous
Affiliations: Formerly: The Third Reich. Currently: Himself.
Marital Status: Single
Children: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown

Known as the Führender Kopf, among the Third Reich. This telepathic office has gained his position though fear and manipulation. Using his psychic powers to extract valuable Intel from captured prisoners and well as to blackmail rivals he was able to form his own special forces detachment made of occult's and soldiers who have dedicated to the mastery of the world.

Not even the Fuhrer himself knows that Mastermind is not doing this for the Fatherland, but rather for himself however he must first crush a enemy who threatens to destroy his plans before they even get off the ground. A Soviet super soldier called Iron Wolf.


Known Powers: {C {C {C {C Psychokinesis.Telekinesis. Pyrokinesis. {C {C Mindreading. Levitation.Mindcontrol. Mind Scream. Possession.


&nbsp {C {C The few remaining documents that survived destruction by the Nazis in the closing days of the war made reference to a strange individual by the name of Mastermind.

A potent psychic with incredible as well as frightening powers able to read minds and throw fireballs made of Quote "Negative psychic energy" Unquote.

During Battle he would use his powers to read the minds of the soldiers and commanders on both sides of the fight to assess the situation accordingly in some cases he used his "Mind Scream ability to immobilize enemy combatants making them easy to be captured or killed by troops :NOTE: Only one soldier has ever been able to resist this attack the Soviet supersoldier Ironwolf.

In interviews with surviving German senior staff many discribes him as a man who would enter a room of chattering men and leave total silence in his wake. Those brave enough to talk to him were surprised to find a very talkative and friendly man, but many believe that this was a facade for a much more manipulative and dangerous personality as many rumors detailed his suspicious rise in the ranks do to many prominent offices standing down voluntarily allowing him to take there place.

On the topic of rumors some of them even suggested that he used his powers to seduce and coerce woman into sexual encounters. However one officer who claimed that Mastermind once admitted to him that he found the very idea of unconsensual sex revolting he attributed this to his ability to read peoples minds and see there most darkest and depraves fantasy's and there was no short supply amongs the Third Reich.

Arrival in Angel FallsEdit

Unknown to anyone in Germany Hitlers rise to power was not due to his own ambition. On the conturay his failure in the Beer Hall Putch, demoralised him greatly and he almost gave up on his plans. However this was soon rectified after he met the man who would later be known as Mastermind, who was in fact sutlely ifluencing the would be ruler though a psychic link he astamlished. Planting ideas and suggestion within his mind and incresing his self asteem and charisma. The purpose of this was so he could unite the world in conquest, and take it from the Fuhrer once it was done.

Infact its safe to say that his worlds worlds World War 2 would have never if not for Mastermind and his two subordinates. Iron Cross a childhood friend of his who became undowed with superstrength, and White Death a swift young assassin who,s family once belonged to nobility until the end of the First World War.

Together they formed the Tirumvirate, and led a secret devision that was loyal only to them. With this army and the resorces of an entire nation behind them there was nothing they could not do.

Unfortunatly this path to power, also allowed Hitler to commence his genocide of the Jewish people. Even though Mastermind had nothing aganst the people, he still belived the world he would create from this disaster would be worth it.

However setback after setback in the war caused Mastermind to strain Adolfs mind too much in an effort to keep him contained, causing him to become the outbursting rash fool he was in the final hours of the war.

Then one day in 1945 he heard the mind of something intelligent and cunning that was'nt human. It was an Alien scout, sent to check on humanity's status. This contact lasted for only a miniute but he was able to see there designs for interdimentional technolagy and the ultimate intent.... WAR.

So gathering all of his men he build a gateway between worlds and escaped to the world of Angel Falls in the year 1991, but not before leaving a message behind for his enemy Iron Wolf, which read:

"They are coming, and they shall show no mercy".

Modern DayEdit

Once he arrived he found himself greeted by a strange orginisation who had apprently been tracking his attempts at interdimensional traval. Seeing that this was all they knew about him he decided to indugle there curiousity but in the end he learned more about them then they did about him.

His Modern day appearance.

He discovered that these men where members of an ancient Orginisation that had been contoling there world from behined the scenes for years, he also found out that they had fallen on hard times and there control was silpping. He imediattly began plotting to take over this Archaic group and in no time he replaced the leaders of the Orginisation with himself; White Death and Iron Cross.

Since then he has toned down his appearance to a more formal business, like suit while still maintaining the intimidating aspect that is needed in controlling a criminal Organisation.

Not that it was ever in doubt, considering his power over the mind. Also he's switched out from his Walter P-38, to the modern day P99, which he enjoys dissembling and reassembling with his psychic abilities.

Many of his powers have evolved in the time between his exodus to this dimension, and his establishment as the head of a criminal secret society, that has existed long before Angel Falls was even built. Such as his levitation power, which has developed to the point where he can achieve flight, without difficulty. Leaving the few privy to this information to wonder? What else he is capable of.

It is also believed that his mind has in fact, exceeded the use his own body, allowing him to live on, in a non-corporeal state, binging him to the conclusion.

"The body, is but a conduit for the mind."


To everone around him he appears as a charming, frendliy, intelligent, well spoken man who can ligthen up a room dispite his appearance. But many have also said he can be chilling, calm, and very intimadating, man who can reach into the deepest part of your soul and your deepest fear along with it.

The only person who knows which is the real Mastermind and which is the ruse is his oldest friend Iron Cross.