Raging Bull
Raging Bull
Real Name: Gordon Martin
Identity: Known
Species: Human - Mutant
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Canadian
Place of Birth: Ontario, CAN
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7" calm;
6'2" annoyed;
6'11" angry;
8'2" maximum
Weight: 130 lbs. calm;
225 lbs. annoyed;
400 lbs. angry;
maximum unknown
Occupation: Former: Enforcer/Bodyguard;
Current: Hero
Creator(dA name): Pathetic-Virgin
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Hall
Affiliations: Guardian
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Susan Martin
Father: David Martin

Raging Bull is a former Canadian Syndicate operative that had found friendship with the Guardian Polygirl after rescuing her in a failed kidnapping plot.

History Edit

Gordon Martin was born and raised in small town Ontario, Canada. His family lived on a farm that was fairly isolated, so he rarely interacted with other children outside of school. Puberty was not kind to him, as he was smaller than the rest of his peers, and when they weren't mocking him, they ignored him. Gordon built up a lot of repressed anger that finally unleashed itself in his final year of high school, when his powers triggered. Confused and in pain, he rampaged through the school and ultimately destroyed much of it. He was expelled afterwards and just barely avoided criminal charges. For the next few years, he remained on his family's farm, rarely leaving. Even his parents were a little afraid of him.

Then one day, the man known as the Occupant arrived. He convinced Gordon that he that he shouldn't be afraid to use his power, and that he could give him the opportunity to use it. Gordon, desperate for human contact, was convinced by his argument. The Occupant gave him the name Raging Bull, and they left for Angel Falls. Once they had arrived in the city, the Occupant used him as his muscle to take over several of the gangs and organize crime families in the city to serve as the foundation of the Canadian Syndicate. It was during one of these missions that he battled the vigilante La Femme Punisher.

Gordon disliked the use of violence he had to use and steadfastly refused to kill anyone, sonthing that the Occupant saw a weakness. Nevertheless, he was still the crimelord's primary bodyguard and one of the few people the Occupant trusted with his true identity. Gordon also looked up to him as something like a wise older brother. After the Occupant started a conflict with the Fourth Reich, a demonic assassin was dispatched to kill him. Raging Bull tried to defend his boss, but was quickly defeated due to his lack of skill. The Occupant then set his own assassin Needless on her, allowing him to escape with the unconscious Gordon, whose loyalty he valued.

Broken Heart Edit


Gordon having Self doubt after another sleepless night after Siren Dumped him.

Gordon had a relationship with the sexy songtress Rosalind Chambers. The relationship was an arranged affair by the Occupant to bring out the true raw emotions in Gordon and use it to his own advantage. After months of manipulation, Gordon killed a Fourth Reich soldier in blind rage. Soon afterwards, Rosalind cruelly dumped him, causing Gordon to suffered great emotional damage. He found himself full of self doubt about what the Occupant told him, as well his role in the Syndicate. Ultimately he resolved to become the man the Occupant wanted him to be. Soon afterwards, the Occupant entrusted him with kidnapping the techpert Polygirl for one of his allies. However, he fell in love with her at first sight and soon made a choice to break the control the Occupant had on him, knocking him out and rescue her. He fled through the city with the unconscious woman, battling through Fourth Reich soldiers, the demon assassin he had encountered before, and ultimately Twisted Savant, the man who requested that Polygirl be kidnapped, before he could get her to the safety of her Guardian teamates.

Guardian Acceptance Edit

Imprisoned due to his crimes, he was soon given a light sentence and then remanded into the custody of the Lone Stranger, CEO of Stranger Industries, and then was voted into becoming a member of the Guardians despite doubts from some of the team's members. Soon after, at a meeting of the team's membership, he learned that his parents were being controlled by the Occupant as a means to protect the villain's secrets. Then he was attacked by Quebec Star, who was hunting the Occupant due to him having mentally brualized her predecessor. Following that, Olga, the Soviet Superwoman, offered to mentor him due to the similairities in their backgrounds. He sought conselling from Dr. Shiela Hauptmann, the Guardians' psychotherapist, who advised him not to seek a relationship with Polygirl. However, his feelings for her were too strong and he engaged in one anyways. Some time later, while he was training with Ryu, another Guardian who wished to mentor him, he was attacked again by Quebec Star after it appeared that he had killed Ryu.

Raging bull calm 001

Raging Bull when he's not angry

Raging Bull helped defend Stranger Industries with Warbuster when the alien conqueror Nexus attacked it and battled one of his alternate forms, although Nexus escaped with what he was seeking. He later assisted Soviet Superwoman and their teammates Morgana and Ms. Blitzen in prevent a primate revolution instigated by the cybernetic gorilla Cy-Mian. Later, he went shopping with Polygirl's friend Aria Kahner for gifts for her. Soon afterwards, he went on a double date with Poly, Aria, and her boyfriend David "Concussion" Blake that ended with the four of them on a recreated pirate ship. Some time after that, Rosalind summoned him to a meeting where she informed him that his parents were free of the Occupant's control. She also told him that the crimelord had hired her to manipulate him. Angered, he went to confront his former boss, only to be easily defeated and turned over the Occupant's new allies, the lust demon Onyx Raven. He was held by her for months being tortured in various ways, while his teammates and especially Polygirl searched for his whereabouts. He eventually overcome Onyx's domination and attacked her. However, she was much more powerful than he was and easily defeated him and then let him plummet to his seeming death, although the angelic Guardian Angelina saved him.

Returned to Guardian Hall, he soon led the team in assaulting the Occupant's stronghold, but just as the heroes confronted him, the evil telepath was apparently killed by aliens. Later, Polygirl was prepared to take their relationship to a sexual level but upon realizing that the experiences Gordon had been through had traumatized him, she took to sleeping in his bed platonically. Some time later, he assisted the Guardians in battling Onyx despite his unease with confronting her. Some time afterwards, he was attacked by a new villain named Backblast, who seemed to have some type of personal grudge against him and who would have murdered him if not for the timely arrival of Warbuster. Around recieving a 'gift' that Onyx had sent before she was captured, Gordon freaked out but was comforted by Polygirl. Some time later, he and Poly met out-of-town heroes Spinnerette and Mecha Maid and helped them fend of a group of mercenaries who had been hired to harass them. He later took Poly on on trip to his home to meet his parents, as their relationship continued to progress.

Powers Edit

Heart to Heart

Gordan and Polygirl sharing a moment in Guardian Headquarters.

Raging Bull possesses superhuman strength and durability that increases as he gets angerier. When he's calm, he has below average strength due to his build. When he is annoyed, he can lift 2 tons. When he is slightly angry, he can lift 10 tons and his skin is tough enough that small arms fire can not penetrate it. At his maximum, he can lift 50 tons. However, he can only maintain this for a short period of time. Most of his clothes have been treated with a process that allows them to stretch without tearing as he grows larger.

When he grows in size, he absorbs mass from an extra-dimensional source. However, he also absorbs extra-dimensional energy at the same time. In small amounts, the energy is stable, although it does have some effects. First, it raises his core body temperature, which is why he exhales heated air when he was angry. Second, it supplies his body with energy, meaning he only needs to eat for nutrients. When Raging Bull goes angrier and therefore larger, the amount of energy within his body becomes unstable, resulting in crackles of energy on his skin. When he becomes strong enough to lift 50 tons, he either has to calm down or the energy within him reaches its maximum and has to be released as an omnidirectional blast of energy, which would then leave him in a temporarily powerless state. With concentration, he can release this blast in only one direction, although this leaves him nearly unconscious in the aftermath.


Raging Bull Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.