Phyre Frost
Phyre Sale
Real Name: Madelyne "Maddie" Leslie Malone
Identity: Public
Species: Human Mutant
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Brooklyn NY
Hair: Strawberry Blonde with White streaks
Eyes: Hazel
Fusion Green glow when her powers are active
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lbs
Occupation: Adventurer
Registered in F.L.A.G.
Leader of the Dynamic 5
Guardians (Probationary)
Private Detective
Creator(dA name): Knight3000
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Hall
Affiliations: F.L.A.G.
Dynamic 5
Marital Status: Single
Children: Emily Heinz (Legal Ward)
Mother: Isabelle Leslie Malone (deceased)
Father: Craig Malone (deceaed)
Relatives: Stan Malone (Uncle)
Francine Malone (Aunt)
Paul Malone (Brother)
Matthias Geist

Phyre Frost is an Omega Class mutant. A mutant that is capable of manifesting a secondary power set. A rare instance. In the case of Maddie, She can generate and expel Plasma and Ice. She can also absorb heat from targets and has a degree of Strength.

History Edit

Madelyne "Maddie" Malone is a seasoned veteran heroine having been born in the 70s. Her parents were retired heroes by names of Burning Blaze and Snowfrost respectively. Living in Brookyln. Her brother Paul born 2 years later is also a mutant with the ability to generate and manipulate Ice into blasts. Burning Blaze and Snowfrost were super-powered agents of a Goverment agency called F.L.A.G. or the Foundation for Law and Government; Specializing in dealing with criminal/terrorist activity and Homeland Security. It would often recruit super-powered beings as agents but most especially it also was essential for helping young mutants control their powers and provide them training in their usage. Maddie is intelligent and excelled in school. She never stood with or hung out with any 'in-crowds' and was often active in most school programs and was in the school gymnastics team.

Mutation Revealed Edit

All that changed when she was 13. After training for a team compettion, Maddie and her best friend Lily were coming home. Only they were accosted by some thugs attempting to purse snatch the both of them. When Maddie refused to hand them over her bag and they threatened to stab Lily she manifested her fire powers first and singed Lilys attacker. His buddies tried to leave the scene but Maddie immobilized them by freezing them in a block of ice. Lily was surprised as Maddie was when she saw her manifest both Fire and Ice at the same time.

When Maddie and Lily returned home, they found that their house was on fire. Maddie desperately rushed over and tried to put it out with her ice powers but she overcome by the smoke. The police and fire departments told her and Paul that their parents were unfortunately killed. Devastated, Maddie and Paul lived with their Uncle Stan and his wife Francine. Stan eventually revealed to her that he too is an agent of F.L.A.G. and gave her tape recorded messages from her parents. They told her that they were retired heroes called Burning Blaze and Snowfrost. They knew that their kids will become mutants and said that both Maddie and Paul will develop both of their powers as a result. Maddie and Paul continued with their schooling but often ran into trouble by trying to keep their developing powers in 'check' It was especially harder for Maddie since her powers are more devastating.

Coming of Age Edit

When Maddie turned 18 Stan had her registered in F.L.A.G. as well as Paul. They both had training in the control of their powers and Maddie was a fast learner. At 21,She was given the option of becoming a full F.L.A.G. agent. However Maddie was determined to find out what happened to her parents and soon investigated into their deaths. She learned that their deaths was not accidental as reported. It was set up by an organization called the 5th Column that did the deed. Maddie searched for the 5th Column and found them in Paragon City. She eventually battled the leader that arranged for the hit called Psimon, A mutant with mental powers. He told her he ordered her parents killed for foiling their schemes in the past and learned where they resided in Brooklyn after their retirement. Maddie became enraged, formed an Ice scimitar for the very first time and beheaded the criminal. Maddie soon refused to join F.L.A.G. as a full time agent, but did register to them as she is an Omega-Class mutant. Paul continued his training in Westchester and is decided to become a super-poweed agent calling himself the Tundra Avenger. Maddie wished her brother well and would often see him when she can. She continued her schooling and got an associates degree in Criminal Law and joined the Police Force.

Emily Heinz Edit

Maddie soon found a teenage runaway from a Foster home named Emily Heinz. The young girl developed electrical powers and told Maddie she ran away from the foster home fearing her twin brother will find her. Maddie took Emily in and brought her to Stan. He suggested that she train Emily since she was the best of her class at F.L.A.G. Academy. She agreed and taught Emily everything she knew from controlling her powers to even fighting. When Maddie learned that Emily had no one in her immediate family she had Stan arrange her to be Emily's Legal Guardian.(Maddie learned later on that she has become sterile when she manifested her powers and cannot have children). Emily and Maddie became inseparable and she was eager to learn from the older heroine.

Patagon City Edit

They eventually moved to Paragon City to fight criminals and villains. Most especially to thwart the 5th Column whenever they can. Maddie and Emily learned of a new 5th Column Sect Leader was trying to 'make some noise' after the death of Psimon left a hole in their ranks. After investigating they both found out that the Sect Leader was in fact, Emilys evil twin brother Ethan. Maddie did not know about that since Emily was too scared to reveal it to her, fearing she might abandon her, which Maddie would never do. After a battle with Ethan, Maddie was ambushed and captured by him then used as bait to lure Emily. Maddie freed herself after witnessing Emilys defeat by her brother and placed into a machine he called the Weather Dominator. Angered, Maddie battled Ethan and this time she managed to slow him down before he can absorb her kinetic energy. She froze him in place and called to Emily to finish him off, but a devastated Emily couldnt bring herself to kill him and froze. Maddie stepped in then ran Ethan with her Ice Scimitar through his heart. Maddie gave Emily her blessing when she found out she wanted to move to Angel Falls to leave Ethan's memory behind her. However Maddie would often check in on her from time to time even while she was running her Detective Agency. When she got a phone call from Olga Yezhov, The Soviet Superwoman telling her that Emily is in near death after a devastating battle with her nemesis Genocide, Maddie immediately went to Angel Falls.

Angel FallsEdit

Meeting with the Soviet Powerhouse at Angel Falls Medical Center, Olga stood with her and became friends with the older heroine when she found out that Emily was revived by the Guardian Angelina.

In a brief downtime Maddie met Walkira, Olgas wife and the 3 heroines bonded in a common interest in protecting Emily. She also met Andrea Steel aka Dark Star in Club Sin. When Maddie left the Club to go to her hotel room, Andrea purposely got Emily drunk and battled her, revealing herself to be the villainess Dark Star. It was there that Emily discovered her ability to transform herself into living lightning and defeated Andrea.

Maddie returned to Emily and was angry with her when she found out that she caused a ruckus. However she was hit in the back by Ultrawoman's eye beams and the Velorian Juggernaught faced off with Emily. When Vyr-Na left with Dark Star, Maddie decided to train Emily further after learning that her anger was controlling her powers.

A weeks worth of training was what the Atlantean needed. Maddie went back to Paragon but got word again that Emily was once again defeated in battle against U1trawoman. Maddie came back to Angel Falls and decided this time that she move here permanently to keep better eye on Emily.

Permanent Move Edit

After helping the AF Fire Department with a devastating arson fire and meeting with Fire Commissioner Ellen Bradley, Maddie trained Emily again. Her defeat at the hands of U1trawoman and Genocide was too much for her. Emily couldn't sleep and Maddie comforted her whenever she can. Maddie helped Emily with her next battle with U1trawoman and Dark Star. However during the battle while Maddie was turning Dark Stars attention away from Emily and U1trawoman, she fought War Cat. Holding her own against both Dark Star and War Cat, Vyr-Na herself gave the She-Cat orders to deal with the older heroine to get Emily 'worked up'.

Maddie fought valiantly against the She-Cat and Dark Star but soon had her heart torn out of her chest which triggered Emily going berserk and savagely fighting Vyr-na throughout Downtown Angel Falls and Liberty Park. Before she did, Emily ordered the elastic girl Coil to bring Maddies ravaged body to Guardian Hall and try to find Polygirl.

After Emily was defeated, she barely managed to return to Guardian Hall and found Coil with Maddie. When she saw Polygirl, she collapsed on the floor with Maddies mangled body.

Polygirl put Maddies body in stasis to keep her brain active while she constructed a fusion reactor powered heart replacement. After 6 weeks Polygirl successfully had the medical team implant Maddie with the new fusion powered heart and Phyre Frost was back on her feet! She soon fought Emilys clone and killed it, then fought Emily herself when she became enthralled by Vyr-na using Ceti-eels that Dark Star placed into her body. After defeating Emily and crushing the Ceti-eel, Maddie arranged a meeting with U1trawoman to hopefully put an end with her conflict against her. With the help of Coil and Blue Tide, Maddie got some payback on War Cat and defeated her before learning that Vyr-na wont stop 'punishing' Emily until she is completely under her control. Maddie warned the Velorian Juggernaught that she would kill Emily herself to free her from her.

After Vyr-na and Dark Stars meeting which accomplished nothing between them and Emily, Maddie decided to form her own Strike team; The Dynamic 5, to answer to the growing threat of Vyr-Na and her henchwomen. Under her guidance and leadership,The Dynamic 5 have become a force to reckon with in Angel Falls. Especially with the Angel Falls Urban Tactical Crisis Response Unit, where she has established a working relationship with it`s commander,Captain Linda Mochevski.

More Challenges Edit

Maddie even opened her Detective Agency, Malone Investigations and had her first client Malachi Quinn, who Emily fell in love with. Recently, in a scheme hatched by Xeranad Lekard,The Darklord resurrects Emilys twin brother Ethan to 'test' The Atlanteans growing strength and powers and to try to enthrall her. Maddie fought the Darklord himself so he can prevent her from interferring with the twins battle.

She held her own against Xeranad, after getting pointers from his daughter Aria Cadenza Khaner, who Emily is friends with and Maddie respects. But the Darklords swordsmanship was too great for her to overcome and Xeranad forced Maddie to watch the Twins battle.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Fire Abilities Edit

  • Short, Medium and Long range Fire blasts with the temparature of 3000-5000 degrees that can melt through solid steel and Titanium.
  • Hurl fireballs of various sizes. The smallest is the size of a marble all the way to the size of a Beachball! Maddie can hurl mutiple fireballs at targets. The size of the fireballs has various degrees of intensity.
  • At Medium to Close Range, Maddie can breath fire and can also shower targets with Rain of Fire singing targets and scattering them.
  • Maddie can generate a snipe blast that she calls 'The Plasma Cannon'.When she concentrates she can fire compacted plasma with tremendous accuracy and impact from her index and forefingers.
  • Maddie can absorb the bio-heat aura from targets.When she does this it stuns them temporarily and more importantly, replenishes her stamina that she loses when she uses her Fire and Ice powers simultaneously.

Her blasts can and will become stronger depending on the target she drains heat from.

  • She has an aura of flame that surrounds and protects her in a 15 foot radius. Most bullets melt on impact of the aura even hand grenades and small missiles. Energy blasts however can penetrate it but slows down its impact.
  • Maddie can generate a huge Nova Inferno that has an impat radius of a city block and the intensity and heat of Nepalm.
  • Using the Thermal updrafts and currents, Maddie can fly.

Her top speed is Mach 1. Which she only uses in an emergency. Normally she can fly at the speed of sound (720 m.p.h.)

  • Maddie also has Infra-vision which can be useful for surveillance as she can see how nervous a person is with their body heat and also at night.
  • Maddie can flame her fists so when she punches, She can cause damage and with her strength she can melt doors and other objects.

Ice Abilities Edit

Phyre Frosts Ice powers are more Defensive but can also be used offensively.

  • Short, Medium and long Range Ice blasts with a temparature of liquid nitrogen -150 degrees.

Maddie can freeze targets and objects solid and can shatter them if she wants to. But she mostly does that wih Robots, creatures and Mechas.

  • She can generate patches of Ice in a 20 foot radius. Good for tripping big targets, Mechas and crowd control!
  • Maddie can generate a snowstorm of various intensity; From a small blast to a blinding blizzard. In her arrivlal in Angel Falls Maddie used a snowstorm to help put out an Arson Fire.

Maddies Ice is most deadly at close range:

  • She can generate an Ice Scimitar. The blade of the Ice sword can cut through steel no matter the thickness. Maddie can increase the size of the blade and it does not melt as long as Maddie holds it. When she drops it, it will immediately melts and she has to cast another one.
  • She has a freezing aura around her body. Should targets get past her heat aura they become stunned by the cold of the frozen aura.
  • Maddie casts a thin sheet of Ice over her enitre body as armor. It has the density of steel which can protect her from bladed weapons and the impact from bullets, handgrenades and energy blasts before shattering. She then has to recast whatever piece that breaks off.

Normally she recasts the entire armor to break off the old layer instead.

  • When she is injured or should she reach the point of semi-consciousness, Maddie can encase herself in a block of Ice. The combination of her heat and frozen auras can heal her from serious injury depending on the length of time she is encased inside the Ice Block.
  • Maddie is resistant to both Fire and Ice, So both of her blasts do not cancel each other out. She can hurl her plasma and ice blasts simultaneously.

Skills Edit

Like Emily, Maddie is also a fierce street fighter. Except she is a Black Belt in Tai-Kwan-Do, Jujitsu and Kickboxing. Maddie has enhanced strength. She can lift 1000 lbs. effortlessly. When combined with her Ice sword or her Flaming fists she can tear through steel.

Weaknesses Edit

Maddies only physical weakness is her stamina. Both her Plasma and Ice blasts drains her of it quickly in battle. When this happens, She needs to use her Heat absorption power to replenish herself. She will definitely need to do this when she uses her Nova-Inferno blast as she is drained the most and needs time to recover.

However she is vulnerable to electric blasts which is her main weakness.

Demeanor Edit

Maddie is very pleasurable to get along with. She has a straight forward no-nonsense attitude and often tells people exactly what`s on her mind. She is a skilled strategist. Maddie can analyze a situation and can immediately come up with a plan of action. She does not charge into battle like Emily does and tries to instill that to her.

She treats Emily like a sister and is extremely protective of her, Even risking her own life to save her if necessary.

Notes Edit

When Maddie first manifested her powers her plasma/ice sterilized her. She is not capable of having children. Like Emily, her bodyhair has also been singed except her eyebrows and the hair on her head. Maddie is Emilys Legal Guardian and Mentor. She met Emily when she was 14 when she ran away from being in a foster home in New York. But most especially She ran away from her twin brother who tormented her. Maddie trained her in the use of her powers and guided her in Paragon City where they established themselves. Emily needed to challenge herself which led her to Angel Falls. Maddie eventually moved to Angel Falls as well to help out her protege and keep her out of trouble!

In her recent battle, she had her heart torn out of her by WarCat The Guardian Polygirl designed and built a fusion nuclear powered heart replacement which increased her plasma and ice powers without expelling or losing stamina. According to what Paulina told Emily, "Its like putting a 900 horsepower engine into a zip car!"

Maddie is ambidextrous. She can write and also use her ice scimitar in each hand with minimal difficulty. Also she is a champion fencer and is also a talented gymnist. Her dexterity is Olympic level. She often trains using gymnastic/aerobic moves to keep herself limber.

She has extensive computer knowledge and hacking skills. She can go to most databases through almost any firewall. Maddie is very intelligent,she was reading in a College level before she manifested her powers. She has an Associates Degree in Criminal Law and has knowledge of Police procedure and has a photographic memory.

She has tattoos of a heart and 4 stars around it on her lower abdomen.


Phyre Frost Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.


Phyre Frost Is a Young Guardians Instructor. These members are Guardians who instruct all Young Guardians.


Phyre Frost has a history in the City of Heroes online Roleplay game continuity.