Patrick Noir: The Amazons of Jurua
Creator: Paudraic
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Paudraic
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 9
Heroes: Patrick Noir
Villains: Damaino Infierno
Other Key Characters: Queen Bruna
Date Posted: October 2012
Next Story: Patrick Noir: The Werecat of Ashton
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Patrick Noir: The Amazons of Jurua is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's


Synopsis Edit

Patrick finds himelf being rescued by Camilla who somehow is able to walk through a troop of army ants. He explains he is looking for the Jurua Natives to find an object that crashed in the Rain Forest back in 1892. Camilla tries to tell him to stay away, but Patrick persistence sways her. She tells him that once he finds it, he too will be compelled not to reveal it's secrets. Meanwhile Damaino Infierno arrives with a team of Italian militia to recover what they believe is a powerful weapon like the one that exploded over Tunguska in 1908. They have track Patrick this far and plan for him to lead them to the object. Camilla reveals she was raised by the natives and is in fact a Queen to the tribe, but her adoptive mother was killed by the now reigning Queen and banished her never to return unless she takes her rightful place as Queen of the tribe. She also explains the xenophobic nature of her tribe because of poachers, and treasure seekers who had raped and killed some of their people in the past. Patrick and Camilla would make it to the Sky Temple. Legend told how it fell from the sky, and all the men died yet the women survived and became virile and masculine. Over time they all became inter-sexed and all child birth as well was the same. Patrick believed the ship has contaminated the water to cause this. Camilla also told of a survivor who was treated as a God named Zaros. It was revealed in the Sky Temple that he was an Ario Commander hunting Velorans in a great battle that saw his crew killed, and his ship crashing on Earth. Realizing the damage the ship did to the natives he helped them, and gave them the training to protect themselves as well as the sky temple. Finding the armory, Patrick realizes that this Sky Temple was indeed a ship, and these weapons could be dangerous in the wrong hands. But Infierno and his men had arrived. He was captured as Camilla hid, and forced to offload the weapons. Camilla would find the vault of Amazonia, and her pendant opened it. As Infierno and his men finished they were ambushed by the Juran and taken to their village for execution. It was then that Patrick realized the weapons were glowing, and building up energy. Even he realized removing them from the ship may of been the worse idea. Amazonia would come to the village, and stop the execution, and explain to the tribe the weapons must be returned. She then using her Tiara wiped all the men mind clean of the knowledge of the Sky Temple except for Patrick as hi heart, and mind were pure. The Etherian as they would be called in honor of their first Queen, had misgivings of letting Patrick leave with this knowledge. So it was decided that Camilla would go with him to keep his silence, and if he spilled the beans, then Amazonia will destroy him.

Note Edit

  • First Appearance of Amazonia
  • Although suspicious of how Amazonia will follow Camilla, Patrick dismiss the thought that Amazonia and Camilla are the same.