Group Type: Para Military
Anti Meta-Human
Anti-Alternative Lifestyle
Leader: Jural Kirin
Current Members: Nadine Porter
Base of Operations: Global

The Rooks can be traced back to 1951 with the formation of the United Humans Fundamentalist Organization which was founded by retired U.S. Army General Terrence Gross. General Gross believed that the Guardians/Heroes for all their meta-human abilities were mutants that needed to be controlled, contained, and cataloged as they posed a danger to all Human beings around the world.

History Edit

In 1982, one of the the United Human Fundalmentalist leader Matthew Moore's trusted members, Jural Kirin a brilliant scientist and physicist challenged Professor Matthew Crowne to a debate over the safety of Anti-matter. The debate was a 2 hour word war that would see Professor Crowne convincing the public that reliance on oil would doom the race way before anti-matter. Jural was infuriated by this and asked Moore to form a splinter group to directly challenge the building of the collider. In 1984 the Rooks was born under the mantra “To err is human to forgive is divine.”

The Rook were dressed like a para military group but never carried weapons. The believed humans need no tools to be deadly, and as powerful as the Meta-human they stand against. In 1986 the largest Rooks event, and the last public Rooks event took place at the opening of the Vertical collider. Jural had infiltrated the security measure several days earlier and hid a micro explosive on the reaction chamber to blast a hole 1 micro big and cause the collider to fail. The plan backfired when it did fire, and the dark matter created had evaporated Professor Crowne, and infected his wife Chery Crowne, and her unborn fetus. It took several weeks before authorities traced the sabotage to Jural, and arrested Moore for harboring a fugitive.

By 1990 the Rooks however went underground and gained support from criminal organizations who wanted a way to even the field against the Meta-humans. In someways some political figures were instrumental in funding projects that were created by the Rooks to use against Meta-humans. Most third world nations as well as far-east nations have used Rook technology and made illegal weapons that have been spreading throughout the globe. Jural Kirin is considered the leader of the Rooks, although the last direct connection with the Rooks was in mid 1993 a series of Cab robberies that ended with murder would be the catalyst to their resurgences.

The Cabbie Slasher Peter Hammis would come to Jural claiming that he knows the identity of one Meta-human. Jural who had built several weapons to subdue meta-humans was eager to try them out, and he and the Rooks would confront Aaron Walker who had gained abilities from a probe of extraterrestrial origins. After abducting his wife, and threatening to give her a force abortion, they trapped him and seemingly destroyed him. But not before losing his left arm in the process. Jural would do some research after the incident and find some more technology left by the probe which he used the alloy from the probes hull to make his bionic arm. He also developed a weapon to cause miniature

Rooks Insignia worn on uniforms

Electromagnetic Pulses to use against Guardians with energy issues as an ability.

None of this is confirmed nor is the Rooks whereabouts as a number of nations, and corporations in the United States continue to harbor the criminal organization. The Rooks still maintain the rights of Humans over the Meta-Humans and are still considered an active criminal ran organization.