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Aliases: Darius Orion
Real Name: Keenan Isaiah Saunders
Identity: Secret
Species: Nanotech-Augmented Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Alamo, Williams County, North Dakota
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Colbalt Blue
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 245 lbs
Occupation: Independent Hero, Commodities Broker in Training
Creator(dA name): iamrhaza3617
Base of Operation(s): Disguised Command Cruiser
Affiliations: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Mother: Samantha Anne Saunders (deceased)
Father: Derrick James Saunders (deceased)
Relatives: None


History Edit

Nearly two years ago, a titanic fight broke out in downtown Angel Falls between the Soviet Superwoman, and a mysterious attacker known only today as the Warlord. Using superhuman powers and his advanced armor, he was able to humble and defeat the Soviet powerhouse. But, before he could deliver the final blow, the Warlord was interrupted by both Walkiria, the Soviet's wife, and Grendel, a former lover of the Soviet, now transformed into a deadly cyborg. Thanks to their actions, the Soviet Superwoman was saved from a grisly fate, and the Warlord was brought down by their blows.

During this time, unbeknownst to Angel Falls at large, a hidden underground military bunker on the outskirts of town, and not too far from Lonely Point Naval Base, abruptly exploded. No answers were found there when forensic teams arrived on scene, but later on, during the battle between Walkiria, Grendel, Soviet Superwoman, and the Warlord, many people stated that, for a moment, they had sighted a hovering crimson red machine hovering in the distance. The machine had promptly vanished from sight, and no one made any further inquires. Even military and federal investigators found nothing to support their claims. Only an extremely high-powered scanning wavelength had been noticed by some young hackers, but they had been unable to pin it down at all. Then, out of the blue, the red machine appeared again.

It suddenly appeared in a section of Angel Falls, where there was a robbery in progress, and saved the lives of a store owner and a young woman nearby, who had been set upon by thieves. It easily defeated them, and delivered them to the proper authorities, along with the young woman who had been saved, so that she could give them her full statement on what had happened. It was later corroborated by the store owner, after the red machine had vanished again. It then was seen again, and in an area with significant property damage, and quickly went to work removing that debris and allowing first responders to rescue anyone who had been injured by the destruction. Then, before any reporters could speak to it or ask any questions, it vanished from sight once more.

Not an hour later, a SECOND flying machine was sighted over Angel Falls, leaving a warehouse on the docks with smoke streaming out of its windows. Both of these machines were later confirmed to be working in concert with a brand new warrior against criminals and terrorists in Angel Falls. Omni-Drive revealed himself some time later that year, and made his presence truly known with the stealth patrols his robotic partners kept around the city, but also for being the one who prevented a hidden Fourth Reich base within the city from being used to turn a good portion of the city into a chemical wasteland when the old and now-decommissioned bio-hazard dump beneath it was intentionally blown up by its terrorist renters. He gladly introduced himself to them all, and in grand fashion. OMNI-DRIVE had arrived, and he was working on a very long to-do list against the criminal element.

Since then, Omni-Drive, his first two combat machine allies, and now a THIRD robotic combatant, have been seen all over Angel Falls, both stopping crime on their own, and aiding the authorities whenever it was needed. Omni and his three allies have also been sighted around the world, following up on various avenues of their own, and making a strong ally in a private commodities broker named Darius Orion, who has set up a special international trust fund to allow those in government to uproot and kick out those in power who are corrupt and unjust. To this day, Omni-Drive has not revealed who he truly is, but from his interactions with the Guardians, he has stated that he is becoming receptive to joining their ranks in time.

Skills Edit

Training Edit

  • Knowledge of Police / Law Enforcement Procedures and Tactics
  • Advanced Military-Grade Knowledge of Hand to Hand Combat Training and Tactics (Judo / Karate / Grappling / Submission)
  • Extensive Knowledge of Firearms (Light, Medium, and Heavy Grade)
  • Extensive Knowledge of Blunt Weapons / Bladed Weapons / Knives
  • Knowledgeable in Laboratory Techniques / Emergency Medicine / Forensic and Pharmacological Pathology
  • Assumed Training in Security / Surveillance Techniques and Tactics
  • Knowledge of Police and Military Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Advanced Knowledge of Aerial and Ground Combat Tactics
  • Advanced Knowledge of All Types of Computers / Computer Programming / Data Gathering / Infiltration Methods / Electronic Counter-Measures / Hacking / Firewalls / Encryption / Decryption

Tools Edit

Powered Armor Unit- It is unknown at this time if the unique and highly advanced powered armor unit Omni-Drive operates in is the full source of his powers and abilities. But, it has been postulated that due to how well he reacts and functions in it, Omni-Drive may also have had additional augments employed to enhance his abilities. Speculation is ongoing.

Abilities Edit

  • Augmented Strength: Omni-Drive's extremely advanced powered armor has been assumed to be capable of lifting estimated weights between thirty to forty tons. However, there have been observed energy emissions which may signal additional systems that can enhance this strength level, making Omni-Drive capable of lifting up to sixty tons or higher, at best guess right now. Further speculation is ongoing as more sightings of Omni-Drive are added to his file.
  • Augmented Speed: Omni-Drive is capable of accelerating from zero to 100 MPH in less than ten seconds, even with his armor, which is not as streamlined as other known powered armor users are. This has given strong weight to the possible implementation of friction-reducing or eliminating onboard systems, of which classification and sophistication is unknown at this time. His fighting skills inside his armor are also accelerated, his reaction speeds possibly allowing him to move fast enough to dodge bullets and high-velocity sniper rounds, even though such weapons are doubted to be powerful enough to pierce his armor at this time. His combat training also lends credence to being similarily enhanced to allow him to combat any opponent he faces who can move at lightning-quick speeds with minor difficulty. The armor is also capable of hovering and high-level Mach flight speeds, which can be employed at a moment's notice.
  • Stamina: The power source that drives Omni-Drive's powered armor is like nothing that is on record to date, allowing him vastly extended endurance levels that likely allow him to operate in combat situations for multiple hours, or even days on end. Even its energy emissions that have been detected have been rated as equal to, or better than, a number of nuclear reactors around the world. The armor also likely enables him to go without sleep for a number of days before Omni-Drive would likely need to rest from its use. The location he goes to rest and function out of is unknown to the authorities, and even if it was, it is highly likely that the safeguards around and within it are all beyond military grade.
  • Durability / Restorative Properties: The Omni-Drive armor has been noted to be able to repair cosmetic damage to its chassis at ease, with powerful energy emissions flowing around it when such damage happens, and so, it is suspected that even severe damage can be handled by the armor as well. Thus, the speculation that the armor itself has been subjected to some of the most advanced nano-augmentations that have ever been seen abounds. If this is true, then the Omni-Drive powered armor has likely been enhanced by these perceived nano-augmentations at the sub-atomic level, and these same nano-augmentations give off no discernable energy or communication signals. This ability allows the Omni-Drive armor to repair / restore damaged components to its chassis without having to 'go to the shop' for any repairs. To reinforce the armor's profile, its entire structure is composed of an alloy composite that is completely unregistered with any metal-working experts, and also allows the armor to completely ignore HE missiles on its own. Also, the armor has shown the ability to project high-powered energy shielding that can withstand high-grade energy blasts and beams without any difficulty. Military and tech experts the world over are still at a loss for words, as to this day, they have found absolutely no records of its construction, leaving them to assume that the hidden designers of the armor made sure to leave absolutely no tracks to be followed back to its true origins. Any currently known means of disabling technological devices, like using an EMP or other types of interfering counter-measures, are unknown as to to whether or not they will affect Omni-Drive, as they are unaware of its internal and external defenses at this time, which are also believed to be extensive.
  • Sensory Suites: Virtually all of Omni-Drive's sensory systems are believed to be ten times as sharp as the senses of dogs, eagles, and wolves. His optic systems are likely equipped with night vision and other optic enhancements that are equal to electron microscopes, as well as auto-reactive shading that completely prevents him from being blinded by intense light or flash bombs. His audio systems appear to be just as just as acute, and likely protected by automatic filters that prevent extremely high frequency level sounds from overwhelming him. His armor's ability to detect residues in the area is likely equal to the best particle detectors in the world, being able to sense and identify different elements in the air so easily that there is speculation Omni-Drive has an embedded mass spectrometer and internal filtration database. His tactile response systems can discern an imperfection in the smallest of diamonds, and the nano-augmentations within his armor seem to create an area of awareness all around him that can pick up motion and heat sources at a great distance from his body (full range unknown at this time.)
  • Mental Augmentations: It is likely that either the armor itself, or its user, have had enhancements to its higher functions to allow the two of them to be able to actually "converse" with each other, and by proxy, are all augmented and shielded to process / prevent / act upon the advanced level of information absorption that Omni-Drive is capable of performing. Any psychics who might try to enter his mind may very well be presented with several unyielding waves of the most unsolvable mathematical and scientific equations known to man, not to mention the possible levels of quantum mechanics and protective encryptions that most likely are now in place within the confines of his mind. These are ongoing theories in this area, as anyone who has tried to conduct any type of electronic surveillance or infiltration of the Omni-Drive armor - when it has been sighted - has had their equipment utterly overrun with some of the most sophisticated virus and malware to date, and they were never even able to establish connections. Whether any government entity wants to say it out loud or not, Omni-Drive's armor is utterly beyond state of the art.

Current Status Edit

Current Status: Keenan Saunders is still presumed missing after the explosion at the revealed, and now destroyed, underground bunker near Lonely Point Naval Base, and after his car was found submerged in the waters off Lonely Point by trawlers. No sightings of him have been made since that day, and he has not been seen yet in the general public of Angel Falls since the incident.