His first incarnate being a war veteran of a war that basically as he will put it "if you were to sum it up take, World War II add Vietnam And Cambodia, multiply it by 20. Now you have tiptoeing through the tulips compared to the war that was fought." And the guilt of his failure to stop at genocide campaign started by his nations allies in the war, almost Dragged him to hell, if it weren't for the fact that he was a good man in life and he was a Christian, before could be told however what his options were he asked his first question when he reached heaven and that was "how may I serve you lord?" That Is how the captain was recruited

The Captain is an Agent of the heavens, And The Guardian angel of freedom, he also has many lives.

list of incarnatesEdit

note that dates to protect intellectual property have been altered for the first life as well as to protect him.


Eratch. Cdr. Ryu Continuum

Born: August 23rd 3996 on the 4th planet of the Vatican star system.

Died: Sept 13th 4014 (first battle of Leo)

Died again: 19 BBY (Lucas dimension 1 calendar, died at the hands of the 501st legion and the newly named Darth Vader.)


The Marquis de Laffite

Born: September 10th 1757 on planet earth, in France.

Died: May 20th 1834 (peacefully in his sleep, in Paris France)

Died again: May 9th 2003 (Dimension 5, Taliban sniper)


John Brown

Born: May 9th 1800 on planet earth, in Torrington Connecticut

Died: December 2nd 1859 (hung for treason)

Died Again: may 2nd 2011? (dimension 1, Disappeared after helping seal team 6 kill Osama bin Laden, never heard from again until next incarnate)


John Sharp Hatchet

Born: American Great plains. (actual physical age unknown so birth year cannot be calculated )

Died: November 5th 1910 (shot by “accident” by the army of the Potomac)

Died again:


Sgt. Drake Alexander

Born: July 3rd 1920 in D.C.

Died: June 6th 1944 (D-Day, stick grenade to the face.)

Died again: July 30th 2141 (interplay dimension, neck broke by Serpent Jr.)


Courier 6

Born: ????

Died: October 18th 2181 (interplay dimension, shot in the head while attempting to deliver a package)

Died again:


"the Tengu"

Birth-date unknown

Died: unknown (offical records destroyed by the japanese imperial govenment.)

Died again:


Galen Marek/ Darlacis Nion/ Star Killer

Born 19 BBY Place Of birth unknown (Lucas dimension 7 calendar)

Died 2 BBY ? (Lucas dimension 7 calendar , Questionable weather or not he actually died but he snapped out of it around 1BBY in the battle of Timira city Kamino. maybe the clone was the incarnate? We will never know)

Died again:


Sir. Hildebrand of Burn

Born: ????

Died: ???? (killed by his half brother)

Died again:


superhuman skill, telekinetic and tellapahic capabilities, ninjutsu baced powers (not till 7th), superhuman endurance (not in terms of stamina), Sixth and seventh senses, divine energy generation and manipulation, flight (not till 2nd), the force (not till 8th), immunity to tear gas, immunity to biological agents including toxins and diseases.

Access to a Gladius is also allows him access to an arsenal that will fit in his needs for any and every combat situation that he will ever run across, and to the ability to time travel

Universal character traits that have a tendency to exist in each and everyone of his incarnates.Edit

Faithfulness The captain and every single one of his lives is a very strong Christian with the exception of his starkiller incarnate which never heard of the Christian faith until he snapped out of his amnesia state.

Patriotism A wise man once said that patriotism is not a blind loyalty to a leader or policy, but love of one's country enough to hold her to a higher standard. Being the guardian angel freedom, and by extension, America's garden angel, this shouldn't be surprising to be in the captain's character.

Out of time era The captain is either from the distant future or distant past in every single one of his incarnates, so as a result he sometimes he can come off as politically incorrect, bigoted, etc. and the clan conflict doesn't help his case either.

Tolerant The captain really has a lot of allowance for bull, and he loves hearing opposing ideas. But even he has is breaking points.

Heterosexual every single incarnate of the captain is as strait as they come.

innovative and creative being an engineer his first life he understands most technology including technology that is not native to dimensions that his incarnates came from, but there some systems can't figure out, after all he was no hacker, he was an engineer, demo man, and a pilot. If given a totaled AK 47, a battery, some copper wire, and a speaker, he could make a sonic recharger riffle on the fly. Also in every single one of his incarnates usually carries either duck or graft tape due to too many uses.

Merciful he will not strike down an unarmed man/woman unless he/she has the skills or the powers to fight without weapons and are in a condition to keep going. (please note that he makes exceptions for demons, fascists, and communists, them he will take out without hesitation, also if you take out a innocent in cold blood or double cross him there is little to no chance that he will have mercy on you)

Good-natured between drawing a gun and engaging you in a high action fight scene and doing a diplomatic talk, while not in his amnesia states, he would rather reason and find a diplomatic solution then fight, but he will not hesitate to do so to defend himself and others. He also despite his dislike of certain political ideas, prefers to judge people for who they are.

chivalrous The captain is always respectful to those of the opposite gender, but then again he's respectful to anyone who earns it. In his book respect is earned, not freely given.

efficient contrary to the creator of this character, the captain is very efficient in almost everything he does even though he's not the most organized.

Honest the captain despite being a good lier, is usually brutally honest, and he prefers to be.

Negative traits and which incarnates they apply to.Edit

Tobacco addiction Incarnates two through five have a tendency to smoke tobacco, weather pipe or cigar, and four has been known to smoke a blunt... once, once they realize what they're doing however usually throw it aside and put it out... they don't want to set a bad example.

Drinking problem While the first captain was always sober, and the others drank responsibly if they drank at all, the 3rd and 6th drank heavily and constantly, the third due to stupid mistakes he made during his amnesia state, and the 6th picked up drinking in a Mohave wasteland.

Amnesia states. all incarnates of the captain save the first one go thru amnesia states where they have no access to the memories of their past lives, they snap out of it when they see a similar situation to that they've seen in another life and that is strong enough to pull an emotional response, or if there killed. After they snap out of it they have access to the full skills and memories of their past, enough to say that they are the same person, and they are.