Soviet Valkyrie
SV small
Aliases: Olga Xenia Yezhov
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: U.S.S.R. from another dimension with no criminal record
Place of Birth: U.S.S.R.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.905
Weight: 104.55
Occupation: Adventurer
Creator(dA name): Soviet-Superwoman
Base of Operation(s): Paris, France
Affiliations: Freelancer
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: None
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Relatives: Maia Bonner:Wife (deceased)

Soviet Valkyrie, in an Alternate Future, is Olga Yezhov, the Soviet Superwoman . She loses her wife in a battle to save Angel Falls from the diabolical machinations of Ilsa Hauptmann . The death of her wife, Walkiria, has a fundamental mental change on Olga. She renegs on her promise never to use her powers to cause the death of another and slays both Ilsa and Dark Star , who had a hand in Ilsa's plan.

History Edit

In the year 2018, a coalition of super-villains united under the banner of Ilsa Hauppman aka Genocide in a concentrated effort to destroy the super-hero population of Angel Falls. Genocide had been given the idea years earlier when after assisting General Shadow, their plans to sacrifice the Soviet Superwoman had been dashed by the arrival of the Guardians, a team of super-heroes all united and working together. Thus Ilsa embarked on a crusade to secure the support of almost every major super villian in her master-plan with the exceptions of Twisted Savant (whom she was unable to locate and considered too dangerous to share any sort of power) and Ultrawoman who laughed at her effort and threatened to interfere. Ultrawoman was captured by the Reich once her weakness was rooted out of Dark-Star's mind by the Warlord and taken out of the equation. Ilsa and her forces brutally and violently attacked the city and it's hero population in one evening, using barometric explosives teleported directly into key structures such as Guardians HQ and city hall. Tartarus prison was broken open and the inmates all freed. Soviet Superwoman went there to engage the prisoners and ended up in a prolonged battle with American Hero. Hero explained during the fight what was happening and that Walkiria and the remaining heroes were walking into a trap. Olga managed to defeat her old foe and took off in the direction of Maia and the remaining Guardians. She was too late however. Outnumbered and being psychically and physically barraged, Maia had sacrificed herself to self-destruct causing a massive detonation in the middle of the city akin to a nuclear bomb. A wave of violet energy smashed into Soviet Superwoman and threw her backwards across the city. Dark-Star was the only villain to survive the blast, going intangible. Ilsa also came out to inspect the burning city she had created and that was when SSW intercepted the two villains. After a short battle, Olga savagely killed both of her remaining foes, breaking a vow she had made so many years ago to never kill. She assisted in the clean-up and rebuilding of Angel Falls for a time, finding and releasing Ultrawoman from her golden prison. The two old enemies actually found solace in each others arms, having lost everyone they loved in a single night. Increasingly bitter and depressed, Olga left to go and live in Paris, France. Her powers had increased tremendously, with Maia's energies seeping into her body and becoming a part of her. She renamed herself the Soviet Valkyrie and designed a new costume that included a lot of Walkiria's costume design. In 2020 she was contacted by Ultrawoman who met with her at her moonbase headquarters. The reformed villainess had been living there in complete seclusion but had found a mysterious artifact, an obelisk that was radiating strange temporal energies. She explained to the Soviet Valkyrie that if she could precisely tap into those energies she could send Olga back in time for a brief period to when Ilsa and General Shadow first joined forces in 2017. From there she could kill them both and alter the timeline so that the destruction of Angel Falls and deaths of everyone they held dear never happened. Olga accepted and was send backwards in time. Unfortunately she arrived on Halloween night in 2011, a time period when she had no idea where Ilsa of the General were hiding. In her rage and frustration she sought out the only person she could still murder to change events: herself. The Valkyrie viciously attacked the Soviet Superwoman at her home with the intention of killing herself to prevent her own timeline. The arrival of Maia softened her heart and made her falter long enough for the temporal energies to fade, returning her to her own time. Upon returning she found herself in the ground-zero portion of Angel Falls and face to face with the omnipotent villain Concussion. The boy offered her a second chance to go back and fix this, claiming he could place her at the exact time and date for a price. While there he wanted her to kill one of the Guardians who would be arriving to help, a young girl named Aria. Grief-stricken and seeing no other choice, Olga accepted his offer. Once there she killed the girl and Ilsa Hauppman, effectively ending her own timeline but replacing it with one where Concussion ruled supreme. Without Aria to keep the dual-nature of his soul in check David subjugated the entire world to his whims, killing off every major superhero and supervillain himself with unbridled glee. Eventually the good side of his soul, the part known as Serenity managed to break free after a massive battle of wills and raced back in time to the moment when Olga was about to kill Aria. Throwing himself in front of her laser vision blast, Serenity saved his love so that Concussion's timeline was altered out of existence. He then opened a portal, dismissing Olga away. As he lay dying he also imparted the knowledge to Aria on how to defeat General Shadow without giving Ilsa the idea that doomed the Valkyrie's timeline, thus wiping it from existence as well. Soviet Valkyire found herself transported to present day Angel Falls where she met with the present day Serenity, drawn to the same spot she arrived at. Although he was unaware of the actions of his future self, or the future she came from, after her explanation of events he told her that her timeline was erased and so was Concussion's. A part of his future self must have seen something in her to spare her from fading away into nothing and as he lay dying, he thought it best to preserve her and send her to this time period. Soviet Valkyrie accepted this and decided it would be best to find someplace to settle down and disappear so as to not cause any problems to the timeline or with her younger self. Serenity left and as she was about to leave someone interrupted her...