Quebec Star (Lemoine)
Quebec star by candelagreene-d30igmv
Aliases: Gen
Real Name: Genevieve Lemoine
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: Canadian
Place of Birth: Montreal
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Occupation: Adventurer,
Creator(dA name): Pathetic Virgin
Base of Operation(s): Montreal,
Angel Falls
Affiliations: Guardians
Marital Status: Widow:
Jean Lemoine (deceased)
Children: unborn daughter

The current possessor of the mantle of Quebec Star, she is the protector of two cities.


Genevieve Fortier was born in the Canadian city of Montreal. While in high school, she met Jean Lemoine. They fell in love and married a few years later. Shortly after she found out she was pregnant with their first child, Jean was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. Although this affected Gen greatly, she resolved to remain strong for their child. In her seventh month of pregnancy, she became the host to the spirit of the original Quebec Star, and recieved the power of the hero. Although she didn't want the powers, she also couldn't let them go unused and let people suffer. She was unhappy when she realized she wasn't going to age for the duration that she had the powers, and so would remain pregnant.

After a month of learning to use her new abilities, the spirit guided her to the American city of Angel Falls, where the man who had destroyed the mind of the previous Quebec Star had taken residence.Her first night there, she prevented a robbery by the criminal cyborg Dr. Longreach. Subsequently, she encountered the heroine Thunderbird and made friends with her.The next time they met, Thunderbird introduced her to the Guardians and then offered her mebership in the group. Quebec Star accepted, but then was compelled to sexually attack Thunderbird due to the telepath she was hunting. The spirit of the original Quebec Star added his willpower to hers and drove the telepath out of her mind, but she was embarrassed by her actions (even tough she wasn't responsible for them) and fled. She spent some time avoiding returning to Angel Falls until the spirit forced her to. Once she did, she encounter Thunderbird again, who explained she knew what the situation was. The two heroines then teamed up to defeat the criminal Malleable Man.

Since then, she has helped repel an assault by the Imperial during the dedication of the Guardians' headquarters; stopped the criminal Exo-Force from beating his wife; and had her Guardians teammate Polygirl check her unborn child. She also teamed up with White Owl to find the escaped telekintic convict known as the Podophile. He ambushed her and then assaulted her, which left her feeling defiled after White Owl rescued her. White Owl helped her get over these feelings.

Some time later, she was attacked by a ninja hired by the telepath she was searching for, who revealed that he called himself the Occupant. At a general meeting of the Guardians, she briefly attacked new member Raging Bull after learning he had worked for the Occupant. She later assisted the Guardians in dealing with lost vigilante Ashkii shortly before her friend Thunderbird was gravely injured. While this did strengthen her resolve, the spirit, worried that he would drive her to similar fate, denied her his power for a couple of months until he realized that she was unwilling to let evil happen when she could prevent it.

Quebec Star currently divides her time between protecting both Montreal and Angel Falls.


Quebec Star possesses the folow powers

  • Superhuman Strength - Her strength is enhanced to eight times her normal, enabling her to lift approx. 1000 lbs.

  • Force Blasts - She can mentally fire blasts of force of varying sizes and strength, from ones the size of a fingernail to a ten foot square, and from ones that can barely be felt to ones strong enough to destroy a brick wall. She can curve the paths of them so they can maneuver around objects or follow a moving target, although this requires more concentration.

  • Flight - She can fly unaided. While flying, a aura surrounds her, providing air and preventing injuries from friction. At her top speed, she can fly between Montreal and Angel Falls in five minutes

  • Warning Sense - The spirit of the Quebec Star provides the ability to warn his host of impending danger. Although most times the threat is apparent, sometimes it can be vague, referring to a threat that only he realizes. This ability also allows Quebec Star to fly at maximum speed, since he can warn them of objects in their path.

  • Instant Change - The Quebec Star costume is not made of cloth, but of spirit energy. With a thought, the host can change his clothes into it. It is nearly impossible to damage.

  • Unaging - While possessed by the spirit of the original Quebec Star, Gen does not age. This hasn't been a problem with previous hosts, but her unborn child has also stopped aging, meaning she will be pregnant as long as she possesses the powers.

Quebec Star (Lemoine) Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.