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Real Name: Rebecca Weller
Identity: Not Publicly Known
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: American Citizen with a criminal record
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Red with purple highlights on the tips
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Occupation: Psychiatrist Assistant
Creator(dA name):
Base of Operation(s):
Angel Falls
Affiliations: Guardians, Dr. Sheila Hauptmann, Frank Petrovich, Kai Steel
Marital Status:

Known History Edit

Rebecca Weller is a slight built 20 year old with a penchant for stirring up trouble wherever she may be. With her red hair with dyed purple tips (sometimes white), she has a flippant personality that is very carefree in nature. She has problems with authoritative figures and has been arrested for shoplifting at least once.

Rebecca’s father died when she was young and her mother tried to raise her as best she could but without a real disciplinarian in the family, she found herself in trouble with the authorities on more than one occasion. She was finally caught shoplifting at a department store and placed within Tartarus Prison to await sentencing. It was here that she crossed paths with Dr. Sheila Hauptmann and her life changed forever.

Dr. Hauptmann was searching for a meta to supplement her psychiatric skills and found them with the novice telepath. She was released from prison under the care and guidance of the doctor where she began to help her analyze selective patients.

Soon afterwards she was introduced to Frank Petrovich, a mutant with the ability to boost a meta’s primary aspect to various degrees. She found that when Frank was properly motivated, her telepathic and illusionary powers were increased dramatically. She discovered the key to activating and controlling his powers and is currently speculating sleeping with him to possibly gain the greatest increase of her powers. Whether she loves Frank or just his abilities is unknown at this time.

Rebecca has helped Dr. Hauptmann in utilizing Frank’s powers on one of Ilsa Hauppman’s henchwomen, Terry Keller increasing her size, mass and strength immensely. This was a final test of Frank’s abilities to be used at some time in the future at the discretion of the Fourth Reich leader.

Rebecca is a native of Angel Falls. She recently tried to get revenge at the department store where she was arrested. However, Kai Steel interrupted her plans and broke two of her ribs. Rebecca did some psychological damage to Kai after receiving a boost from Frank. When being introduced to the Guardians later on, she was attacked once again by Kai. However, Dr. Hauptmann stopped the fight and set things more or less on an even keel between the two metas. Rebecca is currently being considered as an auxiliary Guardian but this has not been cleared yet.

Her personality is very anti-establishment in nature and she is very immature at times. She loses her cool when she doesn’t get her way and comes across as very petty. Dr. Hauptmann is working very hard with her to make her appear professional when dealing with other metas. In time we will know if the doctor is successful in this regard.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Telepathy – Rebecca has intermediate skills reading thoughts and planting suggestions into the minds of others. When she has been boosted by Frank Petrovich her powers increase dramatically where she has advanced abilities. The duration of the boost is variable depending on how much Frank is stimulated.
  • Illusion Projection – Rebecca has a minor skill in illusionary projections. When combined with her telepathic ability she can create an imaginary reality within the mind of the target. To the person it will seem very real. Rebecca can experience this reality along with anyone else of her choosing acting either as a neutral observer or as an active participant.