Identity: Public
Species: Demi-god
Gender: Female
Hair: Raven
Eyes: Blue iris, Black eyes
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 136 lb
Occupation: Witch, feeding on innocents
Creator(dA name): TrekkieGal
Affiliations: The seven sisters
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Circe, Hope,Decetis, Eris, Pornea, Invidia, Gula

Onyx is one of seven evils that was unleashed on the world some 4000 years ago. Her appearance is that of a Succubi, but she is unlike any succubi, as well as her sisters. She makes up one of the 7 evils unleashed on the world by Pandora from a box.

Background Edit

Onyx represent lust (It is usually thought of as excessive sexual wants, however the word was originally a general term for desire. Therefore lust could involve the intense desire of money, fame, or power as well). She feeds on innocence like a Succubi but needs no sexual contact to drain a man of his life energy. Also unlike Succubi/Inccubi, and Demons, she is not bound by hell thus she follows no deity. It is believe that she is in fact a creation of God.

Onyx has no true physical form. She is known to posses women that also are capable of lustful actions. She cannot posses a demonic soul, but can easily control an innocents soul in order to corrupt them. She can posses either male, or female and has no preference. After possession, she can either drain a soul of their life force and continue using that body, or discard the body that will turn to ash. Her only known weakness is true love, very intense emotions of affection, joy, and togetherness. Only true way to capture her is with the original Pandora's Box.

History Edit

In ancient Greece, her earliest appearance was when she used her powers to corrupt the Amazons who were led by Amazonia to cross the great sea to their new home dubbed Amazonos. Using her abilities she turned several Amazons against Amazonia over time as well cursed the several Centaurs that was traveling with them into becoming human under the insistence of her sister Eris. Amazonia would triumph when with help from Achillea and Lukos, they captured Onyx, Eris, Invidia, and Pornea in the Pandoras box. The process would doom Atlantis as in the process it would sink into the Atlantic Ocean.


Onyx is not mortal like her sisters thus she appears with dark skin, and a tail.

Onyx would be released later to continue her domination over mortals innocence. It was agents of Deimos over the years that would pursue her and capture her several times, but she would escape numerous times.

Angel Falls Edit


Onyx capturing Amazonia (Stunning Gomez) and Phyre Frost

Her activities in Angel Falls have been well documented in recent years.

In 2013 she was summoned by the Occupant to feed on Raging Bull after he defected and went to become a Guardian. She tortured him for a week but his will power and love would not allow him to submit to her totally. Angered she dropped him from the sky in his weakened state in an effort to kill him, but Angelina intervened and saved the hero.

She would return later that same year aiding her sister Circe to capture Amazonia. After Circe stripped her to her mortal appearance, and retrieved their sister Hope she was given permission to feed on Amazonia (Camilla Gomez). The attempt proved impossible as she would discover that Amazonia was no other than her sister Hope who wished to be Amazonia. It was then Deimos who captured her, as well as Dercetis in the Pandoras box.

Abilities Her abilities are multiple arcane in nature. No mortal can escape her persuasive nature to overtake their minds except for the Occupant and Amazonia. Her ability can also affect some demonic spirits, as well it is her ability to consume others with curiosity that allows her to escape from the Pandoras box. She can fly, and since she can appear as anyone, and lacks a body is impossible to harm in any normal combat, or physical means.

Weakness Purification spells, and objects. Deimos power is the most powerful weapon. Amazonia's weapons, as well her healing tiara are also harmful to her.