Spartan One
Spartan One Photo
Aliases: William Robert Jennings
Real Name: John Waylon Carter
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Alma, NE
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Occupation: Nuclear Engineer at the Vahalla Nuclear Fusion Plant
Creator(dA name): VHamelin
Base of Operation(s): Varies
Affiliations: United State Government Operative
Marital Status: Widowed
Helen Elizabeth Harold-Carter (deceased)
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Spartan One is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's


Spartan One (John Carter) is a physical symbol of sacrifice, pride, and dedication. Even after society, which he fought so hard to protect for decades, practically abandoned him as a hero, John continued to fight for them, determined to ensure the safety of his home front from harm. To this day, after he turned over a new leaf in his life, those scars still remain.

History Edit

John Carter 1938

John Carter; 1938

Some habits which he had been so accustomed to since his lustrous career began in 1939, tend to get the better of him from time to time. Perhaps it's a subtle message that his destiny can never be abandoned. That no matter what the cause may be, he must always answer the call, regardless if he wants to, or not.

His substantial career began when World War II came full force in the home front. Originally a mere solider willing to risk his life for his country, John was transferred to operations in Europe in 1944 from his posting in the Pacific. Scientists, and the Department of Defense issued him with a reinforced uniform made from the Red Steel Composite, designed to protect him while attempting to invade Europe. It was a means to boost morale of the troops and press them forward in hopes to achieve victory against the Third Reich. He eventually was given the designation "Spartan One" by the Office of Strategic Services in reference to the fearless Spartans of Greece. His assignments were risky and life threatening, but he would prevail no matter what the odds that were stacked against him. One of the significant moments for John was rescuing the imprisoned Jewish civilians locked away in concentration camps across Europe. In Auschwitz, he and a few other soldiers were able? to break into it and freed the Jewish Prisoners from the gas chambers. It was a memory that would always be locked away in the back of his mind.

Spatan One

Spartan One; 1944-1945

With VE, and VJ day commenced in 1945, the allied forces traveled to the sites where the? celebrations was commencing and meeting the fabled heroine Amazonia . While the celebrations were taking place, John instead, declined to attend the ceremonies and returned home to reunite with his wife, Helen, and met with President Harry S. Truman and General Dwight D. Eisenhower to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his efforts, and dedication during the Second World War. An award that the military could never take away from him for years to come.

Since he initially staged his death in 2002, John decided it was time to move on to something else. As of recent he works as a Power Plant Engineer. His believes that America abandoned him thanks to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and his successful attempt in destroying John's career as a soldier in 1954. Although he was later reinstated and all charges were cleared after Edward R. Murrow exposed McCarthy for what he was, the United States questioned? Spartan One's loyalty, and the Department of Defense did everything they could to wash their hands clean of the mess by eliminating the man. Now, that he has turned over a new leaf, the life he once knew was behind him and he was able to let go of his former duty as a hero. the question is, will that path let go of him?

Powers and Abilities Edit


In Uniform (minus Helmet)

-John is a soldier first and foremost; He has a knack for leadership, and knows how to maintain control in a heated, or unstable environment which fear possesses the most strength. His dignity, vigilance, presence, and charisma are enough to regain morality under any circumstances

-John is proficiently trained in Military Self Defense, as introduced in the early days (Closed Quarters Combat)

-John is a very skilled Pilot, and a second highest marksman. He is trained prominently to survive in the wilderness conditions, and is proficiently trained in the art of Stealth and Espionage

-Due to his exposure to Red Steel since 1944-2002, John has acquired the following traits:

    • Hardened Skin that makes him almost impervious (Though still penetrable to a certain degree), offering a higher resistance against physical attacks
    • Higher Resistance to heat; body carries the effects which Red Steel pertains when exposed to heat
    • Heat Absorbent Skeletal System; Even when extreme temperatures can possibly provide some difficulty, John's bones will absorb the heat and disperse it through his skin maintaining his normal temperature due to the temperature adjustment from his Skeletal System; Acts as a conductor to maintain body temperature levels and, protect vital organs
    • Copper colored hair; the particle disperse from Red Steel permanently tinted his hair due to prolonged exposure
    • Skin acts as an absorbent to physical attacks; Increasing difficulty for the nerves to respond to certain levels of pain properly

-Following a series of experiments that took place from September 23rd, 1957-March 14th, 1958(Operation Plumbbob, Project 58) John has gained a few genetic mutations (Not physically present)

    • Regenerative Factor (Slow) to help him mend wounds within a time range between fifteen minutes to an hour
    • Enhanced physical strength; Range of 50-75 metric tons, and plausibly 85 when focused.
    • Physical aging slowed to a ratio of 1:14 (One year every fourteen years)
    • Physically sterile
    • Plausible immunity to radiation

Personality Edit

John is a gifted leader when required to be, and a seasoned veteran who knows all the tricks their is to know. However, he prefers to keep a low profile and says very little in regards to his actual past. As Bill Jennings, he prefers to keep any heroics he does low key, and avoids any human contact when commencing such. Sometimes, he'll throw on something to conceal his identity while doing so to avoid publicity from identifying him. He is very compassionate despite his fears of exposure, and very heroic despite not wanting to be at this point. Sometimes, he can be grumpy, but that is very seldom.Emotionally, John is scarred. After spending sixty-four years servicing his country and servicing Angel Falls, many burdens are carried with him. Though never once has he shed a tear. Though that is what's believed.

Relationships Edit

John circle was vast in the Golden Age since he met and befriended quite a few key individuals that had a specific impact in his life.

Helen Carter: As a husband, John was very faithful, loyal and supportive of her own decisions and actions. In turn she stood behind him and became his foundation through all the hardships. The two met in the late 1930s as the Great Depression came a to close in the United States. At first, she was a bit hesitant and annoyed at the Carter Boys and their antics, but as time progressed, that slowly withered away while spending more time with John by himself. Helen was quite skeptical of John at first, however following their first night together, she came to realize what sort of man Carter was. by 1938, some time following John graduating from basic training with the United States Army, the two married and lived a prosperous life together in Hawaii. Many of her closest friends and colleagues questioned weather or not John was truly loyal, but Helen knew the man better than any of them could possibly imagine. Several times, her friends tried to get her to meet other men while he was away, and she refused to do such a thing in his absence. During war time their were a handful that speculated on their lovers cheating on them with other women, Helen never did. The proof didn't come to view until John returned from Europe in 1945. His return being during VE day, which baffled many who knew that many soldiers wouldn't miss anything in the world to be awarded for their achievements by the legendary Amazonia, herself. When asked, John simply replied: "My reward's right here in my arms. That's more than enough for me." Since then it was never doubted, or questioned about Johns loyalty to his own wife. The love and passion they shared was very genuine.

When John was undergoing an investigation in 1954 for Communist activity, Helen became the voice for her own husband. Reaching out to anyone who would be more than willing to help clear her husbands name of such vile accusations. In turn, Helen gained the support of not only her fellow activists, but other heroes as well. It was due to Helen that the Department of Defense would not be able to remove Carter from his position in the United States Army, out of fear of the backlash that may come out of it. Especially with Helen having the support of Elanor Roosevelt herself, among others. Helen was very outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind when it boiled down to it. Consistently active in the Women's Rights movement, while at the same time, supporting her husband while fighting overseas. Their were times she questioned what the Military was trying to do with her husband following his framing in 1954, trying to convince John to step away from the military life.  However, finally withdrew from that when John assured her he was going to be fine, explaining he wanted to remain so to prove he was not a traitor.  In turn, Helen agreed with his statement and provided support for his decision, also reaching out for more support should the Department of Defense decide to discharge the hero.

In 1973, Helen suffered from Lymphoma and was hospitalized while John was in Vietnam. She managed to hold on long enough to see her husband one last time when he finally made it to the Hospital in Angel Falls. During her spare time, she was an artist who worked with Oil Paints creating scenery, landscapes, and portraits. Those whom were present during her final days were her closest friends and family. Keeping her going until John finally arrived. After the two were left alone, they spent an hour together sharing a final kiss before Helen died in her husband's arms. Helen's final resting place is in Angel Falls. Some say, she still act's as the faithful wife awaiting for the day when her husband finally reunites with her.

To Our Heroes-s

Two protectors honoring Memorial Day, 1963.

Amazonia (Camilla Gomez)In the past, the two had worked together on countless occasions and helped each other in the worst of times.  Amazonia was unable to award John during VE and VJ day following World War II due to John declining the invitation in favor of returning to the States to be with his wife again. Despite certain differences between the two with their views and beliefs, they soon became close friends following the fall of McCarthyism, continuing their adventures together often playing off each other joking and teasing from time to time.  Often making references to John's wife Helen and how Amazonia only tolerates John due to knowing his wife fairly well.  By the 1960's, tension in Vietnam began to sizzle and the United States intervened with Vietnam's affairs.  Amazonia made an effort to enforce peace during the campaign.  In 1965, the United States made an effort to use bombs in hopes to end the war once and for all, Amazonia diverted those weapons of mass destruction was placed on the FBI's most wanted for her actions.  John was not very happy with the decision and was about to say something, but was threatened to be arrested for treason if he tried to defend her actions.  He kept his mouth shut about it from that point, though not very happy with the Department of Defense and the FBI treating the heroine as a criminal.   A part of him wanted to submit his resignation, however remained with the military under strict orders to have her arrested on site.  It is uncertain weather or not he did get to see her at all during that time, or maintained contact with her.  A few months following his wife's death, the FBI brought him in for questioning, grilling him on Amazonia's whereabouts, however the interrogation went nowhere.  He was again placed under arrest for treason, and defiance against his country.  Those charges were later dropped and he was given a second pardon continuing his work as a soldier.

When Amazonia died in 1987, John spent the extra few hours after friends and family cleared her final resting place learning about Stunning, Camilla's daughter, and what really happened to Camilla.  He left some flowers behind for her, requesting Camillia to look after Helen for him before leaving to continue his work.  Following her death, it was noted that Spartan One was possibly the last Golden Age Hero to still continue be active in service.


Spartan One Is a member of the Protectors roster. They served the during the Golden Age from 1946-1976.