Siren redo by pulchritudinousEXIT
Aliases: Siren
Real Name: Rosalind Chambers
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: American Citizen
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 110
Occupation: Singer/Gold Digger
Creator(dA name): lonestranger
Base of Operation(s): Penthouse in the richest part of town
Affiliations: Freelance
Marital Status: Single
Children: none
Mother: April Chambers
Father: Robert Chambers
Relatives: unrevealed

Siren is incredibly beautiful, men have fallen all over themselves trying to spend time with her. Each time someone has entered into a relationship with her they truly feel like their ship has come in, at least until it crashes into the rocks in a manner similar to her mythological counterparts.

Early Life Edit

Rosalind Chambers was born into the upper crust of society, her father being a successful broker and her mother receiving a large inheritance from Rosalind's grandmother. Because of this Rosalind has never wanted for anything in her life, everything she has ever wanted has been made available to her. She was not immune to being teased at the prestigious academies she went to though; as the other kids found out she was from the poorest family at the school. As a result little Rosalind never was a part of the in crowd.

Teenage Years Edit

It was late in her time at middle school when things started to change for her. She was getting her daily grief from one of the popular girls when she got mad enough to slap her for what she was doing, and was surprised when the other girl backed off like she was scared out of her mind. Once Rosalind realized what had happened she started exploring what she could do, especially since she was able to start reading the minds of those around her. As she progressed through high school she found she could influence other emotion states besides fear, she eventually discovered she could influence people across the entire range of emotions. During high school she turned her powers on the popular crowd, especially the football team and the cheerleaders. Even at that young age she was responsible for a long line of broken relationships and crushed egos.

After High School Edit

After high school she moved on to study business in college, she got her degree with “a fair amount of help” from her classmates. After she got her degree she moved to Angel Falls and started working her way into the upper crust of the city, always on the arm of her next victim staying in a relationship long enough to grab all of the person’s wealth and property for herself.

Regret Edit

If Rosalind Chambers does have any regrets in life, it’s having to let go of Tara Genovese. Rosalind met the woman while performing at the Calliope nightclub, they had a brief but intense relationship but Rosalind felt the need to end their romance. The relationship between them is arguably the only time she has felt any genuine emotion for anyone besides envy or disgust.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Emotion Control - Anyone who can be affected psionically can have their emotions altered by her across the entire emotional spectrum.
  • Mind Reading - Siren can read the mind of most targets, only those that cannot be affected by psionic powers are safe from her.
  • Mind Shield - Her mind is very difficult to affect by other people's psionic powers.