Rolanus everpyre
Real Name: Rolanus "Rol" Everpyre
Identity: None
Species: Dragonkin (Ice Dragon and Elf)
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 130 lb
Occupation: Body Guard
Creator(dA name): Venom17

Rolanus is a dragonkin from the realm from which Shard came from. Although neither would admit it, he is Shard's best (and closest thing to) a friend.

Biography Edit

Rolanus has had a tough life; his parents murdered in front of him by humans when he was young. He's grown a resentment of all humans, though he rarely ever shows it. His main goal in life is to simply go through each day without trouble, though it always seems to find him.

He mainly serves as a bodyguard or a bouncer in his career and has sometimes found himself at odds and confronting his ally and grudging friend Shard.

Wise and distant, he prefers nature over technology and has a hard time in Angel Falls dealing with modern tech, choosing instead to simply go the "old fashioned" route.

One thing he's been notorious for was being something of an "item" which females of his home realm and this realm of all species desire, almost always finding himself being infatuated upon by one female or another.

Life In Angel Falls Edit

Rolanus came to Angel Falls the same exact way that Shard did. Upon arriving though, he attracted more attention, yet in his charming way, found Shard without causing too much a stir.

Although not a social type, Rolanus was introduced to a number of people in Angel Falls. Among then are Invictus,Silver Mist, and The Cook.

Invictus - Regards Rolanus as Shard's smarter brother, and admires him for his fighting skills which she relies on for some special jobs.

Silver Mist - Has the least contact of the three, although Shard talks his ears off about her. He considers her typical of all human females.

The Cook - From the moment he met her, he knew she was different, in that she had the heart of a warrior when it came to her friends. He would train her to fight as well defend herself, and was hired by Invictus to protect her even though he knew she needed none.