Paudraic of Orion
Paudraic the Orion for Wiki
Species: Orion
Gender: Male
Hair: Grey
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Occupation: Resort Owner
Slave Trader
Base of Operation(s): The Sybarus
Affiliations: Paudraic's Getaway
Marital Status: Married: Sultana (caged)
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Paudraic of Orion Has been place in the I Blame Red Matter category for alternate reality content dealing with the technology used in Star Trek.


Paudraic is a slave merchant/smuggler from the planet Orion in the Kirk era Star Trek universe. In the Angel Falls universe, he is the alien owner of Paudraic's Getaway, a hotel, brothel, casino, conventioncenter resort. Paudraic is a non-aligned character being niether totally villainous nor totally virtuous. Among the Angel Falls notables who have visited Paudraic's Getaway are: Ultrawoman, Connie Crimson Conservative, Mayor Quimby, Commander M'Chel, Dark Star, Jessica Nicole, and more...

Background Edit

Paudraic is around six feet and 250 lbs. He appears to be in his 50's, has thinning, gray hair, and wears glasses. The glasses are mostly a 'heads-up display' of data for him. Paudraic's human appearance is due to an ancestor's visit to Earth in the past.

He is sarcastic, irreverent, selfish, lazy, petty, and moody. He is more interested in having sex and fun than being cruel but can become ruthless when he feels threatened.

Though he sells sentient females into slavery he sees it as what his people do. Though he does enjoy heavy BDSM activity, he does not believe he is mistreating his slaves. They appear to put up with it for his sake--a mystery they cannot fathom but never even think of rebelling against.

Paudraic's only 'super power' seems to be the ability to inspire loyalty and devotion from his women even though they are slaves. He takes this unusual effect for granted and doesn't seem aware of it to the point of his complete astonishment when he hears of slave rebellions or escape attempts from other Orion slave traders.


The Sybarus, and the USS Enterprise. In Kirk's Star Trek, Paudraic travels about on his luxury starship, Sybarus

I haven't yet established the means of Paudraic's presence on Earth. Time travel, inter-dimentional travel, actually not Paudraic but an ancestor of Kirk's Paudraic. Who knows. 

Angel Falls Background Edit

Paudraic's Getaway copy

Paudraic's Getaway

The grand opening of Paudraic's Getaway Resort was protested by the people of Angel Falls for various reasons.dA:Mixed messages Paudraic made generous payments to local politicians and authorities and sure enough those folks found loopholes and go-around for things like sex slavery, prostitution, gambling,etc. dA:Paudraic Finds a Friend

Paudraic's participation in the 'Succubus' invasion consisted mostly of defending the complex from a horde of demonic creatures. He was not present at the time. His women fought bravely and destroyed many of the monsters. But they were greatly outnumbered and were overcome. dA: Invasion: The Masion Battle Many of the women were killed or carried off to fates worse than death. Paudraic resents the fact that neither the police nor the Supers of Angel Falls came to the aid of his women during the invasion. Paudraic 'purchased' many women from local jails in Angel Falls to quickly restaff the resort after the extensive rebuild required after the invasion. dA: Paudraic Recruits

Some of Paudraic's women participated in the Bikini Charity Auction. dA: Paudraic: Donation to Charity

Paudraics Women Edit


The Paudraic Logo and Brand

All are first and foremost my sexslaves. Most are multitalented, their activities in the story are listed here. Technically, all are available for sale or rent but somehow avoid it--for now. Aboard Sybarus Paudraic's women rarely wear clothing. In the resort Paudraic's Getaway they wear sexy revealing clothes suitable to their tasks or if outdoors or in common areas what the law and common courtesy require. Paudraic’s presence in Angel Falls comes after the Orion Factor story so the characters listed as killed or dead may only be referenced

Onboard the Sybarus Edit

There are more than 150 women aboard Sybarus Paudraic's Getaway employees over a thousand, about a third are off worlders.

  • T’Lur Vulcan, tall, voluptuous. Runs the ship as well trains the crew
  • Doxy Orion, tall, slender, all business--except with Paudraic. Business Manager, Special Assignments, Part of the team sent to find the Cardassian.
  • Yllith Romulan, med height, curvy, obsequious to Paudraic, imperious to everyone else. Engineer, Special Assignments eg Assassin. Oversaw the management of Paudraic’s Getaway during Invasion, survived, now back on Sybarus
  • Little One Orion, short, voluptuous, temperamental, disrespectful, naughty, mean, and all the same in bed. Paudraic’s pet, personal sexslave
  • Valkyr Klingon, tallest woman on the ship, very muscular almost masculine, early maturity. Security, Special Assignments, Bodyguard.
  • M’Zon Klingon, tall, muscular but still very feminine, late maturity, longs to be a true Klingon warrior. Security, Special assignments; Led the team sent to find Visha the Cardassian; Bodyguard.
  • Big Blue/Pashyrn Of the Andorian triplets, tall, athletic build, even tempered. Bodyguard. Killed by an Orion assassin hired by Visha dA: Visha Interrogated
  • Machyn One of the Andorian triplets, tallest of the sisters, full head and shoulders above Paudraic, warrior build, militant, intense. Bodyguard. Killed by Cardassians during the assault on the mining installation
  • Lashyrn One of the Andorian triplets, tall, nice figure, pacifist, artistic, musical. Entertainer; Has requested to be sold.
  • Ryoz Orion, med height, nice figure, a little slow, easygoing. Pilot; Special assignments; Part of the team sent to find Visha the Cardassian.
  • Quean Orion, tall, athletic build, fiery, bitchy. Special Assignments; Part of the team sent to find Visha the Cardassian.

Killed protecting Com. Uhura from an attack by Visha the Cardassian

  • Vivian Terran, tall, shapely, redhead. Speaks with Paudraic in corridor, and on couch detail, and cleanup duty
  • Sultana Caitan, long slender body, lion’s mane and tail, imperious, royal manner. Would kill and eat other sentient beings without regret; Paudraic’s wife; Kept in a luxurious cage because she has killed and eaten some of Paudraic's women without regret; Does nothing as she is not to be trusted around the other females.
  • Natell A half-Aenar/half-Andorian woman with psychic powers. She will defend Paudraic with her life, but also seeks to do the right thing when she can. She is very loyal to the crew of the Sybarus.

Apocrypha Edit

Paudraic is an original character invented by Patrick Neel based on an alien race found in the Star Trek universe. None of the images or stories I create are meant for anything other than fan enjoyment. No money or claim of originality is made.

I made a Star Trek movie poster for a Yahoo Star Trek club. Then decided to write a story that went along with the poster. The story is still unfinished. Then I did a book cover.

The following information may contain spoilers for events in the story, The Orion Factor

My original intent had been to separate the women of Sybarus and the women of Paudraic's Getaway. However, due to time constraints and laziness, the women of Sybarus will assume comparable roles in Paudraic's Getaway.

Paudraic is an Orion entrepreneur, that is to say a slave trader and a pimp. He is a crossover character from the Star Trek universe, the Kirk era. His presence in Angel Falls consists primarily of Paudraic's Getaway Resort. The luxury hotel/casino/bordello/convention center complex located on the Eastern shore of the Southern penninsula of Angel Falls.

All the employees, ALL OF THEM, are females. They are a wild mix of interstellar species, most from the Star Trek universe and other established aliens from other sci fi sources. But some unnamed species created by me. And some will be new species created by others on Deviant Art.
Paudraic command structure wip by paudraic-d4gqg95
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