Matthias Geist
Aliases: Malachi G. (Graham) Quinn, aka "GQ" or "Mal" (dislikes being called "Mike" or "Mikey")
Identity: Public
Species: Human Being of Neo-Atlantean Descent (Atlantis of another dimension close to the Earth of Angel Falls)
Gender: Male
Citizenship: None
Place of Birth: Neo-Atlantis, Alternate Universal Earth, of the Royal Elemental Warrior Cleric Clan Districts (now located on the world of Gaeia Priame in his dimension)
Hair: Reddish Blonde
Eyes: Cerulean Blue
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 240 lbs
Occupation: Elemental Shaman (likened to a Wilderness Medicine Man), Bounty Hunter
Creator(dA name): iamrhaza3617
Base of Operation(s): Currently mobile (His unique command dropship, the "NYHSHEA ETERNAL")
Affiliations: Freelance
Marital Status: Informally Engaged
Children: None
Mother: Cassandria Llurian-Geist (deceased)
Father: Ulysses Geist (deceased)
Relatives: Godfather: High Elder Ibrahim Sulak-Tehnn (his master)

Matthias Geist, a virtually unknown being to the universe where the Milky Way Galaxy of the Earth that holds the fast moving city of Angel Falls, USA, exists, appeared in Angel Falls for a brief period, granting the young heroine Ms. Blitzen a few sensuous nights with him to bring her to full womanhood.

He was not seen again for a few weeks, but then, he appeared again, followed by the apperance of his personal dropship, just beyond the orbit of the moon. It is believed at this time, that due to the high levels of arcane, supernatural, and higher-realm energies present during the Hydra Cannon incident involving the Dark Lord Xeranad Lekard, and still remaining there at that time, an area of disrupted space/time was created just beyond the moon, a large enough one that allowed the bulk that is Matthias' personal dropship to make its way to Angel Falls without incident.

History Edit

Possessing impressive levels of battle experience and knowledge, some of which had never been seen before amongst the people he appeared around and who came to know him in his dimension, he made his place in that universe as a galactic bounty hunter and public servant, some time after Neo-Atlantis did suffer a great cataclysm. Its world suffered an upheavel, but thankfully, its scientists and psychics were ready, and were able to save the city itself by transforming its structure into a massive traveling dome. Their rapid creation and implementation of space-faring technology after this, allowed many of their number to travel the cosmos and meet new races and allies, while all along the way, Matthias was cultivating a reputation for fairness, justice, and truth before semi-retiring to a distant, medium-class life-sustaining planet to research matters of his own choosing and whim.

Still, even after his arrival in Angel Falls, Matthias has been known to show two distinct sides to himself:

  • (1) the deadly elemental warrior cleric, whose healing abilities are only overshadowed by his deadly battle skills and fighting techniques, as well as his virtual mastery over the very elements of nature themselves. The addition of his Atlantean battle saber, a weapon capable of using both hard energy and solid form blades to its credit and at both ends, makes him even more of a warrior to anyone who crosses him.
  • (2) the solemn and composed loner, whose eyes and spirit convey one who has lost much over his many years of life, and still grieves for that loss every day he journeys in the mortal place. When asked about it by Ms. Blitzen, both before his departure and again after his timely return to Angel Falls, Matthias only looked over at his dropship in the distance, and said this:

"My ship bears the name of the one who was once mine, but who is now one with the cosmos for her bravery and sacrifice. Forever until I am among those stars, will I remember her and fight on in her stead." Also, after his return to Angel Falls, it was revealed that he is now considered by his order to be a higher ranking Elemental Warrior Shaman by virtue of his defeat of a great evil his order had kept at bay for so many centuries. What this means to his powers and the level of his skills, though, remains undisclosed at this time.

Known Skills Edit

- Hand to Hand Combat Training (Boxing / Grappling / Submission / Atlantean-style Martial Arts, similar to Aikido, Judo, Kendo and Rapid Sword Drawing Techniques - Iatsu -) - Proficiencies: Blunt Weapons, Bladed Weapons (Knives / Swords / Energy Blades) / Techno-Magical Devices of Atlantean Origin - Special Weapons and Tactics (from Royal Elemental Warrior Cleric training and upbringing) - Keen Strategist, Strong Skills in Making a Battlefield His, and Knowing the 'Truth' about His Environment - Elemental Shamanic Knowledge and Skill with the ancient Rune Magics of his Order (due to his recent elevation in rank)

Appearance Edit

Matthias Geist simply appears to be a normal human being at first glance, but in reality, he is a pure-blooded Drahkonian, descended from the very people who lived in the mythical land of Neo-Atlantis, which was once located in a parallel dimension to the one that Angel Falls is located in, and is now on a parallel world to Earth itself, called Gaeia Priame. The racial name "Drahkonian" is sometimes misgiving, as Matthias shows no reptillian qualities in relation to dragons of any sort, save for the amazing strength, speed, agility, endurance, and fortitude he possesses as a natural boon from his proud ancestors, as well as the shimmering, angelic wings that he is able to call forth from his back to allow him the power of winged flight. He also heals much more rapidly than normal humans, and his true age is not known to anyone. Matthias is extremely intelligent, a quick thinker, and a superb tactician, which is how he was able to repel several hordes of invaders to another world he was living on, shortly before coming to Angel Falls, with hidden aid from the other battle-skilled people of the world he had come to.

His Prism Battle Vambraces, legendary products of highly-advanced Neo-Atlantian technology, are both powerful weapons and versatile aids for Matthias, as they serve to augment his own physical stature and natural genetic abilities, as well as his very formidable psychic talents (telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis) and his extensive and proven skills in the highest realms of elemental combat: pyrokinesis (fire/plasma), hydro- and cryokinesis (water/ice), electrokinesis (lightning), terrakinesis (earth), aerokinesis (air/pressure), and aetherkinesis (energy). Among his many people, and among the royal elemental warrior cleric order of the Sigilen (of which he is a high-ranking commander), Matthias is considered to be one of the best and most loyal elemental warriors to ever be trained by the order, as well as maintaining his position in the Sigilen Order as an experienced and trusted Battalion Commander, as well as an experienced pilot of a unique, variant model combat machine of his own design.

Powers / Abilities Edit

- Listed Abilities above (last paragraph) - Superhuman Strength: fully capable of lifting up to 25 tons, but when infused with the elemental 'soul' of the environment around him, his strength is magnified to 50 tons - Endurance / Stamina / Durability: although he can be wounded by high grade projectiles and above-military grade melee weapons, his ability to heal any injuries he incurs, and those of others, is nothing short of supernatural, and he can endure days on end of high level combat on all levels without rest or sleep - Speed / Reaction Times: Can deflect bullets with his vambraces or his battle saber, and can outrun Indy 500 race cars with infusing his body with the 'soul' of the wind he can control (maximum speeds unknown) - Flight: Winged (can summon or dispel his wings at will, genetic trait given to him by his ancestors), top speeds: Mach 2+ - Elemental / Environmental Adapation & Union: as an elemental warrior cleric, the classical elements of nature are his to call upon, and they do not have detrimental effects on him in any way - Elemental 'Teleportation': Using the energies inherent in himself and the environment around him, he is able to create elemental 'windows', portals to areas he has been before, as well as special locations that only his elemental 'windows' can reach for him, and no one else; the full range of these portals is not known, but can take him off-world if need be

Personal Equipment Edit

- Battle Robes - Civilian Clothing - Personal High Level Battle Armor of Neo-Atlantean creation (yet to be seen in Angel Falls, unknown materials used in their making) - Divine Energy (Mana) Crystal in his possession, with unknown and undefined properties at this time - Elemental Shielded 2012 Cadillac STS, fully paid for and listed under an alias at this time - Financial Resources taken as Spoils of War from Rogue Biker Gang in Angel Falls upon his first arrival (now all deceased) - Personal Medium Class Command Dropship, the "NYHSHEA ETERNAL," which is currently hidden in an undisclosed, but nearby mountain range near Angel Falls, fully invisible and protected by its elemental shielding from any and all who would try to take it from him

Personal Weapons Edit

- Prism Battle Vambraces (capabilities: energy blasts, energy shields, vast physical and mental enhancement, formation of solid and/or energy-based combat weapons, augmentation of any weapons that come into his possession) - Neo-Atlantian-Energy Enhanced Double Bladed Energy Saber (can be separated into twin blades, or enhanced by his Divine Mana crystal into a more powerful form; a gift from a higher dimensional being for his loyalty and friendship to an acolyte of that being's pantheon; can also be used to create elemental energy and solid form blades by focusing the elemental energies at his command onto the weapon)

Current Status Edit

Living in Angel Falls, following the 'powers that be' that have told him he needs to be there to be a force for good, and spending considerable time with the heroine Ms. Blitzen (Emily Heinz), with whom he shares a common Atlantean history, albeit from different realms and dimensions, as well as an invested desire to be with her when they are at peace. It was believed that their paths would soon become incredibly and tightly intertwined upon his arrival, and for that, Matthias would soon be truly grateful, as is Emily, especially once the soul harmony rite came to life around them, revealing them to be soulmates, as well as betrothed in the eyes of the universe. No date or timeframe has been set yet by either one, nor has Matthias formally asked Emily to be his wife, but those are merely events that have yet to pass here. It is without a doubt that she and Matthias are to be together, and he will defend and fight tooth, nail, and with all of his elemental powers to keep that a reality.

- No further conclusions have been made about the subject and his abilities at this time. This information and data entry has only recently been inputted into a secured data storage unit at the Lonely Point Naval Base and the Angel Falls Police Department Headquarters, as his available information here was acquired through his association with Maddie Malone, the guardian of Ms. Blitzen.)