Quebec Star (Bouchard)
Real Name: Gerald Bouchard
Identity: Secret
Species: Spirit; formerly Human (Mutant)
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Canada (deceased)
Occupation: Empowering Spirit;
formerly Laborer,
Creator(dA name): PatheticVirgin
Base of Operation(s): Montreal
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Unnamed siblings,
Chantel (great-grand niece)
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Quebec Star (Bouchard) is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's


For over seven decades, many different Quebec Stars have protected Montreal. And although the name and powers pass between people, one thing remains the same: the spirit which provides those powers, that of the orginal Quebec Star.

History Edit

Gereald Bouchard was born in a small farming town in the province of Quebec, Canada, in 1920. He was born with a deformed foot, but learned to walk normally on it with the help of specialized footwear, although he never could run. In 1937, he left home to move to Montreal to find a job to help support his family, and eventually found work as a laborer. When World War Two broke out in 1939, he tried to enlist, partially out of patriotism and partly as a way to have a better wage, but was rejected due to his deformity.In March of 1941, his powers emerged. Believing they were a gift, he resolved to use them for good. He made a blue and white costume and took the name Quebec Star, after his home province and a type of beacon.He served as a hero for the next few years, battling agents of the Axis powers as well as greed-driven criminals. In April, 1945, a Nazi spy shoot him in the chest, giving him a mortal wound. As he lay dying, he regretted that he was unable to do more good.

But although his body died, he soul survived and found a host in the body of a Montreal city police officer. Although both parties were initially confused, they discovered that Bouchard's powers had been transferred to the new host. The police officer took up the mantle of Quebec Star and found crime for the next five years.At that point, Gerald's spirit departed his host and empowered a new one. This process continued for the next several decades, with the spirit finding new hosts after five years or if the old one fell in battle. He always possessed those who had similar beliefs regarding justice as he did.

A few years ago, he possessed a woman named Chantel, who was his great-grand niece. After a few years of empowering her, she was attacked by the man who would later call himself the Occupant. He captured her and began to twist or destroy her memories. He didn't interfere as he believe she was strong enough to resist, and he wasn't sure if there was anything he could actually do. He was wrong, and Chantel retreated into the depths of her mind. With his host essentially brain-dead, he move to the next one, a young woman named Genevieve Lemoine. She presented an unique problem as she was pregnant. After a month of let her get used to the Quebec Star identity and abilities, he guided her to the city of Angel Falls, where the Occupant had taken up residence. It was there that he first encountered another being similar to him, the Thunderbird Spirit which empowered the heroine Thunderbird. Though his interactions with it, he learned that he had more power than he believed he did. The spirit continues to empower and warn the current Quebec Star of danger.

Powers Edit

As a human, Quebec Star had a number of abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength - His strength was enhanced to eight times his normal, enabling him to lift approx. 1600 lbs.

  • Force Blasts - He could mentally fire blasts of force of varying sizes and strength, from ones the size of a fingernail to a ten foot square, and from ones that could barely be felt to ones strong enough to destroy a brick wall. He could curve the paths of them so they could maneuver around objects or follow a moving target, although this required more concentration.

  • Flight - He could fly unaided. While flying, a aura surrounded him, providing air and preventing injuries from friction. He top speed was unknown, as he was limited by his reactions.

As a spirit, he provided the above powers to his successors as well as the following:

  • Warning Sense - He provides the ability to warn his host of impending danger. Although most times the threat is apparent, sometimes it can be vague, referring to a threat that only he realizes. This ability also allows Quebec Star to fly at maximum speed, since he can warn them of objects in their path.

  • Instant Change - The Quebec Star costume is not made of cloth, but of spirit energy. With a thought, the host can change his clothes into it. It is nearly impossible to damage.
  • Unaging - While the spirit possesses a host, the host doesn't age during the duration of the possession. This has not been a problem until he possessed his current host

Recently, the spirit has shown new abilities, such as reinforcing his host's willpower or intensifying physical symptoms such as morning sickness. He may have other abilities not discovered.